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Chapter 71: The Lewd Police Chief
    Chapter 71: The Lewd Police Chief[i]

    ¡°Chief, here are the files you wanted.¡±

    A woman police officer opened the door, came in with a stack of papers and a disk.

    ¡°Wen, put the stuff down here.¡±

    So the lewd Chief¡¯s face is not seen by many. Chu Rui was amazed at this, his face looks suddenly like a God¡¯s! Nodding at the Chief the policewoman said in a gentle tone which covered Chu Rui with goose bumps.

    ¡°Sure thing Chief!¡±

    Chief God smiled, that smile made Chu Rui sigh in his heart, this wretched Chief really is somewhere between man and beast!

    Somewhat surprised to see the mess on the ground and Chu Rui, Wen eyed him for a moment. The inside of the interrogation room looked like a war broke out but pretty much everyone had heard about it already, just looking at Guan Yihan huff like someone owes her millions tells the whole story. As a new age woman, it¡¯s impossible for this kind of gossip to not spread.

    ¡°*Cough* First things first!¡±

    When Wen left, the Chief lightly cough twice then picked up the disk and files that had just been brought in.

    He glanced at Chu Rui, those files are about Qin Jie, and the testimony of the two other witnesses, as well as other related things.

    ¡°Come here, the case is very clear. Jin Quan and Cheng Xiaofei as you say tried to force lewd acts against Qin Yue¡¯s wishes. However, you will eventually realize that even if the truth is on your side you may not get your way. So, you have pay a fine of 10,000 £¤  for covering up the past.¡± The Chief said.

    Chu Rui sat there in silence!

    His behavior was heroic, right? Qin Jie, after all was going to be with that nasty bald Cheng Xiaofei along with a threat of forced marriage against her mother, was disgusting. But he also touched Qin Jie indecently. The bald man was beaten by him but instead of praise he also went into the police station, to pay a fine. For ordinary people, this would be very difficult to understand, and very hard to accept. However, Chu Rui is silent.

    He is very clear, such a move is already very cheap, that wretched man is insignificant, but still able to cause him some slight annoyance. Zhang Tu although the person is bad, but in the end, he is also a company boss, capable of snatching anybody he wants. As the boss of a company, the power was there. He, Chu Rui, nobody knows he¡¯s Crimson Shadow Ghost the number one assassin in the world. But it¡¯s not hard to understand that the wretched Chief is trying to help him by just having to pay a small fine to get out of the police station.

    In order to have a settled life, Qin Yue and Qin Jie, mother and daughter, are just trying to live peacefully.

    Chu Rui knows that even paying 10,000 £¤, there is still plenty left. Unlike most people who love to save money in case of any future disasters, Chu Rui doesn¡¯t mind. However, just because he can cough up the money does not mean he is afraid of them. Zhang Tu appreciates favors and he does not mind doing something he regrets.

    The good Samaritan is being subjected to such bad treatment, but Chu Rui is without complaint. Living in this society, you have to abide by the rules of the society.

    Ignoring the rules or trying to change the rules, without the power to do so, then you are playing with fire and it is a ticking time bomb.

    Rules can be formed.  That is obvious. But you do not have the ability to reverse them unless your power is comparable to a national military. Now living in society is just so. Trying to change the rules with a weak spirit is another problem. In this regard, the country is in no way capable.

    Chu Rui is arrogant, but that is based on his strength. But when dealing with social rules, he¡¯s not arrogant enough to change it. So he must comply with the rules.

    Although it wasn¡¯t a little, but 10,000 £¤ is not much pressure. He nodded, Chu Rui accepted the fine. The lewd Chief is also relieved. Being able to accept these terms without so much as flinching, he surely isn¡¯t a simple man.

    He can feel Chu Rui is not like most people, there is something about his eyes, they made him feel a strong pressure from him. That is why he just got a fine, this person, really is bad news. It would be best to avoid trouble. Chu Rui took out fifty notes worth 10,000 £¤ total. For most ordinary people it¡¯s a lot but for Chu Rui, its nothing.

    ¡°Okay, done. So Mr. Obscene. Dude, you are obscene but the women police officers, never noticed. Gee¡­¡± the wretched Chief gave Chu a knowing look. They stared at each other in silence before the Chief turned on the computer, loading the disk. He opened the video files inside. Needless to say, this is the surveillance video of the interrogation room.

    ¡°Tsk, little man, the way you look and your language is so sharp. Oh, this is the best, I do not even know where such a violent side of small man could come from.¡±

    The lewd Chief on one side of Chu Rui sitting cross-legged staring at computer screens, watching the side comments. If this was coupled with popcorn and coke or something, it might have made a good movie.

    ¡°Chief, it should be clear now, right?¡±

    His lips twitching, Chu Rui looked at the finished video then turned to the Chief and he said.

    ¡°Oh¡­ Clear, very clear, very clear!¡±

    Chu Rui looked at the wretched man stroking his chin, the Chief gave a lewd smile¡­

    [i] This is an MTL if you find any errors let me know!

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