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Chapter 76: Lake Eyre Zegna
    Shadow Rogue Chapter 76: Lake Eyre Zegna[i]

    Chu Rui ran back to Datajia City, paying a gold coin to learn a thief skill unique to his class!

    Active Skill

    0 / 1000 EXP

    Cost 20 MP

    Description: Will allow the user to detect more information about a monster. Get a higher rank to detect more information. Cannot detect information from units that are a much higher level than you.

    Leaving the city again, Chu Rui checked out the update messages again, there were quite a few small changes, but they aren¡¯t very important, just some information related to the game, Chu Rui saw them, but thought nothing of them.

    The path he chose to follow has many monsters and there is no lack of players at their level, while he ran straight past them many gave him a strange look.

    Although there wasn¡¯t an official map of Kismet however Chu Rui thought that it was very big, after all, just Z¡¯s server has hundreds of millions of players. How small can it be? Datajia City is a very big, but there are also more small towns, and even an Imperial City, which should be the largest city. So cities like Datajia are probably countless.

    Chu Rui was transported to the closest city which happened to be Datajia City. The closest city to the Newbie Village you start at determines where you go when you transfer.

    As he passed these people none of them had ever seen him before. He¡¯s not supposed to among there. There¡¯s no way he can be from another city, right? There¡¯s no way he could travel that far. But in the eyes of others, Chu Rui¡¯s leveling speed is impossible to match up to. They definitely don¡¯t want to go against such a skilled player so they can only watch as he runs by them.

    Running for an hour, Chu Rui finally arrived at his destination¨CLake Eyre Zegna!

    It is a beautiful Lake, shaped like a large tear drop. It is clear and bright. It looks very bright as if rays from the Sun are coming from it. Around the shore are clumps of green wild grass. This lake is probably a very popular place for sightseeing, he could imagine it being a lover¡¯s tryst. Unfortunately, it is occupied by a group of monsters.

    Ugly monsters too. He cast Observe!

    Ugly Beast:

    Level 15

    HP: 2500/2500

    Attack: 180

    Defense: 50

    Magic Resistance: 20


    Slow: Causes the victim to lose movement and attack speed.

    Not bad monsters, slightly high attack, hit points. But armor is very weak. These guys are very suitable for thieves professional training!

    His right hand gripped his dagger, then he began his assault!



    ¡°Gouge was successful! Skill rate 98%. Attack triggers a critical hit!¡±


    Well, the first attack leads to a very nice critical strike. Triggering a crit hurts. He smiled then Chu Rui ducked to avoid the beast¡¯s ugly hand flapping, he moved to go behind the monster and used his dagger to stab into the Monster¡¯s neck.



    ¡°Backstab was successful! Skill rate 97%. Attack triggers a critical hit!¡±


    He kicked his leg, before the monster could attack. Chu Rui quickly all of a sudden it kicked out, then followed it with another attack.



    ¡°Eviscerate was successful! Skill rate 98%. Attack triggers a critical hit!¡±


    Facing his onslaught all it took was three strikes to kill a level 15 monster.

    Looking at his experience, it was around 800! That¡¯s a lot!

    Glancing at the surrounding scenery, although it¡¯s still the tone has changed. Lake Eyre Zegna is so beautiful, but on the shore and in the lake are the ugly monsters causing the quiet beauty to be damaged.

    He lightly sighed, but Chu Rui felt just a little pity. Even if he would wipe out all the monsters the system would simply respawn them.

    A lot of things are like this. No matter how much you want them to change. They are meant to be this way. Lake Eyre Zegna is like this too.

    Chu Rui doesn¡¯t want to just stand around acting poetic or philosophical. Maybe in the eyes of painters and Aristotle, this scene is a decadent beauty, but in his eyes, he only sees a moving experience and equipment. Such a big Lake region and he¡¯s the only player here. There is something about land clearing that is the greatest. He¡¯s reminded of the Lost Mine and how good that felt.

    Although this isn¡¯t a hidden map, but it is still a valuable grinding area.

    In addition to special bosses in Kismet there are hidden bosses some of them can immediately trigger the refresh of the boss or cause the boss to evolve beyond the normal. There are a lot of places that might have a boss. Like this area, it definitely has a boss. The kobold territory, centaur territory, wolves and other places, these places all must have bosses. Killing a boss for the first time, gives the best EXP and equipment. And this area must have one as well.

    Players can spend countless hours in the game trying to bring down a boss. But all the best secret bosses are taken before the masses can get the rewards.

    The best bosses are hidden in Kismet, and the players are tasked to trigger the boss somehow to be able to fight it. So there must be certain conditions that trigger them. There are different levels for quests. But Common ones are everywhere and doing them you won¡¯t get to kill a hidden boss.

    If he guessed correctly then the monsters around cities such as kobolds group are definitely Common quests, they are done by countless players.

    However, these things are of no concern for Chu Rui. Special Quests may let you be able to get a little more experience. Chu Rui thinks that land clearing practice is more meaningful leveling. Maybe if you are lucky, you can also smooth your way into killing a special boss there.

    Ugly Beast, Mud Slug, Water Slime¡­ ¡­

    These three kinds of monsters linger around Lake Eyre Zegna. Chu Rui went into the Lake from the shore and killed for nearly three hours in an uphill struggle. He finally got to level 15.

    Lake Eyre Zegna is very shallow. Chu Rui is in the Lake and this causes his actions to become slow, but it¡¯s no big deal. To avoid being hit and subjected to more attacks he needs to react sooner. But his defense is to low now, corrosion from the slugs caused a particular danger giving him a headache. Except for that everything else is trivial.

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