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Chapter 104: Excitement Potion
    This, this was a dark gold equipment?

    Looking at Poison Fang in his hands, Chu Rui emotionally trembled. Explosive attack power, unfair life steal and critical chance, adding to that strength and agility bonus totaling 80 points similar to leveling up 60 times, this was too overpowered. Moreover, it has one passive skill that inflicts poison and two active skill that attacks single targets. This was simply game-breaking at this point in time and it was completely indescribable.

    Level 20, it only needed level 20! Level 20 would actually have such a game-breaking equipment. Once Chu Rui reaches level 20 and equips Poison Fang, he would be the most unfair character in the game. At that time, who could even be his opponent? Even if the person was a meaty meat shield, they would not be able to handle ¡®Poison Rush¡¯. With his speed, he would at least attack three times. No matter who it was they would definitely die!

    Chu Rui looked at his own level and experience. Level 19, 76%. Sigh, to get 24% more experience, he would at least need to farm monsters for an entire day. If he didn¡¯t fight a Boss monster, then his level would not quickly rise. He could only put aside the strong Poison Fang for now.

    ¡°Ding, your playing time has reached 8 hours. For your health, please logout within 10 minutes or else the system will forcefully disconnect.¡±

    Chu Rui, who was very pleased, completely forgot the time and didn¡¯t know that 30 minutes had passed. With 10 more minutes, Chu Rui quickly opened his backpack, put every equipment inside and brought out other items that Xin Jide dropped.

    Excitement Potion I: Consumable item. Excites the user after consuming. Increase damage by 50% and speed by 30%. Decrease defense by 50%. Duration: 5 minutes. After effect ends, player will be weakened for 1 hour, all stats decrease by 50% (12 bottles)

    Excitement Potion II: Consumable item. Excites the user after consuming. Increase damage by 100% and speed by 50%. Decrease defense by 60%. Duration: 5 minutes. After effect ends, player will be weakened for 1 hour, all stats decrease by 60% (3 bottles)

    What a powerful potion!

    Looking at the two medicine inside his backpack, Chu Rui¡¯s eyes became brighter than a light bulb. He had no qualms with the naming, this thing truly made people incomparably excited. This potion was simply the one Xin Jide had taken before. This was too overpowered. Unfortunately, this item was a consumable, using one of them would mean losing one of them and there are no recipes for this. If there was, the prices would definitely be comparable to the Super Potion.

    Mysterious Scroll: ??? Unknown. A map seems to be drawn on it. Ability is not high enough to understand.

    This was the scroll that he had taken from Xin Jide¡¯s corpse. Although he did not know what it was, the description either records a location or a treasure. Unfortunately, his ability was not high enough to understand it. This couldn¡¯t be helped. The system did not care how high your stats were, other than special reasons, it would only look at the levels. Chu Rui was only level 19 and was judge to be too weak.

    Since the item was his from beginning to end, would it run away?

    Chu Rui did not care anymore, the item was in his hands anyways. Naturally the secrets and treasures inside it were also his. There was no need to be afraid of it flying away.

    However, speaking of treasures, Chu Rui remembered the treasure map before. It was written that only level 20 can open it. Now he was already level 19, the time for treasure hunting was not far.

    Letting go of the matter about the treasure map, Chu Rui grabbed the last thing that Xin Jide dropped ¡ª¡ª two skill books!

    A hidden mission with a hidden boss was just too different. Most of the items could be obtained from normal bosses even if the normal boss was stronger than the hidden boss. Kismet¡¯s treasures were not only those that can be seen from the appearance of the boss, the best treasures were hidden from the beginning until end. If a person wanted strong equipment, unique equipment or one-of-a-kind equipment, then it would be best to find hidden bosses or hidden treasures. The items that these things give would definitely be the most priceless.

    Looking at Xin Jide, if Chu Rui did not meet him, he would definitely become more abnormal, especially after he completes his research. At that time, player¡¯s equipment would also be on the same or higher level. The items on Xin Jide¡¯s would then become worthless. As for the precious recipes and potions, the others could just get them and unlike Chu Rui, they wouldn¡¯t be relying on a level 16¡¯s strength to fight him. They would probably be able to kill Xin Jide instantly.

    Although Chu Rui was not able to get all of Xin Jide¡¯s assets, he believed that this was the biggest reward that the system could give. Just the three recipes alone was already a priceless treasure, especially the super potion recipe, even the money would probably be eyed greedily! Moreover, other than recipes, there were also a lot of equipment, even a dark gold equipment popped out. There was also the mysterious scroll and 15 bottles of excitement potion plus two skill books. All of these were extremely rare and could only be dropped by bosses. If Xin Jide gave this much items then what about other bosses?

    People value satisfaction!

    Right now, Chu Rui was already satisfied!

    At first there were god class recipes that could make him rich. Afterwards, a pile of equipment that included a priceless black gold equipment. Following that was 100 gold coins, a secret scroll and Excitement Pills. At the end were two skill books. This was already enough.

    [Sword Qi]: Warrior Skill. Shoots out sword qi against an enemy within one meter radius. Requires a sword to use.

    Heaven, Earth, mother fucking system. Fuck, why did it have to be a warrior skill!

    Chu Rui wanted to cry after looking at the skill book¡¯s introduction. This mother fucking abnormal skill was restricted to warriors only, this was simply unfair.

    Everyone knew that the greatest weakness of rogues was their weak constitution. Once they were discovered by other job classes or they fall into a trap, then they could be considered dead. However, for Chu Rui, other than having a weak constitution, having his arm broken was also a weakness. It cannot be denied that a rogue¡¯s control and speed were their best points. However, they need to fight at close quarters by sticking close to the enemy and stabbing them with a dagger. Unlike archers who could shoot from afar, rogues had weak constitutions and required to get close to the opponent. Hence, the most important thing for rogues was skill. This was the reason why there were only a few players who chose the rogue job. In the later stages of the game, rogues would probably use poisons, theft, and there would also be a few long distance skills. They would have a comfortable gaming experience. However, who could wait until that moment? Could it be that they would allow themselves to be bullied at the early stages of the game?

    (TL: broken arm must also be status ailment, you can read Toaru Ossan VRMMO (manga) as an example)

    Chu Rui dejectedly shook his head and tossed the [Sword Qi] back inside his backpack and inspected the other book.

    ¡°Ding. You have already reached 8 hours of play time. For your health, please log out within 10 seconds. 10, 9, 8¡­.¡±

    As the system beeped, Chu Rui was startled! Only 10 seconds left. Chu Rui helplessly smiled. Time goes by so fast!

    His hand lifted a skill book in his hand and looked at the four words written on it


    His vision darkened and only read one word before the system forcefully logged him out!

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