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Chapter 95: The Whistling Double-Edged Sword
    Chu Rui had now completely turned into a blur, like a ghost, he was striding gracefully around Xin Jide. He was moving too fast causing several afterimages to appear, the already crazed Xin Jide was losing his mind. Each of his attacks were only hitting afterimages, his incomparably matchless strike was only hitting air, and he also had over exerted his body and was now out of his control, but actually the next point was the crucial one. Even with the absolute strength at his disposal, he wasn¡¯t able to lash out where his opponent was standing, and on the contrary his perception  becomes blurry.

    Chu Rui at this moment became excited, under his extremely fast speed, he felt as if he could actually fly, the boiling hot feeling pleases almost every cell of his body.

    ¡°How long has it been?

    How long has it been since I¡¯ve experienced this kind of feeling?¡±

    In reality, because of the limitations of the human body, he could not achieve something to this degree. But in game, because his body was only virtual data, how strong your data was, will affect how much you can experience in game, in reality, Chu Rui¡¯s speed had a limit, and could only reach 20m in just 1 second. Initially when he had assassinated the M country¡¯s secretary and R country¡¯s cabinet ministers, these two ultimate assassinations had made his hand filled with blood giving him the name of King of Killers, but had also made himself into a legend which no one else could achieve. In these two ultimate assassinations, he struck M country¡¯s enhanced cyborg body guards,and then the ninja bodyguards of R country, after which he killed his targets and went away. This was way beyond the human limit which made everyone know the terror of Crimson Shadow Ghost.

    Coming and going like the wind, he was described as a ghostly killer, you would never know when his hands have already reached you, and ready to send you to hell. Such people were called legends, a myth!

    The handle was already soaked in blood similar to his dagger, and under his exceptionally skillful hand, he was like the death god Hades, making the people he kills unable to resist. When you saw a beautiful bright red, that was actually the last scene you¡¯ll see before you die. Because, at the next instant, with the use of his bloody knife he would slash at your throat, cutting your head off causing a scarlet color to burst, just like a bloody demon causing a red flower to bloom.

    In the real world, not many people could make Chu Rui use all of his strength. Chu Rui was a killer, although he hadn¡¯t killed for a very long time, but deep down he was controlling his desire for blood. What he wanted was a good fight, a fight against a master that would make him grow and go beyond his limit.

    And now, [Kizmet] gave him such an opportunity, and be able to achieve his goals.

    His virtual body was made of data that was able to let him feel everything clearly, this data had also made a boss that he could fight against, giving Chu Rui the opportunity to use his perceptions, combat experience, as well as his instincts. In a fight, one needed those three things to temper oneself. Challenging a boss that was stronger than him, was the same as challenging a person who was stronger than him.

    The person must continue challenging people stronger than him, in order to continue to grow and surpass oneself.

    Although Xin Jide couldn¡¯t make Chu Rui fully enjoy himself, but he was still a very strong opponent. Worthy of his attention!

    Blood splashed, flowers blooming without stop!

    Under Chu Rui¡¯s abnormal speed, the dagger couldn¡¯t be considered to be a dagger any more, but a most powerful chainsaw. Often, whenever Xin Jide would get wounded, blood would splash. Originally his modified body, no matter how Chu Rui cut would unlikely have such an effect. However, with Chu Rui¡¯s extreme speed, as well as Xin Jide¡¯s weakened defense as a result of his rage state, everything became easy.

    Chu Rui¡¯s terrifying attack, his terrifying attack speed, as well as the additional effects from the formalin and bleeding. At this moment, Xin Jide¡¯s relatively high hp of 80000 crazily fell at a speed obvious to the naked eye, at present his hp was already less than half of what it was.

    ¡°Ah, ah, ah¡­¡±

    Like a wild tiger that had gone crazy, Xin Jide at this moment had also gone completely insane. Now, he only had one goal in his eyes and that was, Chu Rui. His thoughts only had one purpose, and that was to kill Chu Rui no matter what happens.

    The long sword in his hand, turned into what resembled like light, seeing this Chu Rui was stunned, a whistling wind was released at the edge of the sword, the terrifying sword light permeated through the whole place, taking the shape of an incomparably terrifying destructive sword.

    ¡°I¡¯m in a bind, this fucking alchemist had just suddenly turned himself into a double-edged sword.¡±

    Seeing Xin Jide¡¯s astonishing performance, Chu Rui was dumbfounded. Looking at the howling sword that was releasing a ferocious wind, the corner of his mouth twitched unceasingly. His speed? How much did his speed increase? It was airtight around them, even a mosquito couldn¡¯t go in, let alone such a big person? Even if I face him with this damn two daggers, I still need to watch out for that sword. Even if Xin Jide were to get hit with both of the daggers he still wouldn¡¯t die, while if Chu Rui were hit by the sword in Xin Jide¡¯s hand, even if he doesn¡¯t die, he would surely receive a heavy blow. Xin Jide could afford to play, but he on the other hand couldn¡¯t.

    ¡°Bang, Bang, Bang¡­.¡±

    Under the sword of the raged Xin Jide, no matter it be the earth golem or the glass cylinder, the terrifying sword would still be able to cut it, the entire laboratory was now filled with blood. Fortunately, Chu Rui was far from the sword, he could distinguish the direction it was cutting to, and easily avoided it.





    An act of God can be forgiven, but a human misbehaving must die!

    Xin Jide cut through everything, destroying the whole biochemical laboratory. Throughout the interior, the special effect formalin flowed up to his ankle. In the laboratory, the cause of Xin Jide¡¯s tragedy was the special effect of the formalin that poured over his face which had come from the glass cylinders that were destroyed.


    Watching several damages popping up on Xin Jide¡¯s head, Chu Rui was extremely happy. In accordance with his injuries, in three minutes, this child would definitely die.

    One minute later, Xin Jide only had 18000 hp left, while Chu Rui¡¯s Nimble Wind was over.

    Chu Rui who had gotten used to his speed, had all of a sudden return back to his original speed, he suddenly felt he was in danger. And because he was careless, the wind released by Xin Jide¡¯s sword hit him, reducing his hp by more than 800, only leaving behind a sliver of it.

    Taking a huge breath, Chu Rui without second thought, immediately fled, widening his distance from Xin Jide. He then used an Hp potion as well as an instant recovery potion.

    Although he was only hit by the wind released by the sword, most of Chu Rui¡¯s hp had all of a sudden disappeared. If he were to directly get hit by the sword, he just couldn¡¯t imagine what would happen to him. He would probably die instantly! This fucking Xin Jide was different from his enraged state, he really was too abnormal! It seemed as if the system wouldn¡¯t make it easy for the player to beat Xin Jide. Even if they had given the player a preferential advantage such as the special effect formalin, but as long as the player couldn¡¯t escape Xin Jide¡¯s ferocious wind sword, that player is as good as dead.

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