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Chapter 69: Berserked Guan Yihan
    Chapter 69 Berserked Guan Yihan


    Guan Yihan¡¯s expression was now rather frightful, her beautiful white little hands wrangled tightly, gripped in a fist so tightly that her knuckles cracked. Her teeth gritted and grinding in a *kacha* sound. Even Rui¡¯s composure was somewhat tested as a chill ran down his spine. With a cold, deadly voice, she slowly repeated what Rui had called her, her face black with a terrifying expression that could be used in a horror flick, even Sadako would be hard pressed to beat it.

    ¡°What? As a member of the police force, are you trying to torture me in the questioning room?¡±

    Rui¡¯s glance swept across Guan Yihan, who was in the midst of going berserk, and he swallowed a gulp of saliva. Although in terms of fighting prowess, even a hundred of her would be easily destroyed by Rui, in terms of that instantaneous berserk aura, it was as if a small universe had imploded around her, even Rui was rather taken aback.

    ¡°¡­¡­¡± Guan Yihan also started from Rui¡¯s words, and she was left speechless and clenching her fist tightly, her teeth biting down on her lips as she stared at him. If looks could kill, Rui would be lying on the ground with a thousand holes in him now.

    Rui looked at her again, this time with a little surprise. He had only been saying it rather nonchalantly, and had not expected it to really work on her. Many cops were after all extremely arrogant, and towards someone who was acting as arrogant as Rui, it wasn¡¯t unheard of for them to administer a beating in areas that weren¡¯t easily discovered. Not only were fists used, sometimes even police batons were used! A questioning room? Once you were in there, you could be treated like a criminal. In the police station, the police were considered king of the castle, to strike you was just something easy. Do not actually dream about human rights, threatening or even torturing a person to confession, that was a dark side that had been around since the dark ages. Chinese history was full of exciting times, filled with both good and bad, and in terms of torture, it was likely no other country was as well versed as them.

    This young lady, Guan Yihan, just from how the other cops treated her, as well as her own looks and aura, Rui knew that she was no ordinary person and definitely had some background. Furthermore, with her looks and beauty, she was likely to be treated especially well. Such a person, it was perhaps normal to have a temper. Yet, she still managed to control herself when he spoke of the duties of a policeman, and did not take action against Rui who had made her so angry. Just this alone made Rui give her a grudging respect and admiration. This young lady might not be a very passable cop, but she was indeed a true cop at heart.

    ¡°Ask away then!¡±

    Giving a small sigh, Rui stopped arguing with Guan Yihan. Firstly, he didn¡¯t want to continue provoking her; secondly, his stomach was really damned hungry!

    Guan Yihan started at Rui¡¯s sudden caving in. Giving him an angry glare, she huffily sat back down and continued her questioning.

    Rui shrugged and ignored her angry glare, before giving an account of what had happened earlier. Although he did not exaggerate what had happened, he still emphasized on how shameless that Zhang Jinquan was, almost to the point that he was a menace and threat to society, that if he died it could only benefit the world, especially women! As for himself, Rui was rather modest and self effacing, only just describing himself as barely one of the top ten perfect youths in the world.

    Guan Yihan rolled her eyes at Rui. She had never seen such a shameless person.

    Thinking about Rui¡¯s insults to her, now that her official work was done, Guan Yihan couldn¡¯t help but glare at Rui once more.

    ¡°What is it? Beautiful lady? Are you particular touched by the noble actions of this great suave youth, and want to marry me? *Cough* *Cough* No need to stare at me with such loving eyes, I am a decent and respectable person who will not succumb to your temptations.¡± Looking at Guan Yihan¡¯s glaring angry look which just somehow seemed so adorable, Rui couldn¡¯t help but tease her. With a gentle smirk on his face, he teased her with some lines he had read from novels.

    Hearing Rui¡¯s words, a vein bulged up on Guan Yihan¡¯s forehead as rage filled her. She had never seen anyone so conceited and full of it, at least not to such an extent. This was already out of the ordinary, up into the realms of sheer narcissism.

    Damnit, could someone be even more shameless than this man?!

    Guan Yihan felt as if she was about to explode in fury, if she had to listen to this man speak anymore, she probably really would.

    ¡°¡­Chu¡­ Rui¡­.¡±

    Guan Yihan¡¯s chilling voice seemed to come from the depths of the nine hells, almost as if she had some huge grudge with Rui.

    ¡°I¡¯m here, beautiful lady, what is it?¡±

    Rui grinned as he looked at the berserk Guan Yihan, his eyes roving around her body, focusing especially on her bosom which was heaving due to her anger, an enchanting sight indeed.

    ¡°AHhhh! Go and die!¡±

    His eyes were like a powerful x-ray, eroding the last of Guan Yihan¡¯s reasoning as she was devoured by her own rage. With a loud scream, she took up the file beside her and threw it savagely at Rui.

    Naturally, how could Rui be struck by such an easy throw, and he easily struck it with his fingers, his body dodging it easily in a graceful motion that was truly impressive.

    If a long range attack couldn¡¯t do the trick, then she¡¯d try close combat!

    Seeing that her thrown weapon was of no use, Guan Yihan didn¡¯t care any more, charging forth towards Rui in an aggressive posture.

    Swing back, side step, bend over, spin and revolve, jump lightly¡­

    Rui easily dodged all her ferocious blows with several graceful motions. The aggressive Guan Yihan struck forth with both fists in impressive form, but she just wasn¡¯t able to even touch his sleeve, and she could only stare helplessly.


    The berserk Guan Yihan could see nothing else but Rui. If her eyes were soft, gentle and loving, perhaps Rui might be happy about that. Alas, now¡­ nevermind, Rui wanted to live for many more years. As Rui continually dodged her blows, her leg suddenly struck a chair, and she lost her balance and fell down to the floor. Normally, taking a fall was no big deal, at most hurting a little for a while. However, this lady was likely having bad luck today, falling straight down with her head towards the edge of the chair. Such a blow would be terrible indeed, at best having a large bruise, or at worst, bleeding or perhaps even a concussion!

    Towards Guan Yihan, Rui actually had a favourable impression, as she was a rather good cop. Originally, he had only wanted to tease her, but he had not expected that she was so susceptible to teasing, and only a few lines had caused her to go berserk. Ahh¡­ women! Sigh!

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