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Chapter 65: Relation?
    Chapter 65 Relation?

    ¡°Qin Yue, I¡¯ve waited for you for so long. Today, you must give me an answer!¡±

    Looking at the mature beauty before him, as he rubbed her soft and gentle hands, Zhang Jinquan was intoxicated by the fragrance from her. Since soft tactics had failed after so many tries, it was time for him to go for some tougher tactics.

    As a chairman and boss of a relatively large company, for him to deal with a mother daughter pair with no background, that was just too easy. The money and connections he had made it easy for him to cause them to lose the Good Customer Food Stall which they depended on the their livelihoods. With such a ace up his sleeve, he was confident in being able to get her. After all, in this era, the so called real love was all fake. Material desire was king, while the human soul was rotten. In Country Z, it was still relatively better, after all it was backed up by thousands of years of traditional values, and there were still many people who had a limit. In comparison, countries like Country M which had a rotten and decadent system ¨C like a prostitute, where money was king.

    In this manner of speaking, there was no exaggeration. After all, Country M had a very open economy which Country Z could not compare to. However, the societal values that resulted from that was rather varied as well. In any country, it was the businessmen who controlled the country, especially in Country M, where lobbyists and cash did most of the talking. Indeed, around the world, money was king.

    The so-called democracy, was only towards a portion of the population. For someone like Zhang Jinquan, although he was rumoured to have seized his father-in-law¡¯s company by causing his wife and father-in-law¡¯s death, he still managed to get away scot free, even being able to harm others. From Qin Yue¡¯s predicament now, you could see the entire problems with the society.

    Towards someone like Zhang Jinquan, Rui originally did not want to care about. He was an assassin with his own code. Although he only killed those who he thought deserved it, he had after all left the profession! Country Z was after all a law- bound country, and he did not want to be involved in too much bloodshed. Furthermore, there were many people like this Zhang Jinquan, Rui was not a god and he would not be able to deal with all of them. In the end, this was an issue with the law, and not something that an assassin like him could handle. However, though he normally would not involve himself in such matters, nor would he look for others like that, but now that this short baldy dared to touch Qin Yue and Little Fei, he could not ignore it.

    ¡°Miss Qin, you still haven¡¯t replied by boss! You¡¯ve been single for so many years, suffered for so many years, perhaps it¡¯s time to rest. Even if you don¡¯t think for yourself, you should consider it for your daughter!¡±

    Zhang Jinquan¡¯s lackey pushed his glasses as he said it. Although he was using a mild tone, the threat in his voice was clear. He knew clearly that the Good Customer Food Stall was what they depended on for survival, and her daughter Little Fei was her very lifeblood. As long as he threatened Little Fei, he was not afraid that Qin Yue would resist for long.

    ¡°This¡­ this¡­¡±

    Qin Yue¡¯s face instantly turned pale. She was a widow who had painstaking brought up her daughter for so many years and suffered for so long. She was not afraid of suffering, after all, what hadn¡¯t she experienced all these years. However, Little Fei was here precious lifeblood; even if she had to sacrifice her own life, she would not let any harm come to Little Fei. After all her experience in the society, how could Qin Yue not tell how fake and despicable that Zhang Jinquan was. It wasn¡¯t that she didn¡¯t want to look for a man to depend on, after all, she was really exhausted after all these years. However, she definitely would never choose someone like Zhang Jinyue. If not for herself, then for her daughter. She would not want to send a lamb into a tiger¡¯s mouth.

    ¡°Chairman Zhang¡­ I¡­ I¡­ ag¡­¡±

    Tears were pouring down her cheeks as she looked at Zhang Jinquan with a fake smile plastered on his face, and the cold lackey behind. Qin Yue knew that she could not resist further, and with a chill in a heart, she looked at her daughter depressedly, and was about to agree.

    ¡°I say, this bald uncle, you should learn some restraint!¡±

    All of a sudden, a familiar voice sounded out near Qin Yue¡¯s ear, and instantly the floodgates of her tear ducts opened further.

    Turning to see that familiar young, handsome face, Qin Yue couldn¡¯t help but put her palm to her mouth, stopping herself from crying out loud.

    Looking at the woman in pain in front of him, Rui couldn¡¯t help but feel a sense of fury rise up in him. He hated people like Zhang Jinquan, the fake gentlemen who hid behind a facade of good while hiding a knife behind their backs.

    ¡°Little brat, don¡¯t try to act like a hero in the television dramas. All those are fakes, and you are no hero.¡± The lackey adjusted his glasses once more, as he said coldly.

    ¡°I¡¯m sorry, although I¡¯m not a hero, at least I¡¯m a man. I might not really be interested in randomly taking up arms on behalf of the victims of injustice, but it just happens that the person you are bullying has a relation to me.¡± Rui shrugged helplessly, not really caring about the threats in the lackey¡¯s eyes and words.

    ¡°Relation?¡± Zhang Jinquan started, looking coldly at Qin Yue. ¡°No wonder you didn¡¯t agree. I, Your Father, have chased you for so long without reciprocation. I thought you were a chaste widow, but it turns out you¡¯re just interested in younger men!¡±

    Towards Zhang Jinquan¡¯s jab, not only was Qin Yue stupefied, even Rui was as well.

    Thinking back on his words, Rui realised they might have been misunderstood.


    Under such a circumstance, saying ¡®relations¡¯, even if it weren¡¯t someone like Zhang Jinquan whose mind was filled with dirty thoughts, anyone else might also misunderstand.

    In truth, Rui¡¯s usage of ¡®relation¡¯ was indeed not referring to a man and woman relationship. To a cold person like him, the world was originally only made of enemies and people he didn¡¯t care about. He didn¡¯t have kin, no brothers, friends or even anyone remotely related to him. To him, as long as he had some connection to a person, that was already considered quite good. As for friends or brothers, he still had not reached that level yet.


    Rui wanted to say that, but of course he would never do so. If it was a misunderstanding, then so be it. Previously, even Kun and his group of gangsters had been wiped out by him. To a mere boss of a company like Zhang Jinquan, such a mere ant wasn¡¯t of enough status for him, the Crimson Shadow Ghost, to explain things to.

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