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Chapter 92: The Evil Alchemist (Part II)
    The Evil Alchemist Xin Jide (Gold Boss)

    Level: 25 Skills: ???

    HP: 80000

    Mana: 5000

    Attack: 800 : was originally a subordinate of a royal family as an outstanding alchemist, not only is he familiar with many traditional ways of alchemy, but also developed a lot of practicial alchemy that¡¯s appreciated by both royalty and nobility, and had made refining very popular in the upper middle classes. He was once strayed into an ancient cave and learn evil method of alchemy, which involves life. For his research, Xin Jide had capture many innocent people as his test subject, but was later brought to light, and had attracted the wrath of the royal family, and was ordered to be arrested. Xin Jide had escaped, but was seriously injured, with his life as an alchemist he transformed himself, and ever since he had established an experimental base, capturing living creatures for his research!

    Magic Attack: 200

    Defense: 120

    Magic defense 80

    Seeing the status of this odd person, Chu Rui¡¯s face turned green.

    Gold Boss! This bastard is unexpectedly a fucking gold boss?

    A level 25 Gold boss, needless to say, Chu Rui was 10 level lower than him! To still be able to use observe and obtain his basic information, Chu Rui¡¯s luck can be considered very strong!

    80000 hp, 800 attack, 200 magic attack! This fucking people aren¡¯t playing around?

    Chu Rui at this moment very much wanted to scold this father¡¯s good for nothing system. He was a level 15 rogue, and they want him to play with a level 25 gold boss? It¡¯s fine even if there was a level difference, but this much level difference isn¡¯t it too much? Isn¡¯t this still like courting death? Looking at his speed, it seems higher than him. But the defense is low, so what? Exchanging my life with his life, can I even afford it? The difference in hp alone is a full 80 times, if other people attacked him, they would be instantly crippled. Wanting me to fight this kind of gold boss alone? Chu Rui had confidence in himself, but it wasn¡¯t that kind of mindless arrogance. It was because he knew himself well!

    In merely three seconds, the two shade wolves simultaneously fell down, and was killed by Xin Jide.

    Clenching his teeth, Chu Rui knew that he didn¡¯t have any more time to think, greeting the enemy with the dagger on his hand.

    Being able to fight such a powerful boss, Chu Rui was excited, he was excited all over again.

    In reality, he was a blood ghost, the king of killers, already standing at the top of the pyramid, and except for a few individuals in the world, no one else worthy to be in his eyes. But wanting to beat him with words, was almost an unlikely thing.

    It¡¯s lonely at the top!

    Having such a difficult opponent who was higher level than him was truly hard to find.

    In reality Chu Rui wasn¡¯t able to enjoy any of the battles he had, but in game, it had actually given him such an opportunity, moreover there was more of them stronger than this guy. Although he realized that experience was important, but not having the foundations in a person¡¯s body, the person could only do so much. But with his body being digitalized, it had given him unlimited possibilities. A small level 25 boss is able to make the killer Chu Rui feel at a disadvantage, and greatly pressured. For a long time he hadn¡¯t enjoy any fight, for a long time he hadn¡¯t tried his best, even at the risk of his life he was still lonely, it wasn¡¯t easy to be a master.

    This is pressure, that¡¯s power!

    That power would allow me to stimulate my potential!


    Welcoming the dagger, Xin Jide steadily strike at it with his long sword. That formidable strength had destroyed Chu Rui¡¯s stance, and had almost fallen to his knees.

    Such strength!

    Chu Rui¡¯s muscles rung, but his hand still kept on pushing upwards, trying to suppress Xin Jide¡¯s sword, he then stepped back, and separated from him.

    Xin Jide¡¯s sword chased him persistently.

    Chu Rui dodge to the side while thinking of how to respond.

    That bastard is father than me, but also has such high strength, recklessly attacking him would be tantamount to a death wish. To defeat him, I can only enhance my strength, using nimble wind I can definitely oppress him, but the effect can only last for one minute. Taking all 80000 of his hp in one minutes, is obviously unrealistic. So the only way I could beat him is to seek for reinforcements! But the people I know in game is not many, but those guys aren¡¯t an enemy of Xin Jide, and they could probably only last in just seconds. And the time they get here is also unknown. So there¡¯s no other way, but to use my last resort!

    ¡°Summon: Earth Golem!¡±

    Pulling out a magic doll from his item bag, he used up 100 mana, throwing it towards the ground right in front of the charging Xin Jide.


    A thunderous sound came out, as cracks immediately appeared on the ground shaking violently, the Earth Golem¡¯s small body instantly expanded, and had completely reappeared as Chu Rui¡¯s partner who he had encountered at the entrance.

    ¡°I made that Earth Golem, I never thought you could get its samples, and make him your weapon.

    Seeing the Earth Golem, Xin Jide¡¯s eyes slightly narrowed, a cold color flashed in his eyes.


    The earth golem extended its gigantic stone arm, blocking Xin Jide¡¯s long sword, and had only been slightly injured. Chu Rui flashed from behind the Earth Golem, taking advantage of Xin Jide who was unable to attack after using a huge amount of strength in his last attack, a ruthless eviscerate, maliciously slashed at his throat.

    Xin Jide who was under attack flew into rage, quickly stabilizing the long sword he was wielding, cutting towards Chu Rui with a strength of a thousand man.


    The Earth Golem¡¯s left foot had allowed Chu Rui to ward off the fierce blow.


    Flashing from behind the Earth Golem again, the blue dagger in his hand once again turned into a light, slashing at Xin Jide¡¯s throat.

    ¡°Oh, damn!¡±

    Being tricked twice, Xin Jide was furious, his previous retreat looked somewhat organized, but now it seems a bit chaotic.

    While the enemy lost his cool, Chu Rui was actually incomparably calm. Operating the Earth Golem to keep off the sword from hitting him, then with a joint attack, pounced at the alchemist Xin Jide.

    Dual-line attack! Double the terror!

    In this world, those who can do a dual-line attack isn¡¯t many, many masters can do it. But the people who could do it as smoothly as Chu Rui, were only a few. Chu Rui¡¯s speed with the dagger was superb, and compared to those people speedily typing, could absolutely surpass them. Although  was just a game, but doing a dual-line attack, one needs to have full control over his body and react accordingly, both simultaneously attacking. Moving the mind, moving the body, both doing two different moves to achieve the same goal. The difficulty of doing this type of move was not known.

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