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Chapter 85: Sinister Snake
    Ever since his long career as an assassin ChuRui always had an extremely amazing perception, just from looking at someone¡¯s eyes, manner, and action he would be able to determine whether or not the person is hostile towards him. His sixth sense is at an abnormal level, that he would be able to sense any sign of trouble. Now, with this relentless killer instinct sensing this violent creature was no exception.

    Instinctively, ChuRui¡¯s feet kicked the ground, and retreated from his previous position. However, despite ChuRui¡¯s display of perfect adaption in the sudden change in events, he was still one step too late.


    The eagle¡¯s very sharp claws suddenly fiercely caught Chu Rui¡¯s right shoulder, slashing downwards, extending up to the back.

    The fierce pain couldn¡¯t help but make Chu Rui breath difficultly a bit. Just that, if not for Chu Rui¡¯s fast evasion, the wounds would have been deeper than it was now, but the scope would absolutely not just have been in the back, but certainly extend up to his left waist. However, even so, the eagle reduced Chu Rui¡¯s HP by almost 500. Worthy of being called an agile class monster, it had even triggered a critical hit, and all of a sudden reduced Chu Rui¡¯s life by half, but at the same time triggered a bleed effect.

    Using a medium HP potion and drinking a bottle of instant HP potion, pulled back up his HP.

    Seeing that the ruthless eagle wanted to take advantage his his injury, Chu Rui¡¯s eyes became cold.

    Not even boss monsters, have an active and passive effect skills at the same time, and have to say, this biological variation is really amazing. However, even though its equivalent to a bronze boss monster Chu Rui still doesn¡¯t look down on it. Although he was careful enough, at the same time calculated every step carefully, but the eagle¡¯s attack still succeeded, its skill was just too difficult to follow. The strike, in like a blink of an eye, without realizing Chu Rui suffered a sharp blow. Fortunately this eagle is particularly not that powerful, if it was equivalent to a silver boss, Chu Rui imagined, that the best result would have been death.

    ¡°Acting recklessly!¡±

    Looking at the eagle, Chu Rui couldn¡¯t help but have a sneer at the corner of his mouth. After using its skill it was time for him to return the favour, having no skills, it still carelessly charged, in Chu Rui¡¯s eyes this was the same as courting death. Previously, Chu Rui used his skills against this eagle person, but for now, having it used its skill, it was now tantamount to a tiger without its fangs, now against Chu Rui who was right now like a professional trainer, it could only get abused.

    Having used the Medium HP potion, it and the bleed effect canceled each other out, Chu Rui¡¯s hp was now only just more than 600, which is more than half of his total HP. In accordance to this, thieves are weak against monsters that are shrewd and critical strike strong monsters, if he wasn¡¯t at his peak condition, his HP would have been easily knocked back in seconds. But Chu Rui didn¡¯t care, he was very confident, that he could beat this disgusting Eagle person, this self-confidence, came from his great strength.

    Advancing quickly, then suddenly stopping, he avoided the eagles attack, counter-attacking, the two dagger on his hand simultaneously stabbed into the eagle person. Reducing 200 HP of the eagle, while at the same time Chu Rui¡¯s HP was reduced a little.





    The eagles HP was quickly decreasing as Chu Rui relentlessly stroke with his dagger strike after strike, the 1500 HP that the Eagle had quickly reduced in 30 seconds after Chu Rui¡¯s relentless attacks.

    A loud scream resounded, the Eagle tragically died under Chu Rui¡¯s daggers. Normally battles would take would be over in a flash, but it took three minutes to end the figh during which Chu Rui only attacked twice. The first time was when he deliberately orbited behind the Eagle¡¯s back after it had attack with its wings, while the second was after the Eagle used its skill ¡°Assault¡±.

    The eagle generates loots, two pieces of equipment, seven gold, which is considered to be good. Even if it¡¯s a strengthened monster, if it¡¯s not a boss can¡¯t produce two equipment, and seven gold at the same time, which shows that it was a very good drop.

    Two equipment both are blue, one is an ice wand, stats, are very good, Mage weapons are scarce right now, so it would definitely be popular, while the other was a dagger for thieves.

    Eagle¡¯s beak: Blue gear

    Attack: 18-38 : attacks have a chance to trigger bleed effect!

    Crit: 1%

    Required Level: 15

    Durability: 20/20

    Good dagger, a mere blue level dagger quickly caught up with a silver dagger. On Chu Rui¡¯s left hand was just a green dagger, was quickly replaced!

    After putting it back in the item bag, and waiting for his HP to fully recover, Chu Rui went toward another area.

    Since the dispersion a moment ago, he thought that the system had separated the four variations, so that Chu Rui could defeat them individually. Seeing from this, is desgined as full user-friendly. After if Chu Rui single-handedly fought here, against all four variation creatures together, it would be like the system purposely doesn¡¯t give him opportunity. The Eagle variation alone made Chu Rui suffer a loss, if four of them were together, one can imagine the consequences in fighting the four alone.

    In fact, if his knife were to become a gun, then Chu Rui would totally absent of fear, but those fucking biological variation not only changed their bodies into a variant, but even their moves changes which was somewhat unbearable. Their normal attacks are fine, as long as you know what gene they possess, one could locate the creature¡¯s habits and weaknesses, but that skill was hard to deal with.

    As a weak thief, Chu Rui was under a lot of pressure. If he was a knight or a warrior, he would absolutely apart from anything else, straight up, cut them to death. No matter what you say, the father stand his own ground steadfastly, just like Mount Tai. But, Chu Rui was a thief, rogues had high agility and high crits, it¡¯s easy to disable a character like this, or even rapidly dispatching strong foes can injure him bit by bit.

    The Eagle person in the west region has been resolved, Chu Rui went straight to the south.

    The underground laboratory construction was very easy to understand, in the middle there is a big ¡°cross¡± cliff formed by a barrier, which divides it into four parts in this place at the bottom of the laboratory.

    Going the southern path, Chu Rui has walked for a while but still couldn¡¯t find any monsters, and could help but feel slightly stunned, was it an estimation error, was the system not separating the four monster to let him conquer it?

    Even if it was only a small region, the place was still very big. Chu Rui effective field of vision was merely ten meters, beyond ten meters up to 20 meters was very fuzzy, and beyond 20 meters he completely couldn¡¯t see.

    Frowning while continuing on, he looked around the entire region, but was still unable to find anything.

    Just as Chu Rui was about to give up, and ready to go to other regions, his ankle area was suddenly in pain, and his face turned blue.

    Chu Rui looked down and saw that disgusting snake lying on the ground, its sharp fangs had bitten his feet, and its shoved pale green fangs instilled venom into his body¡­..

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