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Chapter 58: Dual Wield Mastery
    Chapter 58 Dual Wield Mastery

    Blade of Abjuration?

    This blade¡¯s name was Blade of Abjuration!

    It was like a knife, yet not a knife; like a sword, yet not a sword!

    It looked similar to a small and intricate flying knife, yet the knife blade was twisted in a ¡®S¡¯ shape, but a rather long and thin ¡®S¡¯. The edge of the knife flashed in a cold light, even though it had been hidden for an unknown length of time, it had not been dulled by the passage of time. The knife¡¯s back was filled with a dozen or so savage looking barbs, gathered in the centre of the knife body. The front half of the knife¡¯s back was another chillingly sharp knife edge, so awe-inspiring with just a look that you knew its edge did not lose to the front. If not for the barbs, it could be said to be a double edged knife, but the addition of the barbs just made it look more terrifying, full of fierce and brutal killing intent. The handle of the knife was not very large, and there were 7 gemstones set in the handle, in the formation of the big dipper. The two sides of the handles had a word inscribed respectively, one with ¡®Silence¡¯ the other with ¡®Interrupt¡¯.

    Such a mysterious blade; it was just impossible to determine what it actually was. However, being an ancient treasure, and had been kept as something valuable for so long, yet the time not dulling its edge, it was definitely not an ordinary blade. However, its viewable stats were just too¡­ awkward.

    Blade of Abjuration: ? ? ?

    ¡°Darn it!¡±

    Rui wanted to find someone to vent his anger on. He had had such high expectations about some godlike treasure from the ancient magic box, but now? He just managed to get something with an unknown status. Not only did it not have any stats, it didn¡¯t even have an introduction or description! What kind of joke was this? If not for the fact that it looked rather unique, and he had personally taken it from the Lost Magic Box, and was by itself still sharp and deadly looking, Rui would have thought it was just an ornamental piece. Just talking about stats alone, it wasn¡¯t even comparable to a newbie wooden sword. This was an ancient treasure? What a useless ancient treasure! Sigh¡­ ancient meant mystery, and just a weapon also had so many issues. Could it be that it needed some unique mysterious ritual in order to unlock its powers, or some special events? Perhaps that age old myth of letting it taste blood, or having to devour souls to recover the blade¡¯s spirit?


    The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Rui huffily kept the knife back into the backpack, ignoring it for now. Since it had fallen into his hands, he would one day dig out its secrets. But for now, the most important thing was for him to head back and head to the city to finally change his class. After delaying for so long, he did not want someone else to suddenly change classes ahead of him; that would be disgusting.

    Taking out the City Return Scroll with a pained expression, he broke it.

    With a flash of white light, Rui returned to the newbie village.

    Without hesitation, he rushed towards the village entrance and headed for the village chief.

    ¡°Village chief, I¡¯m back!¡± Rui shouted out loud.

    ¡°Brave Warrior Sly Hand, the matter that I requested from you¡­¡± The village chief¡¯s beard quivered as he looked at Rui in expectation.

    Looking at the village chief, Rui instantly remembered Ronnie, his son, and gave a small sigh. He briefly explained the happenings in the Lost Mines, and took out the darkened Angel¡¯s Heart.

    ¡°Village chief, they left in peace and happily, without any suffering. We worked together to destroy the demon. Be at ease, they are resting in peace now.¡± Rui said comfortingly.

    ¡°Thank you, thank you Brave Warrior Sly Hand, you have fulfilled this old man¡¯s final dream.¡± The village elder said as tears streamed down his cheeks, though a smile was on his face.

    ¡°As you¡¯ve mentioned, Halief had already given you the Final Stand skill which he stole from me a long time ago, I don¡¯t have much else to give you but this last skill book. This is the very last of the items that the adventurer who visited us left long ago, the rest are already all with you. The equipment he wore in the past are all damaged or broken by now, but the most precious things he left behind are the three skills that you have learned ¡ª¡ª Last Stand, Final Stand, and now, this book ¡ª¡ª Dual Wield Mastery!¡±

    Ting! Congratulations, you have received the follow up reward from the Lost Mines Quest.

    You have received:

    Skill Book ¨C Dual Wield Mastery

    Dual Wield Mastery: Unique Skill, allows rogues to dual wield weapons, increase attack damage by 10% permanently.

    Requirement: Rogue Class

    A Mythical Level Skill Book, a godlike skill! To any rogue, this would definitely be considered a godlike skill. However, to most rogues, it would be difficult to handle 2 daggers, but to Rui it was as easy as second nature. Wielding a single dagger was enough for him to toy with his enemies, and two daggers would be sufficient for him to abuse them. Of course, it wasn¡¯t just holding daggers that made him OP. It was just that for Rui, he was used to wielding two, one gripped like a longsword, and the other with an ordinary dagger hold. Such a posture, such a condition, this was the true Crimson Shadow Ghost. The assassin who had accomplished the two assassinations that shook the world ¡ª¡ª M Country¡¯s Secretary of State, and R Country¡¯s cabinet minister, and he had done it with his full power, when he was dual wielding daggers!

    When both hands wielded daggers, the Crimson Shadow Ghost was like a god, a god amongst assassins!

    Without hesitation, Rui quickly used the skill book and learnt the skill, and he felt as if a fixed restriction upon him had finally been lifted. He found that he was finally able to hold a dagger in each hand, and manipulate them as he wished. Not only that, his attack power had also been increased by 10%, this might be a very small buff now as it was still very early in the game, but when it reached the later stages of the game, this 10% could mean several hundred additional damage, even several thousand! It would be a terrifying increase!

    ¡°Oh yes, Village Chief, could you help me appraise these?¡± Rui took out the equipment that Elise had dropped.

    The village chief wiped the tears off his face and revealed a smile again, as he helped Rui appraise the items for free.

    Rui took a quick glance at the other equipment, and focused on the pair of earrings.

    Tyrannical Ear Studs (Male): Gold Equipment

    Increase 8% Physical Damage, Increase 5% Critical Chance

    Durability: 15/15

    A short summary, very simple stats, but they were extremely useful stats. Accessories like earrings were usually only supplementary type equipments, and having a Gold level Earring with such stats was already considered extremely valuable. No matter what, any additional improvement was a good thing, and Rui immediately put it on, and his left ear had an additional bright stud.

    As he bade farewell to the village chief, Rui gave Yezekael a call: ¡°You guys, wait for me at the Village Chief¡¯s area!¡± He then ran off to the blacksmith¡¯s shop.

    ¡°Blacksmith Uncle, I¡¯m back!¡± Rui rushed into the shop, yelling.

    ¡°Brave Warrior Sly Hand, my¡­ my daughter¡­ she¡­¡± The Blacksmith Uncle put down his hammer, almost stuttering his words out.

    ¡°She¡­ they smiled as they left the world¡­¡± Rui told the story to the blacksmith as well, and sighed as he said the last line.

    ¡°Enough, that¡¯s enough already! Kris, father has let you down. In the future, when father joins you, we¡¯ll find your mother and live happily as a family once more.¡± The blacksmith uncle said as he started crying. What happened to Kris had always been like a huge rock weighing down upon his heart, and now that he had finally gotten news about her, it helped him relieve all that pressure¡­

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