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Chapter 82: Annoying Golem Doll II
    Wielding his daggers comfortably, Chu Rui seems to be playing at ease. Needless to say, his hands didn¡¯t slow down, quickly rushing, and without a choice crazily cut the Earth Golem¡¯s bent foot. Why not attack the Earth Golem¡¯s right ankle? Chu Rui isn¡¯t so stupid. The Earth Golem was now so miserable without its cut offed left ankle, causing extreme imbalance, having its right side higher than the left. If he cut the other ankle off, wouldn¡¯t that restore its balance?

    No ankle, and bent legs. Just attacking the ankle made Chu Rui hunch for so long, is now free, and can now relax his body.

    Mercilessly attacking again for ten minutes, the Earth Golem¡¯s bent feet received slight damage, but it¡¯s HP is now only 1000 or so, thinking about his scheme, Chu Rui at that moment completely shattered its bent leg.

    In when the boss¡¯ HP is reduced to 20%, 10% and 1% there is a low probability for an unforeseen even to happen, this includes the boss getting stronger, explode, or even evolve. At this time it was best to be careful. Chu Rui never underestimated his opponent even when it¡¯s weaks, never giving mercy even from the start. No matter who it was, as long as it¡¯s an enemy, he must be ruthless. Otherwise, if he didn¡¯t cut its root, they¡¯ll be able to grow and take revenge. From another¡¯s point of view, Chu Rui¡¯s character was somewhat similar to Cao Cao. Though he isn¡¯t as ambitious as Cao Cao, the tyrant also thinks negatively of the world, but he on the other hand there are some that are good in the world. However, he has a similar belief as Cao Cao, kill, with no mercy, and no compassion.

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    Constantly swinging the daggers on his hands, the Earth Golem¡¯s HP dropped crazily!





    Soon, the Earth Golem¡¯s HP became 100 points.


    When Chu Rui preparing himself as he raised his two daggers comprehending what¡¯s happening to it, it suddenly became silent, and immediately uttered a dull roar.

    An indescribable feeling of pressure came down on him, saying nothing Chu Rui immediately ran.

    At that moment the Earth Golem¡¯s body began to curl, and then began to expand. It¡¯s appearance, was as if gas was going inside it constantly expanding, and expanding.


    A loud vibration sound can be heard, the Earth Golem, exploded!

    Giant stones shot out everywhere.

    He had immediately began to escape, but can he still get away from this falling rocks? Fortunately, he was able to gain a few distance away, avoiding direct contact, otherwise his body would have lots of holes. Run faster, there¡¯s some stones flying, causing havoc, some even scratch him from the side, still no fatal hits.

    Using an HP potion and a Recovery Medicine to recover some HP. Running almost 30 meters to avoid getting hit.

    He then looked at the rest of his HP!

    72 points!

    Chu Rui suddenly broke out in cold sweat!

    If he had run any slower, he may have already died. After playing for so long, the Earth Golem¡¯s finally dead, this explosion might have made everyone upset, and make people take it too hard.

    I have to say, this Earth Golem¡¯s body was large enough, that after the explosion, the shot stones crushed most of the surrounding, and was still crazily falling down.

    After a few seconds, the stones finally stopped falling. There was also nothing left of the huge Earth Golem, leaving only a pile of stones.

    Chu Rui rested for a while, his HP, has now mostly recovered, and then walked over towards the opposite direction where the Earth Golem was.

    Although the system made an alarm, that he gained experience, and successfully rose to level 16, but shouldn¡¯t he still be careful? Thinking that there¡¯s no guarantee that any unforeseen even would occur.

    Carefully looking around and finding no danger, Chu Rui went close to where the Earth Golem was, collecting the equipment that appeared after the explosion.

    Three equipment, an item and 31 gold coins! It¡¯s indeed a boss, giving lots of coin.

    There was three equipments, a large sword, a short stick used by a summoner and a shield. He didn¡¯t know what to say, this should have been the first advanced boss, but the explosion somewhat made the person ache, except for the shield with a silver tier, the other two turned out to be just blue tiered equipment.

    Looking at these three pieces of equipment, made Chu Rui in pain!

    The fuck is this drop?

    The shield equipment was silver tiered, it still needs to be appraised, so in the end he doesn¡¯t know its attribute, Chu Rui uninterestingly looked at the other two equip, and just put them back into the item bag, his last hope was at the last item that looked like a mini-version of the Earth Golem.

    Golem Doll

    Special Item Consumable: uses 100 MP

    Using the item, would transform the soil into an Earth Golem that would fight for you,

    Duration: 10 mins

    Use: 2/3

    Fuck, a warmachine!

    Chu Rui was stunned and looked at the mini-Golem doll on his hand, never thinking that this would happen. No wonder the equipments were so bad, all of the good thing was here. Needless to say, even if there wasn¡¯t any equipment and money, even with just this thing, Chu Rui would still be very satisfied. Choosing between an equipment and an item that can summon two silver boss, is there a need to choose?

    Laughing, he stuffed the Golem doll into his item bag, afterwards Chu Rui rest for a while, then walked towards the hole covered by thorns.

    The hole was only one meter in diameter, but was still a big hole, as the cave was three meters high, looking at it only a maximum of two people can go inside. After sending four Boss Guardians to hide the hole covered with thorn, if the person wasn¡¯t vigilant, it wouldn¡¯t be easy to find. What stuff is inside? Chu Rui was now very, very curious.

    Cutting the thorn, Chu Rui curved his body, entering into the hole.

    The cave was somewhat dark, but for the sake of the game, unless at a specific place, any place will allow players to have visibility. However, in a dark place that will reduces visibility. The surrounding was somewhat cloudy in Chu Rui¡¯s eyes, as if it was a cloudy day. You can see, but only around three meters. Proceeding inside, it was dark, making him unable to see anything.

    Holding his dagger, he slowly walked forward, extremely focused, and looking around vigilantly.

    There was a long corridor, no forks, only one way. Chu Rui cautiously walked for about ten minutes.

    Although he hasn¡¯t encountered any danger, Chu Rui still didn¡¯t take it lightly.

    At the end of the passage, following it, was surely another room¡­¡­.

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