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Chapter 70: Need for the Police Chief
    Shadow Rogue Chapter 70: Need for the Police Chief[i]

    Guan Yihan was about to be in trouble, Chu naturally could not leave her alone.

    He rushed to her side and put his hand around her waist, but the force of her fall was too much, Chu being able to reach her was already amazing but he doesn¡¯t have the strength to pull her up. Seeing the panic on Yihan¡¯s face, Chu Rui sighed, Why¡¯d I have to be such a gentleman?

    At the same time, he feels a burning pain in his back, Chu Rui is somehow feeling happy. He doesn¡¯t know what is wrong with her, but she is probably just afraid. She¡¯s hugging Chu Rui tightly in her arms. Its summer and her chest is pressed up against Chu Rui the powerful forces on Earth forms a weapon that has been pressed into the pie.

    She looked beautiful with a faint touch sweetness, Chu Rui almost got a nosebleed from this interaction.

    ¡°Yihan, the interrogation had¡­¡­¡±

    Chu Rui was enjoying himself when the interrogation room door burst open. A middle-aged police officer walked through the door to talk.

    He was then seriously questioned; the emergence of a violent interrogation was not expected. The clean and serious interrogation room was gone, instead it was a mess, like a war broke out. A tilted table, the chairs had gone awry, pieces of paper were everywhere. What amazed him the most was that there were two people lying on the ground on top of each other. Watching the two people on the ground, female on male, which Rui was showing a fascinating smile.

    This little man really is bold! Who is this man, how is he able to tame the sister? She¡¯s absolutely impossible!

    ¡°How¡¯s it going down there?¡±

    Coming in just behind Middle-aged police a secretary like person said, but my mind is still on Guan Yihan and could not help but notice a thumb being placed beneath her.

    ¡°Ah!¡± She screamed and woke up. Guan Yihan plunged through Chu Rui then bounced up, very exaggerated, almost like Chu Rui is a literal spring.

    ¡°*Cough*, Guan Yihan, it is your private life and I don¡¯t care what you do with it, but private lives should not be brought into the police station in the future, we don¡¯t want to ruin our reputation.¡± The middle-aged policeman said softly.

    Chu Rui raised an eyebrow to the vague look of a middle-aged police and he returned the look with a stare.

    ¡°Chief, no, no, I, I¡­¡± this middle-aged police, is the police chief then. Listening to him, Guan Yihan quickly shook her head waving her hands in an explanation, but she was on the verge of tears.

    ¡°Oh, you¡¯re mistaken. Guan Yihan almost fell down, I just pulled her up.¡± Looking at the weeping Guan Yihan, Chu Rui suddenly felt pity for her.

    ¡°Is that so? Oh, I get it! ¡± The middle-aged Chief did a double take when looking at the pathetic faced Guan Yihan and a normal faced Chu Rui, he thought to himself that he could not help but have a generation gap with young people in mind. He was old and couldn¡¯t keep up with the trend of the times. Well, he does have a daughter-in-law to try to learn how.

    ¡°*Ahem*, Yes, so Yihan, is the work done yet? What are the results of the trial?¡± And it suddenly came down to business, Chu Rui received the whole line and said.

    ¡°This Chief is a bad man.¡±

    About the trial, Guan Yihan would have been more aggrieved, she volunteered to interrogate, so she could gain experience, but encountered this kind of mess, thinking about herself being so close to the scene with that awful man, makes her grievances slightly feverish.

    ¡°Is he?¡± The Chief¡¯s mouth is as big as a basin. Chu Rui, had a disbelieving face. Fuck, this is guy the horse God? A prisoner was brought into the police station, even in the short period of time he was in here he had stolen their police force¡¯s time, but also developed to the point where things escalated to the point of a near sexual encounter.

    The Chief was impressed watching Chu Rui, his manner, how he was so straight faced when he was just so salacious a moment ago. If there was no Guan Yihan, he estimated that this fellow wouldn¡¯t have done something like that.

    ¡°*Cough*, Then, what is going on here exactly?¡± The party thought about Yihan, the Chief faced the two and asked.

    ¡°Chief! This jerk beat me, and the Chairman and Manager of a company, which means he is violent and rampant. He also insults and ¡­ and ¡­ Indecent assault against a police officer!¡± Looking at the middle-aged police Chief, Guan Yihan faced injustice, she turned her head toward Chu Rui with a face full of anger.


    Looking at the Guan Yihan chick, Chu Rui went silent. Yihan, said Rui assaulted, then I had to explain that I did not abuse her but said your ¡°sister¡± had abused me in the first place. I complained of her actions naturally and pointed out the fact that she falsely accused me on several notes. Finally, I threatened to sue them for libel. I may be a man but I would never do something as heinous as that!

    Chu Rui with bleak thoughts, felt great pain. This woman is absolutely the queen of untouchables!

    She tried to paint me as the ¡°big bad wolf¡± by being good with words. It could only have gotten worse if she had taken off her clothes then threw herself at me claiming ¡°indecent assault¡±.

    ¡°Well, little Han, I get it. You¡¯d better go to the bathroom to clean yourself up. You look like a wreck!¡± The middle-aged police Chief choked because he was laughing so hard he was almost pissing himself, Guan Yihan muttered something, then said, ¡°I¡¯m going to look at surveillance video.¡±

    After she left the Chief said ¡°Kid, you are insane! When going after Guan Yihan you proved you had some balls.¡± The Chief said directly to Chu Rui giving him a thumbs up and winking.

    This Chief is the best!

    ¡°Mr. Chief, I was the victim! I saved this little girl from tripping then she accused me!¡±

    Chu Rui looking at the lewd Chief.

    ¡°Hey, this pure flower like Yihan, came here to just experience it, you know.¡±

    Lewd Chief smiled ambiguously and said: ¡°Let alone such a close embrace, she¡¯s never even held hands before. So, buddy, you don¡¯t really know how good you did. This year, that woman already became a macho woman. You held Yihan so close, her not slapping you has already made you lucky. By the way¡­ how was it? Listen to me¡­ how did it feel?¡±

    Chu Rui laughed watching the lewd Chief winking at him leaving him instantly speechless!

    He¡¯s the best!

    [i] This is an MTL if you find any errors let me know!

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