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Chapter 93: The Destruction of the Biological Laboratory
    The ability to inflict fear to other, and making them tremble in fear! This sort of spiritual ability can only be done by an extreme monster like Chu Rui!

    After franticly charging, he found that all of his attack had all fallen on the Earth Golem, making Xin Jide immediately furious! Without knowing if this child was really stupid or was blinded by anger, as he was immediately irritated, after just being bombarded with Chu Rui¡¯s attacks, and finding that his attacks were all being redirected to the Earth Golem, but so long as he could bring this big guy down, wouldn¡¯t Chu Rui be in a disaster?

    This way of thinking was incomparably correctly, but Xin Jideo wasn¡¯t aware that there were 250 methods to beat this big guy; even Chu Rui didn¡¯t dare rush straight towards the Earth Golem and madly cutting towards it, seeing him do it, Chu Rui was dumbfounded.

    This guy¡¯s really brave!

    Looking at Xin Jide crazily attacking at the Earth Golem, Chu Rui was amazed with his fluid swordsmanship. Inflicting sword mark after sword mark, almost made Chu Rui want to give him a thumbs-up.

    This stupid Child!

    The one the made the Earth Golem actually doesn¡¯t know its weakness? Fiercely attacking straight towards it massively strong defense? This sure was interesting! But fiercely attacking the strongest part of its body, this fucking bastard didn¡¯t know east from west. But that¡¯s probably for the best, Chu Rui didn¡¯t want to experience facing the boss himself, if that were the case, he was confident that he couldn¡¯t beat him!

    Players are stronger than bosses for three reasons! And no matter what, bosses will always be brought down by players, for this three reasons! First, the player has a drug that could allow him to heal as much as he wants! Second, players can bring their friends, and trying to beat a boss on your own was tantamount to killing yourself! Third, players can grow as they fight as much as they want, whereas bosses although were given knowledge by the system, but it wasn¡¯t true knowledge.

    Right now Chu Rui, no matter what aspect is completely at a disadvantage against this evil alchemist Xin Jide, no support, no companion, and was fighting single-handedly, he was only able to keep himself alive because he could summon this Earth Golem. Moreover, most of his potion inside his item bag was depleted. There was also 10 level different between them, plus Xin Jide was also a gold-level boss, causing Chu Rui an headache. Fortunately, the place he was fighting against Xin Jide was superb, this place actually looked as if it had brought an overwhelming advantage to one side, if the combatant were to correctly use their fighting experience as well as their combat tactics in this place.

    The Earth Golem¡¯s hp was 10000, defense was only 500, but its body was made of stone, which increases resistance to many attributes, and also offsetting a lot of attacks, in addition Xin Jide didn¡¯t know its weak point was its joints, and for the same reasons didn¡¯t attack it, thus allowing the Earth Golem to survive for a long time. Taking advantage of this, Chu Rui held his dagger, and began to use this advantage the best he can.

    Xin Jide¡¯s hp and attack were incomparably high, but his defense were actually very low, and was even inferior to the tiger variant. Although Chu Rui was somewhat surprised, but this child¡¯s defense being low was good for him, even if Chu Rui weren¡¯t able to perform an in-depth investigation of his opponent. But his defense was high, that would have really been a headache.

    Seeing that he had a low defense, Chu Rui saw a glimmer of hope. Otherwise, even with the Earth Golem¡¯s support, it would have still been very difficult, unable to inflict a huge amount of damage towards his hp, just waiting for him to explode and kill him, like that apart from escaping he could only let himself get killed after travelling for so long.

    Time passed by quickly, and before they knew it five minutes had already passed. Under Chu Rui¡¯s abnormal mental manipulation, every time the Earth Golem was hit it would always be at the spot where it was most thick allowing it not to suffer to any fatal injuries. That¡¯s why, even under Xin Jide on slaught, it was still able to survive even with its 10000 hp for five minutes.


    With a loud sound, the Earth Golem exploded. It was similar to the time when Chu Rui had also killed the Earth Golem who after which exploded.

    Knowing this, Chu Rui had already ran to a distant place where the stones wouldn¡¯t be able to reach him, but seeing the scene of huge rocks falling from the sky, Chu Rui couldn¡¯t help suck a huge amount of air, his eyes flashed with a stunning color. The scene was just amazing, it couldn¡¯t be compared with the special effects used in blockbuster movies. Even IMAX is unlikely able to make such a stimulation to people¡¯s senses. This fucking scene looked real, and couldn¡¯t be compared with 3d glasses used in movies.

    ¡°Bang bang bang bang bang¡­¡±

    The sound of glasses breaking as the biochemistry laboratory shook violently. Chu Rui looked stunned, as explosion of the Earth Golem¡¯s stones flew in all direction, going through the glass which had contained different specimens, water splattered, and the specimen inside the glass fell.

    Because the specimen didn¡¯t have the protection from the special liquid, they quickly died, soon showing different kinds of deficiency.

    Weakness, vitality greatly reduced, necrosis, or had even rotted death, making the already gloomy atmosphere in the biological laboratory overflow with rotten smell.


    The enemy¡¯s shocking cry rang out as if his whole family had been killed, it was a tragedy. Chu Rui turned around, and saw Xin Jide who was previously struggling against the Earth Golem looking at his lab which had been destroyed, his face was grim.

    ¡°Gee, this, I really didn¡¯t mean to do it!¡±

    Xin Jide¡¯s eyes were red, his eyes were filled with anger and despair, as if a pack of wolf had surrounded him wishing he had the strength to beat them, Chu Rui felt that what he did was probably extreme, regardless of what the other party was fond of he wouldn¡¯t have cared, but a person¡¯s dream was different. Destroying a child¡¯s dream like this, isn¡¯t it too cruel? However, he was also wronged.

    This elder brother didn¡¯t mean to do it. Who knew that this fucking rubble would still have the explosive function.

    Generally speaking, the system¡¯s setting whether it be a house, furniture, anything, so long as it has the destructive attribute would break, even if your knife was sharp and could cut anything. Originally he had thought that the place was perfect, but he didn¡¯t think that it would be crushed by those flying stone destroying the place like this, Chu Rui really didn¡¯t expect this to happen!

    Although the enemy was mumbling to himself, nevertheless Chu Rui didn¡¯t know why but he could actually still hear him.

    Looking up, Xin Jide¡¯s scarlet eyes filled with grieve, looked straight at Chu Rui, inexplicably angry.

    Not intentional? You fucking feces, Soul Light!

    Like a bull in heat, Xin Jide was already in a delirious state. Holding his sword, he madly rushed towards Chu Rui.

    Fuck, did this guy take a soul light drug?

    Feeling Xin Jide¡¯s crazy vigor, Chu Rui felt a shiver down his spine.

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