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Chapter 75: System Update
    Chapter 75: System Update[i]

    ¡°Welcome! You have entered Kismet. Have fun!¡±

    A sweet voice sounded in Chu Rui¡¯s mind, as his vision returned, he¡¯s finally back.

    Right now it¡¯s almost three o¡¯clock in the morning. Back home, Chu Rui cooked up some instant noodles and fried egg. He slept on his bed which was just get a mat, then got dressed, and finally settled the issue of the little loli.[ii] When he got back home even the system update was done, so he was rushed to get into the game.

    Kismet is pretty darn successful, even Chu Rui had his attention caught by it, let alone other people. In this virtual game you¡¯re free. The effect is obvious and needless to say most people like freedom. In fact, who doesn¡¯t dream of a freer society? However, reality is harsh. Good luck being a warrior wielding massive two handed weapons in modern society. And let¡¯s not even start with mages. But here in Kismet, you can be a heroic warrior, you can do battle, explore the unknown, or whatever you want.

    Want to just go all out fighting? Or if you want feel free to enjoy the scenery¡­  All of these, Kismet can help you achieve.

    It¡¯s not a gimmick, there¡¯s no way a gimmick could get people to play in droves. All people need is a chance to experience this to get hooked. It¡¯s better than the real world in many ways so the player base is huge.

    The game is so good that they have to inforce a time limit to play so players won¡¯t neglect their health. So people can play their eight hours a day then go back to the real world, it¡¯s a very good cycle.

    As I glanced around, there seem to be a lot of people. Chu Rui got to level ten after completing the Lost Mines dungeon. After he transferred out of the Newbie Village it seems those leveling madmen had already caught up.

    People rush to and from npcs **[iii]. In this game you have a time limit so you need to get as much done as possible before being forced to log out. But the only way to get stronger or get rich is to play more. So the leading players will get a head start near the beginning of a game so they can stay ahead of most players.

    This isn¡¯t your average game. This is a whole new world where your fictional character¡¯s strength is your strength. But you can get strong here without the limitations of the real world. This is a world that can make dreams come true. Compared to the real world, it can be even better, even though it is only a virtual world, but it¡¯s the spirit of the world, and the mental attitude of the people who live in this world that makes it different from real life.

    I need to find some quests to do. I also need to gain levels.

    Opening the map, it looked rough.

    Datajia City is a big city, the scope of it is very broad. The surrounding places are relatively low level, having such monsters such as kobolds, wolves, and tigers. The monsters are weak because people are just entering Datajia and new players are leveling right outside the city.

    Although Chu Rui is just getting into the city, but now he¡¯s almost level 15, so now all those level 10 ¨C 14 monsters are useless to him.

    Looking into the distance it seems an area has been designated with a red x indicating that it¡¯s extremely dangerous, however he needed a more ordinary place to level. Chu Rui glanced at his map, about ten miles away from Datajia City there was a lake that looked like a good choice, the monster tag is between level 15-25. It¡¯s not too low or too high.

    Getting this map was smart, it was gold well spent.

    I closed the map, Chu Rui looked at his backpack to upgrade it, increasing the capacity by 50, costing him 50 gold. Damn that¡¯s expensive![iv]

    Each player in Kismet has a warehouse where they can upgrade their Backpack. Upgrade Pack, the first upgrade is 50 gold coins which adds an additional 50 backpack slots, the second upgrade is 5,000 gold coins and an additional 100 backpack slots, the third upgrade is 100,000 gold pieces and adds 100 backpack slots again.

    Glancing at his backpack, Chu Rui had a whole slew of materials, there are recipes, drawings and the priceless treasure map.

    Done that, Chu Rui went to a store to buy two scrolls of Town Portal, using a gold coin. Fuck, this city sure is pricy, even a scroll of Town Portal is 50 silver each. Really?!

    Looking for directions, Chu Rui ran out of the city.

    Running ten miles, for a new player is a bit long.

    Taking advantage of the running time, Chu Rui opened the forums, to view the contents of the update.

    The system update was very simple, however, what changed was very important.

    When a player transfers out of the Newbie Village the rules change. No longer is it unprecedented for average monsters to lash out at anyone carrying a weapon. Also every player is bound to what class they chose. The way you play largely depends on this. In other words, the players are trying to be professional at their new class. Depending on your class the effect is different. The most obvious point of the update is the Monster¡¯s attributes.

    A player must have the appropriate skills to detect monsters properly, but that is not all, everyone can learn to be a Hunter. But for the Thieves and Archers, there are more powerful detection skills.

    In addition, there is a note at the end. System Announcements will happen at every new stage (every ten levels). But announcements can also happen when a player finds a secret. But it requires the player to find them.

    The first one that completes these secret events will experience the ultimate reward. This part is what attracts a lot of people. The Lost Mine reward that Chu Rui got naturally let him understand this principle!


    [i] This is a MTL if you see any errors let me know!

    [ii] No idea what happened between them either. Just as confused as you.

    [iii] This is ** in the raws

    [iv] I don¡¯t get it. The dude is loaded because of all the money he got in earlier chapters. 50g is a joke

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