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Chapter 89: Domineering Tiger
    ¡°You are very arrogant. Yes, you four variants are pretty good, although it¡¯s not to say that you are completely difficult to deal with, but you still did inherit their biological nature. The eagle¡¯s razor-sharpness, the snake¡¯s treachery, the crocodile¡¯s cruelty, and your self-confidence. Thinking that you¡¯ve inherited the king of ten thousand beasts, the gene of the tiger, you think that you¡¯re a king?¡±

    Chu Rui looked ice-cold as he faced the tiger variant, never has any human dared to despise him. Today was the first time that someone had disrespected him, and all this was thanks to the worshipped and disgusting elder brother variant tiger, still he still truly need express gratitude to him.

    ¡°I¡¯m confident because I have this ability! I¡¯m arrogant, because I have the capital to be arrogant! I¡¯m rampant, because I¡¯m capable of being rampant!¡±

    The corner of the tiger variant¡¯s mouth rose while looking at Chu Rui, revealing a disdainful smile.

    A person who had inherited a gene of an animal to obtain strength unexpectedly dare to disrespect me?

    Chu Rui really wanted to laugh, but instead his face became even colder.

    ¡°That rhymes!¡± Chu Rui revealed a face of slight approval, and under the variant tiger¡¯s stunned look, he sent a cold look that could make one shiver, said: ¡°But it¡¯s only a frog at the bottom of the well, nothing more!¡±

    ¡°Frog at the bottom of the well? exhale! I¡¯m not a frog at the bottom of the well, you try it and you¡¯ll know.¡± The tiger variant¡¯s appearance gradually became even crueler.

    ¡°Do you seriously think your unmatched in the world? A strong human can crush you like an an¡­.the tiger being the king of beasts is not wrong, but unfortunately you¡¯re not a tiger, only have a little bit of the tiger¡¯s genes. A person that¡¯s not a person, but also a beast but not a beast. To think that you really believe in yourself? Laughable!¡­.don¡¯t say anything else, talking about your ¡®master¡¯, if he wanted to kill you, it would be no different from killing ant!¡± Chu Rui sneered, mocking the tiger variant that made it¡¯s complexion turn green and white.

    ¡°In this world, there are indeed many that are stronger than me, I¡¯ve never thought of myself as the best in the world. But, at least, to kill you, I¡¯m more than sufficient. I don¡¯t know how you know about ¡®master¡¯, but I never did think of him as ¡®master¡¯, if not for wanting to take advantage of his research, I would have slapped him to death, but for you to even dare try interfere his studies, I¡¯ll have to beat you to death!¡±

    The tiger variant raised his claws, revealing a blood-thirsty atmosphere and all of a sudden licked his mouth, and said with a bit of cold and violent look.

    Never seen his ¡®master¡¯ as ¡®master¡¯? The study? Slap him to death?

    Hearing the Tiger variant speak, Chu Rui¡¯s eyes suddenly lit up.

    From these words, Chu Rui had obtained a lot of information.

    First, the tiger variant has a use relationship with that mysterious person, perhaps in public he shows that he¡¯s obedient, but actually opposes in private, this, no matter how Chu Rui thought, wasn¡¯t important, the key, was the two points afterwards. Study? It shows that the mysterious person must be a researcher, and the four biological variants were his masterpiece, even the earth golem and the three mini boss were his achievement, perhaps the monster of the Lake Eyre Zenia was also made by him. Then the tiger variant said ¡®slap him to death¡¯, looking at the tiger variant¡¯s stats, made him unconsciously gnaw, carefully thinking of his words, even if the tiger didn¡¯t use his extremely powerful skill, he can still beat him. Such a person can be slap to death? Although one can¡¯t just believe these words, but it still reflected that the enemy, the mysterious man¡¯s fighting strength should be very low.

    However, even if this is the case, Chu Rui still wouldn¡¯t underestimate the mysterious person. Today¡¯s situation was caused by this man, or else would it that be simple to find a bionicle? Calmly saying, even if the person fight¡¯s poorly, there¡¯s no guarantee that there will be no strange research, not to mention, should he summon a earth golem in battle, it would be enough to make anyone cry.

    ¡°Ready? If your ready then I¡¯ll go now. You¡¯re the only human that could hurt me over the years, as an exception I¡¯ll let you say your last words.¡±

    Looking thoughtfully at Chu Rui, the Tiger Variant said coldly.

    ¡°Last words? I think you should be the one doing that!¡±

    Chu Rui coldly snorted, imposing no weaker.

    ¡°Then, come on, let me see how weight your words have!¡±

    The Tiger Variant roared, pounding his fists, the Tiger Variant dashed towards Chu Rui.

    Fuck, was this game MechWarrior?

    Chu Rui scornfully glanced at the Tiger Variant with one eye, bending his leg slightly, putting his weight down, holding the dagger on the right while the other at the back, and his arm and eyes reveal that he¡¯s patience, and at the same time showing a deep and mysterious look making people unable to guess what he was thinking, as the only thing he sees was the Tiger Variant running towards him.

    ¡°Lay down your life!¡±

    Until after the Tiger Variant run towards his three-meter radius, Chu Rui suddenly pulled out three daggers from his back past and threw it, The dagger turned into a stream, going straight towards the tiger¡¯s eye.


    The tiger variant cried in pain as his eyes were wounded making his attack disrupted.


    Because of the 200% damage and hitting the weakness added with crit, the Tiger variant loss nearly 1500 hp, reducing his hp by an 1/8 of its life.

    Quickly holding his blue dagger, he once again mounted, Chu Rui took advantage of the Tiger Variant¡¯s disrupted rhythm, and started to crazily kill him.

    Gouge, Eviscerate, Backstab, Brutal Blow¡­.

    All his skills streamed down to the tiger¡¯s body, with that in mind, he striked at the throat revealing blood, and continued to unceasingly attack, making the Tiger variant¡¯s hp drop unceasingly.

    In addition to its previous damage, Chu Rui had sliced off an entire 3000 hp of the Tiger Variant¡¯s life, and then went back to his normal state.

    Folding his body, Chu Rui easily ducked from the tiger¡¯s claw and bite, and then stabbed it¡¯s back with his dagger, but he didn¡¯t think that the tiger¡¯s tail would sweep over.

    Enduring, Chu Rui¡¯s hp was reduced over a hundred. Fortunately, the attack from the tail wasn¡¯t strong, it was its weakest attack, if he were to get hit by its powerful teeth and claws, then withstanding that attack Chu Rui would have definitely have his hp reduced by at least 300.

    Players¡¯ attacks can be either low or high, such as the weapon has the lowest striking power and have the highest striking power, which would determine how much damage he could do, if the person¡¯s lucky and hits the monsters weak part, as a result, the rogue¡¯s way have many highly aggressive strong attacks. The monster, too, such as the tiger, he certainly has something better than his tail, its claws and teeth may cause high damage, this is the site of injury, humanoid boss and those npc, whether the use of weapon and fist would cause different damage. In the game, there are a lot of skills that can¡¯t be dodge, so good players will choose according to their own situation which attack to get hit with.

    The tail sweeped at Chu Rui, but didn¡¯t bring much change, Chu Rui with his magnificent sense and speed stormed at the Tiger¡¯s guard.

    It¡¯s hp was once again cut off by more than 2000 hp, the Tiger Variant finally couldn¡¯t stand it, opening his mouth wide, and sent out a deafening roar sending out a shock wave.

    *Ding, you¡¯ve been affected by the tiger¡¯s roar, hp reduced by 300, and fall into a stun state for 2.3 seconds!

    The sound of the system alert made Chu Rui¡¯s heart to instantaneously feel cold!

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