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Chapter 66: Beautiful Cop Guan Yihan (1)
    Chapter 66 Beautiful Cop Guan Yihan (1)

    ¡°I say, have you finished speaking? If you¡¯re not eating, please leave, do not obstruct others from doing business.¡±

    Rui gave a cold smile, grabbing the hand Zhang Jinquan was using to hold Qin Yue¡¯s hand, and with a little squeeze, the immense strength causing Zhang Jinquan¡¯s hand to almost change shape.


    Seeing that his boss had been PKed, the lackey behind naturally showed his loyalty by charging forth. Alas, before he had even closed half the distance to Rui, he had been kicked back a few metres, rolling on the ground before stopping. His body was scraped and injured by impact with the floor, bleeding a little on the forehead, and even his glasses were broken; indeed a sorry sight.

    ¡°Hero¡­ spare me!¡±

    Seeing that his lackey was taken down in a single strike, Zhang Jinquan was flustered. To be able to kick a grown adult so far away, such strength meant Rui was not definitely not an ordinary person. This time, he had come to look for Qin Yue, and thus did not bring his bodyguards. As a fatty who was weak from over binging on alcohol and sex, how could he possibly fight with someone strong like that?

    A politician was like a prostitute, and in the same vein, so were merchants. To them, there was no problem with capitulating with words. After all, in the business world, plots and trickery were abundant, and lies were a common sight. Calling you brother in front, and scolding you behind your back, this was something all businessmen knew very well.

    ¡°Spare you? Now you want I, Your Father, to spare you? When she begged you to spare her earlier, why didn¡¯t you spare her?¡± Rui looked at Zhang Jinquan coldly, the killing intent of an assassin bursting forth, causing him to almost wet his pants.

    ¡°Don¡¯t let me see you here again, or you might never know what happens to your head. If I hear that you are harassing Qin Yue Sis again¡­ you should know the consequences.¡± Rui said with a cold smile, before sweeping his hand forth and throwing Zhang Jinquan back.

    Resisting the intense pain, Zhang Jinquan clutched the hand that was almost misshapen by Rui¡¯s grip. He was intelligent, not like those gangsters ¨C he knew that he was definitely of no match to Rui, and he would not do something foolish like throwing a line like ¡®You better watch out¡¯ just for the sake of face. He even averted his eyes, to prevent Rui from seeing the venom in his eyes. Shaking himself, he even ignored the lackey who was just about to get up, and quickly ran off.

    ¡°Rui, sorry, I¡¯ve caused you trouble again.¡± Tear marks were still clear on Qin Yue¡¯s face, but she managed to reveal a faint smile.

    ¡°Its no trouble at all, Qin Yue Sis. In the future, if some bastards like that show up to harrass you again, just ignore them and give me a call.¡± Rui said with a faint smile, passing her his number.

    ¡°Rui, that Zhang Jinquan¡­¡± Qin Yue said, worry for Rui apparent in her face.

    ¡°Haha¡­ do not worry Sis Qin, this is a lawful society, he wouldn¡¯t dare do anything. Furthermore, I have even dared to hit Kun, let alone this Zhang Jinquan.¡± Rui scratched the back of his head as he laughed.

    ¡°No matter what, you should be careful. That Zhang Jinquan is known to be a person who holds grudges. It never hurts to be too careful¡­ just in case¡­ if anything goes wrong, I will just have to¡­ After so long, I have long since admitted defeat. As long as Little Fei is alright, I am fine with anything!¡± Tears welled in Qin Yue¡¯s eyes once more.

    ¡°Sis Qin, do not worry, I¡¯m here! You can depend on me!¡± Swiftly taking out two pieces of tissues, Rui passed them to Qin Yue as he said firmly.

    Listening to Rui¡¯s gentle words, Qin Yue took the tissue and wipe her tears, feeling shaken in her heart.

    How long has it been? How long has it been since she had heard such sincere, soft, gentle words. Although many men had chased her, how many had done so just because of her beauty? All the acts, all of them were merely trying to get her in bed. However, from Rui, Qin Yue did not sense any of that, and felt a special connection to this young lad. Perhaps it was a feeling like that of a younger brother. However, after being saved by him twice, that special feeling had perhaps leveled up, and this brotherly feeling was slowly changing to something different, a feeling of a reliable man.

    Women were creatures of emotion, as long as you cared for her sincerely, treated her tenderly, it was enough. Love did not need to be a wildstorm, grand and dynamic. Sometimes, just a simple word of caring, a short message showing concern, a gentle subconscious action, could touch their hearts. Women were not playthings, you did not toy with them, not their bodies, or their hearts. Towards love, they were often led astray, and could often do foolish things at times, but they were not really foolish after all. In their everyday lives, they would definitely be able to sense whether the care or concern was an act or sincere.

    To attain happiness, you would have to give forth your sincerity first!

    As a woman living in the society with only her daughter for so many years, how many things had Qin Yue witnessed. There were just too many men who had gone after her, company bosses, suave young rich men, scholars, elite professionals. Alas, all of them approached her with clear ulterior motives, and how many of them were sincere?

    To a woman whose heart was almost locked up and numb to the world, what else could touch her more than such sincerity?

    Rui¡¯s line of ¡°I¡¯m here, you can depend on me.¡± was referring to problems like Kun or Zhang Jingquan, and that he could easily handle them. However, in Qin Yue¡¯s ears, and her heart, it felt like a totally different meaning.

    You can depend on me!

    It sounded so much like what a knight would tell a princess, or a man to his woman, a brave warrior to a weak person.

    The sealed and icy cold heart was being thawed¡­

    Just because¡­

    You can depend on me!

    Just these words!

    Some say that love is like a thunderstorm, you can¡¯t prevent it from descending upon you. When a woman¡¯s dying heart suddenly revives with love, it is even more unstoppable. Qin Yue felt very conflicted, in terms of ethics and morality, their age gap seemed like a unscalable wall between them. She herself was in a mess, not sure whether or not she was really in love with this man, or even boy, who was so many years younger than her. However, she knew that his figure had entered her heart in some way.

    ¡°Then¡­ Sis Qin, you should close for today!¡± Seeing Qin Yue still sobbing, Rui comforted her.

    Qin Yue nodded, clearing up the things together with Little Fei. After that mess with Zhang Jinquan, most of the customers had already left, and the remaining few were only there as onlookers.


    A strange noise emitted from Rui¡¯s stomach, causing him to flush a little. To a big man like him, he required a lot of energy. The food that he had eaten for breakfast had long since been digested, and he had originally planned to come here to have a large meal. Alas, thanks to Zhang Jinquan, he had not managed to do so.

    ¡°You¡¯re hungry right, come in, Sis Qin will make you something to eat.¡±

    Hearing Rui¡¯s stomach growl, Qin Yue couldn¡¯t help but smile, and as she carried chairs into the shop, she beckoned him in.

    Rui was really too hungry, and he also really liked Qin Yue¡¯s cooking. If he were to find somewhere else to eat, perhaps he would not be used to, or dislike the food. As such, he did not be too polite, stepping into the stall. However, right at the moment, a police siren sounded out, and they turned to see two police cars headed towards the food store.

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