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Chapter 83: Biological Variation
    It¡¯s a stone room, and very spacious at that! Calling it a room, is somewhat inappropriate, its area is estimated to be one-third of an entire village. Covering an area of at least 1000 m2

    Chu Rui squinted his eyes and looked around, compared to the dark long passage, the place her is too bright. On top of the stone chamber was a huge magic lantern, not sure what¡¯s powering it, but still produces a dazzling light.

    The layout was very strange, how to say, it¡¯s like a laboratory. Yes, it¡¯s a laboratory. Inside the stone chamber were many stones having many bottles and jars on top of it, it was also filled with many materials and equipment, seeing this made Chu Rui shocked.

    Fuck, was this the fabled laboratory of life?

    The layout here really seemed like a laboratory, the stones were connected constructing a stone wall, that have a complex design, making it look like a maze. Fortunately, the stone wall wasn¡¯t that high, Chu Rui can still see everything with a glance, making it impossible to get lost.

    Although he hadn¡¯t seen any monsters yet, no one could still ensure that this place have no special monsters or something similar, after all, in other games there have been similar scene in a biochemical laboratory, making the situation very strange.

    Carefully moving forward a bit, he had officially entered the lab.

    ¡°Buzz ¡­ ¡­¡±

    Suddenly, a burst of sirens sounds came.

    Fuck, this was a trap!

    Chu Rui¡¯s look changed. He didn¡¯t think that this thing really was a fucking dungeon. Just entering a scope of this laboratory, had immediately sound the alarm. This was terrible, he didn¡¯t know how the hell he¡¯s going out.

    Scanning around he found that there were still no monsters appearing for the time being. For the first time there wasn¡¯t any sudden strong monsters or a bunch of monsters targeting him, Chu Rui continued forward while using stealth.

    In just three seconds, a bunch of monsters immediately appeared in Chu Rui¡¯s field of vision.

    Seeing the sudden weird creatures, Chu Rui couldn¡¯t help but narrow his eyes. This really wasn¡¯t like the white lab coat similar to a researchers as he thought, but all have scales, or long hairs or other various misdeeds making them look like weird creatures.

    Sneaking closer, Chu Rui used observe.

    Biological Variation:

    Originally an ordinary human being, but through some special reasons was transplanted with biological cells, evolve through mutation, raising various properties which greatly strengthened, and inherited the beastly nature of a wild animal, making it very brutal!

    Obtaining the data from Observe, Chu Rui was astonished. This fucking ugly weird creatures turned out to be humans? With a closer look, that was really the case. In addition to mutating from genes of other organisms on the surface was a human¡¯s body, no matter what aspect it was still very similar from a humans.

    After a slight observation, these mutants covered with scales, cold eyes, needless to say, must have been transplanted with the gene of a snake; the other had body muscles bulging, long old paw nails, paled face with whiskers, which should be a tiger; there was also one that had a long tail dragging behind and looking at the shape, was similar to a crocodiles; the other one actually had wings, sharp mouth, sharp eyes, if I¡¯m not mistaken, should be an eagle mutant.

    Seeing all sorts of monsters, Chu Rui dazzled. Although these variants were human variation enchanted with monsters, both the property was still similar, according to the original property transplanting a genetic of a specific organism determines their properties. For example the tiger had greater strength, the crocodile¡¯s outburst was strong, the eagles were flexible, while the snake looked somewhat disgusting, but was actually poisonous.

    Seeing this nasty stuff, Chu Rui couldn¡¯t help but get headaches. This was a blizzard of fucking strengthened monsters and together, their combat effectiveness is definitely more powerful than a boss, with Chu Rui¡¯s current small physique, if he rushed, he would absolutely be annihilated in the end.

    ¡°How did the alarm go off?¡± the snake person coldy said, his cold eyes glanced towards the surround, if not for Chu Rui¡¯s amazing strength in meditation, just by looking towards his fluctuation, his whereabouts could immediately be exposed.

    ¡°I don¡¯t know, Alarm must have been wrong, after all, it¡¯s been a long time already.¡± The eagle¡¯s sharp eyes carefully looked around bit by bit, but still didn¡¯t find anything, confident with his eyes, he suddenly thought that it was only a malfunction.

    ¡°It must be that way. No one can get through that shitty rock, even I couldn¡¯t even eat it, who can even beat it and go in? Not to mention this place is too concealed, impossible to be found.¡± The crocodile man touched his mouthful of teeth, saying in a beat.

    ¡°Might as well be a little more careful, master¡¯s experiment is at a critical moment, where mistakes are inexcusable. Otherwise, we wouldn¡¯t be able to eat at all.¡± The tiger¡¯s voice was calm, perhaps because he had received the King of beast¡¯s tiger gene, making him sound very powerful, that can¡¯t be compared to the other variations.

    Hearing the tiger say ¡°master¡±, all the biological variation couldn¡¯t help reveal a frightened look. It can be seen, that hearing ¡°master¡± in their heart, was similar to terror.

    ¡°If so, then let¡¯s split up, each responsible for a region.¡±

    The paled snake looked at the three other biological variations, saying something, and then dragged its tail, quickly moving away.

    ¡°That snake, really looks unwell, someday I must certainly kill him.¡±

    Seeing the snake leave, the eagle looked extremely sharp, making a very dissatisfied cry. Eagle and snake, were originally predators. Transplanting genes, would also transfer the creature¡¯s instincts. When predators meet, and able to get along, can only be seen as a funny scene.

    ¡°Don¡¯t complain. Just Do it! If something goes wrong at this point, Master would do something to you.¡±

    The tiger person was quite calm, as the person with the strongest presence, the other three naturally didn¡¯t look down on him. However, right now they have to use their powers, to find out, if there really was any intruder.

    Hearing the tiger person speak, the crocodile and eagle quickly shut up. They were afraid of the tiger¡¯s strength, but also fear their ¡°master¡±.

    The three nodded, and dispersed in different directions, to go check out the entire laboratory.

    A person¡¯s shadow can be seen underneath a stone. Looking at the scattered biological variations, Chu Rui¡¯s eyes showed a sense of coolness.

    It seems, I¡¯ve found an incredible place ah!

    Weird biological variations similar to the real world, where some countries genetically modified some organisms while carrying it out in secret. This mysterious and dangerous base, surely has a great treasure within. This place, must be a hidden map. If I go on, I might trigger a hidden quest. I¡¯m really blessed ah!

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