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Chapter 77: Finally, a Boss(s)
    Shadow Rogue Chapter 77: Finally, a Boss(s)[i]

    Lake Eyre Zegna is shaped like a tear or like a pumpkin seed.

    Chu Rui circled around Lake Eyre Zegna, towards the side of the mountain.

    After he got to level 15, Chu Rui is not busy trying to level, he has an unknown craving that is leading him towards the other side of the lake.

    ¡°Ah, once you enter the center of Lake Eyre Zegna, the water makes you lose 10% of all your stats!¡±

    From a distance it looks like Lake Eyre Zegna is very small, but when you¡¯re in it you know how big it is. He had been in the center on and off for about three hours now.

    He hears a system beep, Chu Rui starts to feel some pain. Although monsters here have become sparse but its better this way. By killing the corrosive slug, water slime, and the ugly beasts, he has made good progress. Being a thief is simple. All you do is hide, hide, then avoid, and avoid some more.

    Although it¡¯s tough to swim all that way, he finally reached the shore after about two hours.

    He sat on the shore to rest for a while. Since he had been in water for a few hours, he was absolutely drenched and it doesn¡¯t feel too good.

    He is on the other side of Lake Eyre Zegna, beneath the mountains. The surrounding landscape is much superior compared to the other side. It¡¯s a pity, but Chu Rui did not have time to appreciate it.

    The System is very convenient, Chu Rui who was soaked took only half a minute to completely dry off.

    He got up and looked around after just seeing some high level monsters wander, it was nothing special.

    He decided to go to the foot of the mountain, it was seemingly close but it ended up taking Chu Rui a full half an hour.

    Slightly hunched over, Chu Rui slowly emerged from a bush he had been hiding in.

    He narrowed his eyes and suddenly locked onto the foot of the mountain at a place overgrown with thorns.

    It looked unusual, the Lake and the thorns under the mountain is normal. However, the fact that there were three monster there was unusual.


    After casting ¡°Stealth¡± Chu Rui¡¯s body slightly shook then he vanished. Cutting through the grass and slowly sneaking his way towards the three monsters.


    He cast the spell on each of the monsters one by one so he could get a good grasp of their ability.

    Rotting Mud Monster

    Level: 18

    Status: Bronze Boss

    HP: 5500

    Mana: 0

    Attack: 500

    Defense: 200

    Magic Resistance: 0


    Rot: A passive attack with a chance to deal corrosive damage.

    Corrosive Spray: An active ability that deals damage in a cone several meters in front of it. Dealing 150% of Attack and adds a DOT.[ii]

    Water Sprite

    Level: 18

    Status: Bronze Boss

    HP: 3500

    Mana: 100

    Attack: 100

    Magic Attack: 250

    Defense: 80

    Magical Resistance: 120


    Slow: A spell that causes the victim to lose movement speed and attack speed.

    Bloat:  After a 1 second cast time, it deals 150% of Magic Attack to the victim and has a chance to stun the target for 1 second.

    Sinister Water Creature

    Level: 18

    Status: Bronze Boss

    HP: 4000

    Mana: 800

    Attack: 300

    Magic Attack: 50

    Defense: 150

    Magical Resistance: 50


    Disease: Active ability which has a chance to make the victim have a 30% reduced healing!

    Water Column: After a 0.5 second cast time it releases water magic dealing 150% Magic Attack damage to the victim. If Disease is on the target, then there is a change to increase the effect of Disease.

    After spending 20 seconds of time examining them, it¡¯s finally time to attack.

    Chu Rui drew a deep breath. Three bosses here. A thorn shelter. What does this mean?

    Treasures! Chu Rui could not help but have a slight itch. Remembering the Lost Mine only adds to his stimulus. Completing that made him the lead player by a mile. And now the vast majority of players are still fighting to get out of the Newbie Village when he was level 15, and having two pieces of gold equipment and a number of jewelry.

    He got an epic task to complete he also got the map and a mysterious dagger.

    Man, do I love adventuring, and a good challenge. When he faces a challenge he gets eager to complete it. By having three bosses guard the entrance. He can only imagine what¡¯s inside.

    Stealth only lasts 30 seconds, which is no time at all. The three bosses occupied this location which also means that the small hole is blocked, if could I¡¯d sneak past them, but to swagger past the three boss while only relying on stealth at this level is just not possible.

    The only solution there is, is violence. He must kill them directly. If there was only one, then Chu Rui would not be afraid at all. But there are three bosses, which is a slight headache. Fortunately, they are just boss bronze level though. Although they are level 18, but that¡¯s not a big deal. According to his experience dealing with monsters. The Rotting Mud Monster is an equivalent fighter type and while corrosion is disgusting it¡¯s probably too slow to catch him. Water Sprite is very tough and has a very violent attack.

    Sinister Water Creature, is average, it¡¯s a melee type, but the skills are annoying. Especially having my healing taken weakened by 30%. That might cost me my life!

    He only has ten seconds left before his stealth is gone.

    The moment his body appears; he has already cast ¡°Backstab¡± which the procs[iii] the Stun effect and deals nearly 500 damage to the Water Sprite.

    The sudden attack surprised the Water Sprite but she was stunned, which made the other two boss alert but before they could do anything.

    ¡°Wolf Call!¡±

    Since the Water Sprite was stunned, Chu Rui quickly used his Wolf Call skill, summoning two Shadow Wolves, and they, wrapped around the Rotting Mud Monster and Sinister Water Creature respectively.



    Two dagger strikes cut the Water Sprite, and once again dealt more than 700 damage each.

    The Water Sprite¡¯s physical Defense was superficial.

    He must deal with the Water Sprite now before the other two get untangled from the Shadow Wolves or once the joint attack comes he¡¯ll be in trouble. The Sprite¡¯s physical attack is only 100 points, but his Magic attacks are where it hurt.


    Seeing it casting a spell to release magic, her 250 Magic Attack Chu Rui definitely couldn¡¯t let her hit him with that, it¡¯s deadly. Chu Rui¡¯s kick flew over to interrupt her.

    [i] This is an MTL if you find any errors let me know!

    [ii] DOT = Damage Over Time it¡¯s an MMO / RPG term

    [iii] A Proc is when something that has a chance to activate does. Its luck.

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