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Chapter 94: The effect of formalin
    Madman, don¡¯t mess with me! At that moment Xin Jide was no longer a man, but a wild beast! Now, the incomparably powerful gold boss, had gone mad! Chu Rui didn¡¯t dare provoke it. This fucker was now simply charging directly at him in the same way as delivering himself as a meal!




    As Xin Jide was charging forward, a number of  damage was shown, seeing this Chu Rui¡¯s eyes instantly lit up, and was very surprised. What¡¯s happening? How did Xin Jide suddenly get damaged continuously?

    Narrowing his eyes, he focused at the oncoming Xin Jide whose strange body appears to be unceasingly covered with water, and seemed to be being cleansed, um, oh just like a ferocious man!

    Going straight ahead he touched the water with soles of his feet and used observation on it.

    [Special Effect Formalin: Cure, has a greatly strengthened anti-corrosion effect, but also simultaneously have a strengthened lethal effect on microorganisms.]

    Seeing the water¡¯s formalin effect, Chu Rui¡¯s eyes suddenly lit up. And ran hastily, overrunning Xin Jide, then revealed a strange smile at the corner of his mouth.

    Chu Rui quickly slashed at him, and all of a sudden it dealt nearly 200 hp of Xin Jide and in addition was doubled due to the fact of a  critical hit, and increased again for hitting Xin Jide¡¯s weak point. But facing someone whose speed was faster than his, moreover the person in question had turned into a matchless and terrifying wild beast, if he wasn¡¯t careful he would surely perish on the spot, and like this all his work would have gone for nothing. And now in spite of everything, he discovered that he couldn¡¯t find a way to kill Xin Jide, so if Chu Rui didn¡¯t choose to attack now, doing so would simply amount in having no brain.

    Sneering, Chu Rui maliciously raised his middle finger towards Xin Jide, staring at him with a humiliating look of disdain.

    And as expected, after Chu Rui had provoked him, just like pouring oil on fire, Xin Jide had become crazy, and had completely turned into a mad dog.

    Having successfully provoked him, Xin Jide¡¯s anger rose. Chu Rui revealed a strange smile, and after a few steps, dodge towards the side, rather than fighting him head on.

    Xin Jide continued to rush forwards, running towards the glass cylinders around it, destroying them in the process.

    Xin Jide who had gone mad, at this moment wholeheartedly only wanted to destroy the lab, and because of Chu Rui¡¯s provocation as well as trying out various poses, he wanted to hack him into pieces. He didn¡¯t care about the outside world and just kept on chasing Chu Rui, like a madman.






    From the start, Xin Jide¡¯s hp dropped by 100 per second, but was now quickly dropping by 150 hp per second. Looking at the series of bright red damages, Chu Rui revealed a blooming smile. Just like before, Xin Jide was still angrily chasing him, who was silently in contempt . This child was already poisoned, next to the special effect of the formalin, the crucial point was that it was called ¡°bitter resentment¡±, ¡°cruel¡± and ¡°mad¡±, and even if he was Shennong he still wouldn¡¯t be saved.

    ¡°Come, Soul Light!¡±

    Seizing the exposed Xin Jide, Chu Rui used this opportunity to execute ¡°Backstab¡± stabbing at the back of his head, and succeeded in inflicting stun, and using the other dagger, he delivered another blow, ¡°Brutal Blow¡±, and then following up with a ¡°Eviscerate¡±! Facing Xin Jide, Chu Rui recovered by taking a step back, and hurriedly strode away. At the same time he ran, he shamelessly turned his head, and saw that Xin Jide¡¯s eyes had become disgustingly more scarlet.


    Rage, Xin Jide was in rage! Bristling with anger, his left eye just like a detector, saw Xin Jide¡¯s powerful aura burst, revealing cracks on the ground as if an earthquake had just hit. His somewhat thin body was expanding, becoming more bigger than before. And for some reason his skin color had fiercely changed.

    *Ding, the evil alchemist Xin Jide has fallen into a rage state;  attack power and speed is increased by 50%, defense dropped by 100%!*

    Hearing the sudden system prompt sound, Chu Rui was greatly surprised. Staring at Xin Jide who seemed like he had just taken an extremely strong drug, and as swift as the wind he came over, and the corners of his mouth twitched as if he was in pain.

    Kill, I have no need for this guy any longer, right? It¡¯s just three stabs nothing more, your younger sister isn¡¯t hanging in the open,ah! Is this guy even human?

    Xin Jide¡¯s original speed which was only slightly faster than Chu Rui¡¯s had skyrocketed and increased by 50%, he simply wanted Chu Rui¡¯s life! Previously, he could always use the cylinder glasses to block the enemy and slow him down in the process. But in the face of absolute speed, these obstacles were like floating clouds. This immoral wind encompassed Xin Jide¡¯s enemy, and only if the other person had the same speed could he be a match for Xin Jide.

    ¡°Nimble Wind!¡±

    It was Chu Rui¡¯s last resort, using the skill Nimble Wind, his speed had increased, countering Xin Jide¡¯s explosive speed. You¡¯re quick, but this father is quicker than you!

    In addition to the 15 additional points that Chu Rui has, after the use of Nimble Wind, his speed had abnormally increased, his level-16 multiplied by 15 had made his speed 240, adding the 15 additional speed he has, it was now 255, so he wasn¡¯t afraid of anyone now.

    Taking advantage of the 15 point speed he had as well as exploiting the terrain, he was running around Xin Jide, playing around with him.

    As the king of killers, he was supposed to be aggressive. But the reality was too disappointing, Chu Rui¡¯s stats had made him into a grandson, and he could only deal with it. Now all of a sudden he had turned everything around, but if he still doesn¡¯t tough up now, is he even a man?

    With the use of his absolute speed, Chu Rui began his counter-attack.

    The dimmed blue dagger on his right, and the Eagle beak on his left!

    Holding the two daggers, he had become similar to the god of death, but only he has two death sickles!




    The poison was strengthened, as well as under the antibacterial effects of formalin, Xin Jide¡¯s hp reduction had yet again increased, reducing his hp by 200 per second. And now, due to Chu Rui¡¯s quick and violent attacks, his hp had dropped magnificently. Xin Jide was fuming, he was supposed to easily capture Chu Rui, and finally his strength had become 1200, exceeding his previous strength by leaps and bounds, to which he was satisfied to. But because of ¡°Nimble Wind¡± skill, the situation had reversed almost instantaneously, and because his defense had dropped by 100%, Chu Rui had instead turned things around, and begun beat him savagely.

    Unlike increase in speed, increase in agility can affect speed, critical hit rate, avoidability, and so on, while an increase of speed only increases it. However, that doesn¡¯t mean that¡¯s it. [Kizmet] is a simulation of a real life game. All were very similar to reality. Including a person having a hidden strength, hidden resistance/defensive power, as well as extreme speed, each has its own unique effect. His speed was fast, and it¡¯s indeed unlikely for Xin Jide to have an aftereffect, but unlike Chu Rui, his critical hit rate wouldn¡¯t increase. However, if his speed was fast, then Chu Rui¡¯s was extremely fast, Chu Rui¡¯s sharp dagger then passed through his body both gently and swiftly as if there wasn¡¯t any friction. Yes, it was sharp! If a person¡¯s speed reaches a certain level, one could even use a slip of paper and tear through thick steel plates. Although Chu Rui¡¯s speed had not yet reached that point at the moment, but the thing he was holding wasn¡¯t a paper, but an extremely sharp dagger!

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