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Chapter 59: Class Change
    Chapter 59 Class Change

    ¡°I¡¯m sorry, Brave Warrior Sly Hand, I¡¯ve made a fool of myself!¡±

    After a while, the blacksmith uncle regained his composure and wiped off his tears, saying rather abashedly to Rui.

    Rui smiled and shook his head.

    ¡°This time, it¡¯s all thanks to Brave Warrior Sly Hand. Not only did you help Kris get her peace, but you also helped her get revenge and clear out the evil demons. I¡¯m just a mere blacksmith, and I have nothing much to give you. This is the hereditary skill passed down in my family for generations, and I hope Brave Warrior Sly Hand will find it of some use.¡± The blacksmith uncle looked sincerely at Rui as he gave a simple smile.

    Rui was just about to reject it; he had helped the blacksmith uncle not for the reward, but because he had been touched by the father¡¯s love for his child. However, before he could open his mouth, the system notification rang out once more.

    Ting! Congratulations, you have received the follow up reward from the Lost Mines Quest.

    You have learnt:

    Smithing Skill

    You have received:

    Metal Chip Bomb: Manufacturing Blueprint

    Ting! Congratulations, you have received additional teachings from the blacksmith. Your Smithing skill has leveled up to Mid Level.

    Both System Notifications sounded out almost simultaneously, shocking Rui instantly.

    Smithing Skill: Life Skill

    Mid Level, 0/50000


    Able to smith and create weapons and armour from metallic ores!

    Rui had not expected that the blacksmith uncle¡¯s reward would actually be the smithing skill, and for it to be actually raised to the mid level instantly. Do not underestimate this ¡®mere¡¯ single level, it would indeed cost a lot of time, effort and gold to raise that single level. Furthermore, he also received the reward of the manufacturing blueprint on that very useful hidden weapon. The Metal Chip Bomb, which had successfully brought them through the Lost Mines; with its 3¡Á3 radius and 200 damage, it was indeed an extremely powerful hidden weapon! If he had sufficient materials and could create enough of them, he could even use them to kill a BOSS!

    After thanking the blacksmith uncle, Rui left the blacksmith shop and headed back to the village entrance. Next up, he would meet up with Yezekael and the rest, before heading to the city to change class.

    ¡°Thanks everyone.¡± Looking at the dozen or so people standing there (besides Shasha and the others from the party, some of other Yezekael¡¯s subordinates had joined them).

    ¡°Haha! Sly Hand Bro, you¡¯re too polite. The one who should be doing the thanking is me. Look at us, we have all upgraded our gear.¡± Yezekael gave a hearty laugh, pointing at the bunch of subordinates behind him, all of whom had a few new pieces of gear.

    ¡°Oh yes, here¡¯s your Sword of Resentment.¡± Rui passed him back the sword which had dropped when he died.

    ¡°You helped me pick it up? That¡¯s great, I¡¯ve gotten used to its weight and feel.¡± Yezekael received the sword delightedly, grinning away. Alas, he had died once and dropped a level; being at level 9 he could no longer use it for now, and could only look at it longingly.

    ¡°Here are the rest of the equipment that you guys dropped earlier.¡± Rui passed all the rest of the equipment that he didn¡¯t need to Yezekael.

    ¡°Sly Hand Bro, I never had such superb gear like this Gold Equipment. This shield¡­ and this Staff¡­ I¡¯ve never even seen them before!¡± Receiving the pile of gear from Rui, Yezekael naturally could tell which was his and which wasn¡¯t. After all, it was generally impossible to find shields, staves, bows or other unique equipments in the newbie village, and these should have been dropped by the Spider Queen Elise.

    The bunch of underlings behind Yezekael were dazed, although their current gear were not superb, but they were already considered the cream of the crop compared to majority of the players. They had originally been surprised that Yezekael had been able to even gear up so many of them, but they had chalked it down to doing so from real life. After all, cash was king! However, they had not expected the person in front of them to be such a powerhouse; not only did he bring out a pile of equipment, but it had also contained the less commonly found equipment like a shield and staff. Luckily, they did not know the colour of the equipment, if not, these poor fellows still wearing their blue gear would been shocked to death on seeing all the gold gear.

    Sweeping his eyes across his old party members, the brightly smiling Yezekael, the scowling Shasha, Sweet Little Girl with a cunning smile, the expressionless Everflame, Rui nodded to them. After all, they had partied together, and Rui nodded as a temporary goodbye, before he turned around and said to the Village Chief.

    ¡°Village Chief, please send me to the city!¡±

    ¡°Brave Warrior Sly Hand, you are finally leaving us, such a small village like ours is not a place where you can stay for long, your stage should be somewhere else in that huge mainland. This old man will not nag any further, but know that you will always be our village¡¯s brave warrior. If you are tired in the future, always remember that you can come back here to visit. Now, you¡¯re still young, and you should go adventuring in the vast mainland, to forge your own path and show the world your brilliance¡­ Go forth to find your future, to create your own legend!¡±

    The old village chief smiled benevolently, as his hands shone with a dim white light, waving his staff as the light enveloped Rui.

    ¡°He¡¯s gone!¡± Looking at Rui¡¯s vanishing figure, Yezekael muttered before turning to Shasha and the rest who were looking rather despondent. ¡°Come on, let¡¯s go. It¡¯s our turn to work hard!¡±

    Ting! Congratulations, you have successfully arrived at Datajia City!

    As the bright light flashed, Rui had been transported to a small city.

    The buildings were set in a western setting of a magic kingdom, but the people living there were all Chinese*, which made it seem a little awkward.

    *TL: He literally says Yellow-skinned, which usually refers to Chinese.

    Perhaps because it was close to the teleporting formation, the side of the roads were lined with shops, from a smithing shop, medicine shop, tailoring shop and a general store, and you could find pretty much anything you need. Since Rui did not really need anything else, he entered the general store to buy a map of Datajia City as well as two City Return Scrolls. Luckily Rui had made a lot of gold from killing off the Spider Queen Elise, as that damned map was already one gold coin. It was literally daylight robbery!

    Entering the map into system and merging it, Rui could now see the entire city and its layout in his mind.

    Heading to the west for about a minute or so, Rui finally reached the Class Change Hall. As players had to choose their class when they started their accounts, they would grow according to that as they leveled up. As a result, there was no scenes of having various teachers trying to snatch talented students like in those web novels online¡£

    TL ¨C Lol, the author is making a dig at other VRMMORPG WNs

    The rogue class area was at the edge of the hall, right next to the summoner class, while the opposite edge was for the archer and priest areas, while the center area of the hall was for the three most popular classes, mages, knights and warriors.

    Lifting his head, Rui looked around at the rogue area, which was mostly in a black theme. It seemed to be displaying a ¡®rogue wandering in the darkness¡¯ sort of theme.

    Although he had not explored the other areas of the class change hall, Rui couldn¡¯t help but think that each would have a similar specific theme of their own.

    This area ¨C it did not have the awe-inspiring righteousness of the knight¡¯s area, nor the fearless courage of the warrior¡¯s area, nor the nature theme of the archer¡¯s area, nor the resplendent glory of the mage¡¯s area, nor the brilliant lights of the priest¡¯s area, nor the harmonious feel with creatures of the summoner¡¯s area. All the rogue area had was a patch of darkness, with no frills or beautiful NPCs around, instead only an old man sitting in the darkness at a corner.

    ¡°Young adventurer, do you wish to spend your life in the darkness, to be a companion of the shadow?¡±

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