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Chapter 68: Beautiful Cop Guan Yihan (3)
    Chapter 68 Beautiful Cop Guan Yihan (3)


    ¡°Chu Rui!¡±




    ¡°¡­¡­. Is that¡­ even a necessary question?¡± Rui¡¯s mouth twitched as he looked at the lady cop sitting opposite of him with a black face. As soon as she had entered the police station, she had hung her name tag on her chest, and he had seen her name clearly, Guan Yihan, an impressionable name indeed. Alas, the owner of the name had rather let it down, although her face and body was definitely womanly, but her mannerisms were all very ¡®MAN¡¯*, what a waste indeed.

    *TL ¨C The author actually writes MAN there!

    ED ¨C She¡¯s Mulan!

    ¡°If I ask you something, you should just honestly respond. How would I know if you¡¯re a male, a female, or a transvestite!¡± Guan Yihan fiercely slapped the table with an aggressive roar as she glared at him.

    ¡°Transvestite?¡± When Rui saw Guan Yihan¡¯s mesmerizing red lips spit out such a word, he instantly became speechless. But he¡¯d also stirred up some trouble with this young lady. Coming to the police station in the first place already made him feel unwell; as an assassin, this was his least favorite place. Yet he still entered, and had made this unreasonable young lady mad. An assassin only viewed people as prey, not male or female. Rui had already abandoned his life as an outlaw, getting further and further from assassins, and even moderated his temperament by quite a lot. However in the end, the influences that come with the assassin profession ran bone-deep, and couldn¡¯t possibly be cast off. Even though Guan Yihan was a beauty, the indignant Rui didn¡¯t have any good expression on his face.

    ¡°Male!¡± Rui said in a low voice.

    ¡°What? Say it louder. Are you a man or not, you talk like a fly buzzing.¡± Guan Yihan shouted as she cupped her ear with her hand like she was listening attentively.

    ¡°If you don¡¯t know if I¡¯m a man or not, why don¡¯t you just come and test me? I promise that you¡¯ll believe I¡¯m definitely a man after!¡±

    Rui instantly blew up in fury after seeing Guan Yihan¡¯s response. That ¡°Are you a man or not¡± bullsh*t had completely ignited his rage. That woman¡¯s deliberate provocation had to have a limit. As a man, being questioned by a woman regardless of who, brought about an extraordinary feeling of shame and humiliation.

    ¡°You rogue!¡± Guan Yihan gritted her teeth. As a mature woman, how would she not understand the implication behind his words?

    ¡°Rogue? I haven¡¯t even said much, and you¡¯ve already decided that I¡¯m a rogue? If I say any more words later, you¡¯ll probably call me a murderer!¡± Rui sneered.

    ¡°Ah!¡­..You bastard!¡± Guan Yihan felt that she had been driven mad. The man across from her had such an abominable face, making her feel the urge to just fiercely slap it.

    ¡°What¡¯s wrong, little Han?¡± After hearing Guan Yihan¡¯s sharp shout, a person suddenly broke through the door.

    ¡°Brat, be nice. Did you think you could just enter a police station and act like it¡¯s your home? Just obediently listen to us, and everything will be fine. Otherwise, hmph!¡± The youth viciously said to Rui with a cold glare after seeing Guan Yihan¡¯s mad expression.

    ¡°Can I take that as a threat.¡± Rui said indifferently without lifting his gaze, and instead leaned back in his chair

    ¡°Alright, Xuyi, don¡¯t disturb my investigation of the criminal.¡± Guan Yihan interrupted just as the young policeman was about to do something.

    ¡°Little Han, that brat is unable to tell good from bad. Just give him to me instead, and save yourself from driving yourself mad.¡± Policeman Xuyi instantly changed from a ferocious dragon to an innocent lamb; the difference between his attitudes towards Rui and Guan Yihan were really extreme opposites. It looked like he might as well just kneel down and kiss Guan Yihan¡¯s foot.

    ¡°Xuyi, we¡¯re not that close yet. Please call me Guan Yihan, thanks.¡± Guan Yihan didn¡¯t seem very pleased at Xuyi¡¯s flattery. ¡°Also, this is the criminal that I am investigating. It¡¯s my work, so please don¡¯t interrupt.¡±

    ¡°Hehe, yes, that¡¯s true. I¡¯ll just stay outside the door then. If there¡¯s anything you need, just call for me.¡± After receiving Guan Yihan¡¯s cold treatment, Xuyi¡¯s eyes flashed brightly as he gave an impossibly bright smile and immediately walked outside the interrogation room.

    ¡°Brat, you¡¯d better start listening. If you make little Han mad, I¡¯ll make you pay.¡± Xuyi didn¡¯t forget to glare maliciously at Rui before leaving.

    Rui didn¡¯t bother paying any mind to such a weak threat. He leaned back on the chair with a leisurely contented attitude. If he placed his feet on the table, it would look as if he were lying down on his own office¡¯s sofa.

    ¡°¡­.We¡¯ll continue!¡± Guan Yihan shouted after glancing at the closed door, then looked back to shoot a fierce look at the comfortable Rui.

    ¡°Continue? Are you still not satisfied?¡± Rui lazily looked over at Guan Yihan as he spoke these words that instantly made her face turn dark.

    ¡°Chu Rui, do you want to die?¡± Guan Yihan said enchantingly.

    ¡°Alright, I¡¯m not in the mood to continue this bullsh*t. Hurry up and ask, then I can go eat after you¡¯re done.¡± Rui retracted his indolent posture after seeing Guan Yihan¡¯s expression. He wasn¡¯t afraid of that little girl, but he didn¡¯t really want to stay forever at the police station. The earlier this issue was resolved, the faster he¡¯d be able to beat it.

    ¡°¡­.Why did you beat up Jinquan Company¡¯s chairman, Zhang Jinquan, and their director, Li Zuowei for no reason?¡± Guan Yihan coldly asked as she slammed a pile of papers she had just gotten down onto the table.

    ¡°Beat up without reason? Ms. Cop, I feel like you need to retake your education at the police academy. When you interrogate others, please take better note of the words you ask. Don¡¯t assume that just because you¡¯re the police, just because you¡¯re a woman, you can just falsely accuse others. I can sue you for slander.¡± Rui tilted his head to glance at Guan Yihan from the corner of his eye.

    ¡°You¡­¡± Guan Yihan¡¯s face turned green and then white after hearing Rui¡¯s reprimanding. She was a new recruit that had just become a cop. The reason she was so hardworking was because she wanted to prove that she wasn¡¯t a person that just relied on her family, but a person who could be could be successful alone. Rui had unintentionally jabbed her in a sore spot just now, which made her fury rise even further past its limit.

    ¡°Why did you beat up Zhang Jinquan and Li Zuowei.¡± Guan Yihan forcefully suppressed her anger, and asked again.

    ¡°Does beating up these kinds of people need a reason?¡± Rui showily flipped his hair.

    ¡°Then that means you beat them up for no reason, inflicting injuries on them.¡± Guan Yihan sneered.

    ¡°I can¡¯t stop you from believing that.¡± Rui shrugged his shoulders, not caring at all that Guan Yihan¡¯s elegant brows were rising higher and higher from her anger.

    ¡°Those two bastards were playing around with an innocent woman in the middle of the street. Not only did they hinder the regular business of her family¡¯s shop, they also harassed her in front of everyone¡¯s eyes, trying to force her to marry them. Who cares if that kind of scum gets beaten up.¡± Rui nonchalantly shrugged.

    ¡°Giving rise to conflict over a woman again, you filthy men.¡± Guan Yihan stated sarcastically, having seemingly not heard the content of Rui¡¯s words.

    ¡°That¡¯s for sure, men just can¡¯t leave women. It¡¯s like the harmonization between yin and yang, harmonious and complementary. This is the natural order of the universe. Do you not understand that?¡± Rui calmly replied, then glanced at Guan Yihan, ¡°A woman¡¯s real merits aren¡¯t something a tomboy like you would be able to express.¡±

    ¡°Ah! ¡­.You damn bastard, are you looking to die!¡±

    This terribly frightening, sharp cry that reached incredibly high decibels instantly spread throughout the entire police station. This made all the police officers working there jump, and helpless smiles spread across their faces.

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