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Chapter 64: Mysterious Magic Girl
    Chapter 64 Mysterious Magic Girl

    As the patch was incoming, there wasnt much time left. Although Rui had half an hour of game time left, he had to log off within 5 minutes like the rest.

    Seizing the time, he quickly rushed to the storage attendant to upgrade his backpacks. The 50 slot backpack he was using was gradually running out of space and was insufficient for his needs.

    headed out of the class change hall, and passed by the Mage Hall, all of a sudden, Rui saw a girl walk out from within.

    A bright red mage robe, staff in hand with a bright red ruby inset on the top, with a head of flowing green hair reaching her back, blowing in the wind. Perfect features, especially the small little mouth which seemed full of allure and temptation. Her attractive eyes, which seemed to be deep in thought, were hazy and with a hint of perplexity, giving them an added attractiveness. She was rather tall, almost 1.75m in height, with a slightly proud and aloof look; as if if she stood beside a short guy, he would definitely be shaken by her imposing aura, and feel embarrassed.

    As Rui looked at her, perhaps drawn by his gaze, her eyes also looked towards Rui.

    She was a fellow player!

    Without knowing why, when Rui looked at her, that was the first thought that sprang into his mind.

    Ting! The server will be closed in 10 seconds. Please check the official homepage for any updates. The game will resume in 10 hours.

    The system notification startled Rui, and as he looked at the mysterious girl in front of him, he saw that she too had her brow furrowed.

    10 seconds, what could they do?

    They could only stare at each other!

    Under the disgusting countdown, Rui and the mysterious girl both disappeared in a flash of white light, and when Rui opened his eyes, he was back in reality.

    Lying on the bed, Rui did not get up instantly, narrowing his eyes and thinking back to what happened a moment ago. That mysterious young girl, who was she? To be able to enter Datajia City, and especially that class change hall, that meant she was at least level 10 like him, and had possibly changed classes as well. If it were true, then she had indeed met with a rather tragic coincidence, after all Rui had just completed his class change, and it was likely she had just missed being first, and that hefty reward, by just a short period of time.

    Well, that wasnt something he could control. Besides, they did not know each other, and being every step ahead was important to him as well. Being an expert herself, he did not think that the girl would complain much about that. In any case, being able to leave the novice village in just 3 days, that was indeed not an easy task to accomplish. If a person trained hard and alone for 8 hours a day, and had the strength to fight higher level monsters, it might still be possible. The main issue was that the novice village was teaming with people, and monsters were all snatched up quickly. If not for Rui killing level 5 grey wolves when he was level 0, and killing a few BOSSes after that; furthermore entering a hidden instance, he would not have been able to reach level 10 so quickly as well. Not even counting the BOSSes, the hidden instance was like an experience cheat. Not only was there no one to steal monsters from him, and the experience rewards within were sky high. Not only did Ruis level shoot up quickly, even Yezekael and the rest had raised their levels by more than 3 or 4. If not for the fact that they had died at the last BOSS the Spider Queen Elise, they would have entered Datajia City together with Rui.

    The world was a large place, Rui was very clear, but being clear was one thing, and witnessing it for himself was another. Now that Rui had seen another person whose speed was just a tad slower than him, he felt his fighting spirit being ignited. Playing a game, naturally he wanted to enjoy himself. If it were a game where there was no competition and he was already at the top, there would be no meaning to it; when there was a threat to him, it felt all the more interesting.

    Throwing the matter of the mysterious magic girl to the back of his mind, Rui rose up and took a cold bath. Looking at the time, it was 8 am and it was already bright outside.

    Heading out to get a simple breakfast, Rui then returned home, fell into bed and slept instantly.

    He had been awake since midnight and fighting since then. First Halief, then the Spider Queen, and seeing Kris trio off, his body and heart were exhausted. Entering Datajia City, quickly doing the class change quest, listening to the kobolds for hours, even Rui was a little overwhelmed by the busy day. Playing through the night was indeed tiring!

    Having a good sleep, by the time Rui woke up once again, it was already dark.

    Rubbing his empty stomach, Rui got up and washed up a little, before putting on some clothes and heading out.


    Qin Yue, you know my heart. All these years, you have brought up Little Fei alone, you should be tired! Come to me, Ill take care of you and Little Fei.

    Just as Rui reached the Good Customer Food Stall, seeing the crowd within, he was just about to squeeze in when he heard a nauseating voice which was clearly in love with itself.

    What was going on?

    Rui lifted his head, only to see Qin Yue at the counter with a helpless look on her face, a strained smile on her face as her hands were grabbed by a half bald, short, middle aged man.

    Miss Qin, our chairman has come here many times, and he has certainly shown his sincerity right? As a woman, managing such a food store, taking care of your daughter on your own, it is definitely not easy. As long as you agree to our chairman, he will take good care of you, and you can rest, relax and enjoy yourselves for the rest of your life.

    Beside the half-bald shorty, there was another middle aged man who looked like a toady, and was trying to persuade her as well.

    Uncle, whats going on? Rui asked the old man wearing a singlet who was standing beside him.

    Whats going on? What else could it be, its that Zhang Jinquan who has been chasing Qin Yue for so long? Since the last time he came here for food, he had been smitten with her, and taking advantage of the fact that he is the boss of a small company, he has been here often to harass her. What a toad wishing to eat swan meat*, he should look in the mirror and see what he looks like. The old man shook his head and looked disdainfully at the bald shorty Zhang Jinquan, before continuing: Do not think that this Zhang Jinquan looks kind and gentle; he actually got his position by marrying into a rich family. Its rumoured that once he got his hands on the riches and control of the company, he arranged the death of his father-in-law, and even his own wife, to gain full control! These few years, he has harmed many people in order to increase his gains. Previously, those ruffians who came to look for Qin Yues trouble, my guess is that this Zhang Jinquan is the boss behind their actions.

    *TL C literal translation of an idiom , commonly used to describe someone aspiring after something/someone that they are not worthy of.

    Listening to the old mans words, Rui looked at Zhang Jinquan who was rubbing Qin Yues hands. Although he had a kind smile on his face, the lustful look in his eyes was not hidden from the onlookers. If he were only thinking about Qin Yue, that might be fine, after all Qin Yues looks were top quality. No matter boy, youth or middle aged, her looks would be attractive to all. However it was clear that this bastard was not only thinking about Qin Yue, but also Little Fei who was at the side. This made Rui rather angry, if you want to chase the mother, thats fine; but trying to get the daughter as well, to have them both at the same time?

    What a beast!

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