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Chapter 73: Distressed Loli?
    Shadow Rogue Chapter 73: Distressed Loli?[i]

    Finally out of the police station, Chu Rui trotted away gradually into the crowd.

    It was close to midnight, but the people in the streets were plentiful.

    A vibration from his pocket suddenly startles Chu Rui as he pulls out his phone it turns out to be Qin Yue.

    ¡°Little Chu, how are you? Did they give you a hard time?¡± As he picked up, Qin Yue¡¯s anxious voice spoke.

    ¡°Rest assured, Qin Yue, I¡¯m fine. I had your testimony, they also understand the real reason. They just asked me a few questions and let me leave.¡± Chu Rui¡¯s heart was filled with a touch of warmth, as the soft voice replied.

    ¡°Are you sure?¡± Qin Yue was not assured.

    ¡°Of course, you can hear it, right? I¡¯m on the street.¡± Chu Rui held his phone away from his ear towards the crowd, the surrounding noise flows through the phone to Qin Yue.

    ¡°Then I¡¯m relieved.¡± Qin Yue sighed, then she asked ¡°Little Chu have you had dinner? Being kept so long, you must be hungry. I can make you something to eat.¡±

    ¡°It¡¯s midnight, you don¡¯t have to.¡± Chu Rui wanted to refuse, but his belly is protesting.

    ¡°What¡¯s wrong? We have opened food stalls in the morning before so it won¡¯t be an issue. Come on, we will wait for you.¡± Qin Yue let out a chuckle and without letting him interrupt her she hung up the phone.


    Listening to the hang up tone coming from the phone, Chu Rui was speechless for a long time. But he finally made up his mind.

    He got a cab and went straight to Qin Yue¡¯s house.

    The roads at night, were much easier to traverse. But it still took ten minutes to get to Qin Yue¡¯s house. And her home was not far from the sidewalk, just needing to walk for two or three minutes.

    Chu Rui stood in front of the apartment while shooting Qin Yue a text saying he arrived. After a while, Cheng Xiao Fei came down.

    Looking at the clothes Cheng Xiao Fei wore, Chu Rui was truly amazed! He hadn¡¯t seen it in the past, but she looked very beautiful. Even in the dark of night, under a dim light. He lightly blushed then he lowered his face. She seemed to faintly glow. This truly was a killer weapon!

    Chu Rui looked up and Cheng Xiao Fei smiled and waved as she was on her way.

    Chu Rui walked over and was just about to speak, but Cheng Xiao Fei shyly turns away.

    He chuckled. Chu Rui was very relaxed. Cheng Xiao Fei slowly turned toward him and she said.

    ¡°Thank you!¡±

    Like a gnat went that into Chu Rui¡¯s ear, making him instantly notice that girls as pure as Cheng Xiao Fei are nearly extinct. Sometimes in life you don¡¯t need a lot, just simple things. Chu Rui was a killer he has experienced and seen too much bloodshed and death. But now all he does is play his favorite game every day, eat a snack, look at teen girls such as Cheng Xiao Fei. He only does three things check out cute girls, play games, and sleep

    This was something he hadn¡¯t had in a long time, a very ordinary life. But it had been something he had craved.

    Chu Rui said nothing to her, but quickly stepped forward,  to stand side by side with Cheng Xiao Fei.

    Caught by surprise she shyly looked away once again, Cheng Xiao Fei¡¯s eyes could not help but catch a glimpse of him. Chu Rui¡¯s eyes held a faint smile she very quickly had a beet red face from blushing, in silence their hands unconsciously stirred together.

    The dark night, the hazy light, a silent man, a touch of love!


    After eating the meal from Qin Yue, it was already almost one o¡¯clock in the morning.

    He declined Qin Yue¡¯s offer to stay. Chu Rui was brimming with an irresistible urge but he went home.

    Walking the path in the dim lights, feeling the breeze blowing cool air, it made Chu Rui feel very relaxed. The summer wind was always so comfortable. When doing his assassination jobs in the past, he dreamed to one day be able to live this very ordinary life. Which made his previous life that was full of death, seem so dirty. He hardly got to enjoy living in an environment like today. He doesn¡¯t know how many times he killed in the past. He doesn¡¯t know how many miles he ran, nor does he know how many times because of his assassinations he had to lurk in the dark.

    But right now it felt like heaven!

    What a man needs for happiness is actually very simple.

    Around him is silence. The silence of the night is always so harmonious. Most people are asleep but still plenty of people are experiencing this special time. He was accustomed to the noise of the city and irritation around the noisy, but you can still find a place like this that is away from the noise, a place that is still. You can really find peace of mind and let yourself enter a state of tranquility.

    Qin Yue doesn¡¯t live far from Chu Rui¡¯s living area. A fast walk would probably only take half an hour.

    He did not choose the bright and beautiful road, it may be his killer instinct, or maybe he just wanted to feel the silence of the night. But either way he chose this path through the park. From the paths in the park, he walked towards the back of his apartment complex.

    Summer was often spent lazing around in the park, a lush, leafy, green filled park. This Green Harmony Garden road, Chu Rui liked to come here to get this feeling.

    Men must accept their lot in their own lives, to learn patience and tolerance in order to live better. It is not for others, but for yourself. Life is filled with unknowns; you never know what will happen next. You also have to learn to accept the unexpected. When it comes all will not be lost.

    Chu Rui has had accidents in life, and he knows how to accept them now.

    However, right now he is filled with a sparkling moment of deep revere. But this feeling would easily crumble if something happened to break it.

    ¡°Hey, there¡¯s a need for it. I followed her for a few days and finally got a chance to start today.¡±

    ¡°You don¡¯t say?  But this chick is really juicy. My god, it doesn¡¯t matter. She¡¯s what 15 or 16? But this son of bitch is bigger than any of those fully developed woman. She has such a face. She¡¯s a veritable woman with the face of a child!¡±

    ¡°Woohoo! Let¡¯s get this party started!¡±

    ¡°In the past I never imagined to be able to use this type of loli. There are so few of them out there. This is the best! I didn¡¯t think my buddies would also have sex with one like her one day.¡±

    ¡°Today is our lucky day! Man I can¡¯t take it anymore. My bird is going to explode!¡±

    ¡°Wu wu wu¡­¡­¡±

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