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Chapter 91: The Evil Alchemist (Part I)
    If before, he had said that it was a just a normal laboratory, then at this moment Chu Rui in front of a legendary kind of eerie human research.

    Numerous glass cylinders were erected in this spacious laboratory, not only were human bodies were inside, but also other types of creatures, and even simple parts or organs, these things were soaked in a special kind of liquid, occasionally releasing several bubbles, making it feel creepy.


    Suddenly, a careless and indiscreet sound was let out, even the super courageous Chu Rui was suddenly frightened.

    ¡°Ding, you¡¯ve discovered a hidden map-Strange Biochemical Laboratory!¡±

    It was just the system alert!

    Scratching his head, I wasn¡¯t scared, okay?

    Chu Rui cried with one breath, at heart he was somewhat angry at this damn system alert. It wasn¡¯t that he was timid, but because this place was really too gloomy, wasn¡¯t this like a horror movie where the main character is trapped inside a chamber with other players? Moreover the room was completely packed! It wasn¡¯t only human bodies, organs, limbs and other creatures, even transformed biologies which was composed of parts from different biological creatures which was combined to create a strange creature. Containing a horrible sight and a quiet but fearful atmosphere, and soaked in a strange liquid as well as emitting several bubbles every once in a while, this place would probably make people think like this is hell!

    ¡°Jie Jie Jie Jie, it seems like I have a new research material! This time it was unexpectedly delivered automatically, good, good. Come here, your research value will be valuable! Jie Jie Jie Jie¡­..¡±

    Just as Chu Rui was looking at the chemical and biological laboratory the same way as the labyrinth, he didn¡¯t how to proceed, when a voice suddenly rang in his ear.


    Chu Rui¡¯s eyes narrowed, looking around alert.

    ¡°Welcome to my laboratory, well, turns out the one who appeared was a human!¡­.This physical quality, is really perfect for my research material! As Chu Rui shouted loudly, a strange person appeared, looking at Chu Rui filled with fanatic color.

    Research material?

    Chu Rui eyes looked cold, as he stared at this weird object, who was revealing a grim smile on his face. But this was also a really good experience, this was the firt person who wanted to treat him as a research material. Observing him, putting aside the body, he turned away his line of sight slightly away from the odd person, falling onto the container which contained a body filled submerged in liquid, Chu Rui help but have a sinister look on his face. Fuck, I don¡¯t want to become like that!

    His icy gaze once again fell onto the strange person, while Chu Rui resolutely gripped the dagger on his hand.

    ¡°What¡¯s wrong? Do you want to play a game with me?¡± Seeing Chu Rui¡¯s reaction, the geek grinned, revealing an extremely disgusting face: ¡°If you¡¯re not even strong, Later I definitely wouldn¡¯t be willing to use you as my resource material, so I¡¯ll accompany you to play.

    Hearing the words of this odd person, Chu Rui closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

    How long? How long has it been since I heard such words! Such despise for that tone, I¡¯ll will one day make him fall with my own hands.

    Despise myself?

    Chu Rui suddenly opened both of his eyes, his face distorted revealing a hideous look as a furiously murderous vibe burst forth, almost equal to the wack opposite of him.

    ¡°Hey, what a great imposing manner. Jie Jie Jie JIe, I am really getting more and more interested in you. Really such a perfect research material!¡±

    Feeling Chu Rui¡¯s killing intent, the freak didn¡¯t panic, but rather became more fanatical.

    ¡°If you like, I¡¯ll slice you, and slowly take my time to study your body structure!¡±

    Chu Rui coldly said while holding the dagger on his hand. This wack again and again referred to him as ¡®research material!¡¯ making him more furious.

    ¡°Jie, Jie, arrogant boy. You¡¯re a courageous one. It has been a very long time since someone dared to speak such a way to me, hopefully, later when you lie down on my test platform your mouth can still be so unyielding.¡±

    This freak endlessly saying ¡®Jie Jie¡¯ while showing a sinister smile revealing his yellow teeth, Chu Rui frowned while his stomach stirred. Fuck, doesn¡¯t this guy clean his teeth? This system made such a disgusting laboratory, this father could endure it, but please stop duping me, can¡¯t you beautify this monster for this father? Fortunately, he was just missing a yellow tooth in his mouth, if I your father return and see your silly talk annoyingly emerge, I would probably curse while stomping in range!

    ¡°I¡¯ll throw your words back at you. Hopefully, when I slice you up you can still easily spout such nonsense.¡±

    Fuck your mother, as the king of killers Chu Rui never thought of losing to anyone. Before fighting he would first fight a mental game with the enemy, there were even people who believed that they¡¯ll be able to use this trick to deal with him? Really laughable!

    ¡°Interesting, interesting kid! Such being the case, whatever comes, I¡¯ll have you make me see whether you can back up your words. Since you were able to beat my four half-finished product waste, I¡¯ll admit that you have ability. However, if you think you can beat me with just that, then you¡¯re too na?ve!¡±

    Stretching his hand behind him, without knowing where he got the two-edged sword, he pointed at Chu Rui at a distant.

    Four¡­.Half-finished product?

    Chu Rui¡¯s eyes narrowed, and was slightly shocked at heart. This odd person said that it was four biological variation? Variation hawk, variation snake, variation alligator, variation tiger! Unexpectedly, were only half-finished product? Was the master they¡¯ve said with their mouth this disgusting odd person?

    Tightly grasping the dagger on his hand, a series of simulations were undergoing at heart. Without caring so much what to do, or whatever these things were, he would still break it!

    ¡°It seems lik you¡¯re ready!¡±

    Seeing Chu Rui look more firm, the odd person revealed freakishly cold smile, and very nastily licking the edge of his sword. The sharp blade easily cut his tongue, as thin blood emerged. The red blood as well as the slight pain caused the odd person¡¯s eyes to widen, revealing blood shot eyes, his facial expression became fierce again.

    This bastard¡¯s normal?

    Chu Rui coldly watch the odd person move, who moved to different spots, this kind of situation he had already seen in the past. In a certain corner of the world, there were many people, when faced with a fight or anything would make them excited, and would move around, stimulating their own nerve.


    ¡°So fast!¡±

    Looking at the odd person¡¯s dash, Chu Rui¡¯s eyes suddenly turned cold. This bastard wasn¡¯t all talk, he really is capable.

    ¡°Wolf Summon!¡±

    Meditating at heart, the Wolf King Light Armor on his body sent out rays of light, and in a flash turned into two void shadow wolves that immediately pounced at the odd person.

    While the void shadow wolf was entangled with the odd person, Chu Rui took the opportunity to use his observation skill, prying out the information about the odd person.

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