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Chapter 84: Killing the Oppressive Variant Eagle
    Holding his daggers, Chu Rui carefully paid attention to the surrounding environment, slowly moving towards the front.

    He didn¡¯t have to be too careful, but in the end chose to as it was necessary. Dealing with a biological variation, which was equivalent to an ordinary bronze boss, is definitely no problem. However, if he fucking accidentally encountered more than two at the same time, it would definitely be a headache. Now, seeing that they¡¯ve dispersed to find him, he needed to take this opportunity and annihilate them one by one! If he fought the four together, Chu Rui could use the tactic of hit and run, using his strong senses and skills, he would be able to kill them. However, the risk of doing this would be high. The world is never short of surprises, if anything went wrong, then it might be too late to regret his actions.

    The first creed of an assassin is the emphasis of killing the enemy quickly, if failed to do so, run a few thousands of miles away from the place!

    And the second creed of an assassin is how to minimize the work in completing the task. As for the method, it wouldn¡¯t matter.

    For insurance purposes, Chu Rui must kill them one by one. In order to give himself an adequate security.

    Although he was underground, but because of the incredible light that the magic lamp gave off, the field of vision of Chu Rui which was supposed to be three meters in a dim corridor was now about ten meters. And slightly towards the west, is his first goal, the Eagle!

    Possessing a keen perception, no one would be able to sneak up on Chu Rui, wanting to go closer to him unnoticed was obviously absurd. He glanced around and found no other biological variation, after checking the other three directions where the other variations went. In that case, it was now or never, Chu Rui took this opportunity, directly raising his dagger, he walked towards the Eagle.

    Feeling the breeze blowing behind, the Eagle¡¯s reaction was extremely sharp, immediately looking behind him, just to see Chu Rui¡¯s figure.

    ¡°There really was someone who dared to break into here, but still acts recklessly. Kid you¡¯re really bold, while I didn¡¯t immediately discover you, since you¡¯ve appeared in front of me, now you won¡¯t be able to escape. Just see how I¡¯ll catch you and tear away your intestines from your belly.¡± Seeing Chu Rui, the eagle person¡¯s eyes unleashed a brilliant light, then a violent wind flew out as he suddenly soared.

    Not paying attention to the eagle person¡¯s words, Chu Rui rushed into the Eagle¡¯s five meter range, using observe to get information.

    Humanoid Variant (Eagle): Enchanted monster

    Level: 22 [Passive Skill]: Bloody Claw:

    a chance to cause bleed effect while attacking

    HP: 3800/3800

    Attack: 280 [Active Skill]: Assault

    Speed instantly rises, quickly moving to the side of the opponent then immediately discharging a powerful blow to the enemy, 30% increase in attack, inflicting a bleed effect!

    Defense: 150

    Indeed the eagle¡¯s fucking attack is pretty good, actually comparable to the Earth Golem. But it¡¯s vitality and defense is a little bit weak, even its speed is good, but wanting to play around with Chu Rui, is impossible.

    Seeing the Eagle¡¯s status, Chu Rui¡¯s mouth couldn¡¯t help but reveal a smile. This degree of biological variation, would not be enough to overcome him. With only a 3800 HP, the fight would end in 2-3 minutes.


    Chu Rui began to close the distance, an Eagle¡¯s lifestyle is violent in nature and wouldn¡¯t be willing to be beaten, that being the case Eagle rushed straight towards Chu Rui. Seeing that the sharp claws of the Eagle was going to hit Chu Rui, but the eagle saw that Chu Rui suddenly made an emergency stop, without delay raised his right leg, severely kicking the Eagle¡¯s cheek, caused the eagle to trample.

    Feeling some pain on his right foot he shook it, which was definitely caused by the head on collision he had with the eagle, the damage he¡¯ll receive from it can be imagined. While Chu Rui¡¯s right foot was in pain, the Eagle met a more tragedy, not only did the kick reduce more than 100 of his hp, but the shock from the kick caused it to get knock back.

    ¡°Damn, I want to tear you apart!¡±

    Being kicked back by a human, after receiving new powers from the genes of an Eagle, this was definitely a great insult, it was unforgivable. Angrily standing up, the eagle¡¯s eyes looked cruel. Immediately pouncing towards him again.

    The Eagle was fast, but Chu Rui was faster than him!

    Like a ghost Chu Rui appeared under the Eagle¡¯s body making the Eagle stunned, but immediately entered into melee. The Eagle man¡¯s claw-like hands grasped Chu Rui¡¯s hands, thinking that he would be able to break Chu Rui¡¯s hands. From an outsider¡¯s perspective, the Eagle holding Chu Rui¡¯s hands (quite evil).


    The blue dagger fiercely stabbed towards the Eagle¡¯s chest, pulling the dagger out, revealed blood.

    Slightly lowering his upper body, he rotated, evading the Eagle¡¯s counterattack, and with the rotation of the body, the green dagger on his left flashed heading towards the Eagle¡¯s body, leaving a hundred points damage.


    Crouching his body a little bit, Chu Rui made a backhanded motion with the dagger in his hand, using the skill ¡°Eviscerate¡±, stabbed at the Eagle¡¯s loin muscle area. Fiercely stabbing the area with the dagger, the effects of Eviscerate began to appear, even though he didn¡¯t break any bone, he still caused damage to its flesh revealing blood from it.

    With his dagger deep in the body, he stirred its flesh, making the Eagle cry out in pain, while it tried to attack him with its claws and wings, trying to kill Chu Rui.

    Sneering, Chu Rui maneuvered in the air, and with a very elegant motion evaded the Eagle¡¯s claw, although the wings hit him a bit, it was still harmless.

    Although Chu Rui was completely free from any damage, but this blow for him, was a very good opportunity, that he didn¡¯t want to waste. So, he risked it even if he had to endure an attack from the Eagle.

    The Eagle¡¯s wings swept by, taking advantage of this opportunity, Chu Rui instantly appeared behind the Eagle.


    Suffused with light the blue dagger was mercilessly aimed at the Eagle¡¯s neck, forcefully pressing into it, stabbing the dagger deeply up until its handle.


    ¡°Backstab successful! Skill rate 99%, attacked triggered a critical hit, attack hit the enemy¡¯s weakness, Variation Eagle received 586 damage and stunned for one second!¡±

    Quickly pulling out his dagger, and taking advantage of the Eagle¡¯s stunned state, Chu Rui bent his right arm, and from the rear the blue dagger strike at the Eagle¡¯s neck.

    ¡°¡­.Brutal Blow!¡±

    A touch of light flashed by, effectively using the skill Brutal Blow, the blue dagger hit the Eagle¡¯s throat.


    Because of the Critical hit¡¯s 50% increase in damage and the bonus from attacking the opponent¡¯s weak point, the Eagle¡¯s HP was reduced by nearly 800.


    Recovering from the stun, the Eagle was enraged at Chu Rui who was behind it, feeling its chest, loin muscle, headache, throat pain, and the kick from its face, the abusive Eagle whose attacks made most people runaway felt insulted. Its eyes were flashing, and a suddenly a surge of wind was emanated, the body instantly disappeared.

    Chu Rui who was fiercely attack the enemy¡¯s back suddenly discovered that the Eagle person actually disappeared, there is not time to be surprised, feeling a wave of killing intent from behind, made his whole body¡¯s hair stand¡­.

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