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Chapter 0171: Heaven¡¯s Way
    Chapter 0171: Heaven¡¯s Way

    ¡°Senior, I have family in the Hua Continent, I estimate that this disaster from the Yi Xing Ocean will also spread to the Hua Continent, as such I want to make a request to Senior to allow me to go provide some support and assistance to the Hua Continent.¡± Hearing that this Kong Peng Peng wanted to promote Ning Cheng to the status of one of his officers, he immediately interrupted him and spoke the words that he wanted to say.

    ¡°You want to go to the Hua Continent?¡± Kong Peng Peng stared at Ning Cheng and specifically asked that one sentence.

    Ning Cheng felt that this sentence from him posed no problem to him, so he spoke, ¡°Yes, this junior has a wife in Hua Continent, as such am very worried about her.¡±

    At this time there were a number of Essence Building Cultivators and Profound Congealing Cultivators who had come to greet them, but Kong Peng Peng simply told them to clean up the battlefield, then deliberately sat down in front of Ning Cheng on his warship, while simultaneously also motioning Ning Cheng to sit down and spoke, ¡°Later when we are in the cultivator barracks, don¡¯t call me ¡®Senior¡¯, it would be better if you can get rid of that habit, directly calling me as ¡®Commander¡¯ is enough.¡±

    ¡°Yes, General Kong.¡± Ning Cheng wouldn¡¯t really address him as ¡®Commander¡¯, since the others addressed him as General, then it simply showed that this term ¡®General¡¯ sounded better.

    Kong Peng Peng simply nodded and continued, ¡°At the moment for you to go to the Hua Continent, I estimate it would not serve any useful purpose¡­¡­¡±

    ¡°Why?¡± Ning Cheng was surprised for a moment, and completely forgot that the person in front of him had a cultivation level that was completely higher than his own.

    Kong Peng Peng spoke with a sigh, ¡°The Yi Xing Ocean¡¯s cultivators have launched an all-out offensive attack. As such even the Jia Continent of the 9 Continents Army was almost on the verge of giving up, not to mention the Hua Continent. So I guess that even if the Hua Continent did not fall, it¡¯s situation at this moment would be extremely perilous. Even if you used this ship that you seized, a Top Tier Black-Silver Warship at that, it would still take you nearly half a month¡¯s time to reach there, by that time, it would already be too late.¡±

    [TL Note ¨C Ok, so the author is apparently a great graphic designer too and has uploaded a pic of the Black-Silver Warship he designed himself and has repeatedly mentioned it in the author comments, but the problem is I can¡¯t find the damnable pic even after searchicg for a full hour. So if any of you readers do find the pic, then please comment it or mail us. Meanwhile I will continue to search for the pic.]

    Ning Cheng suddenly stood up, as he clenched his fists tightly as he felt his entire body tremble. If the Hua Continent fell, then what about Luofei? Where would Luofei go?

    Kong Peng Peng pat Ning Cheng¡¯s shoulder, signalling Ning Cheng to sit down again. As he spoke with some reason, ¡°A real man can still live without a wife, although the Yi Xing Ocean¡¯s cultivators are leading this battle, but they would soon reach a compromise.¡±

    But at this moment Ning Cheng was terribly upset, as he bowed and spoke, ¡°General Kong, I have to go to the Hua Continent, otherwise I can never feel at ease in my heart even for a moment.¡±

    Kong Peng Peng also did not continue to persuade Ning Cheng, he pondered for a moment and said, ¡°I very much appreciate your sentiments, I believe that you definitely have the ability to take up the affairs of my Yi Zheng Battalion. Moreover, since you are now one of my people, there are some things that I have to say to you.¡±

    Ning Cheng forced himself to settle down as he spoke, ¡°General, please speak freely.¡±

    Kong Peng Peng spoke, ¡°Do you know the reason why the Yi Xing Ocean¡¯s cultivators want to attack the 9 Continents regardless of the casualties they have to suffer?¡±

    Ning Cheng shook his head absentmindedly, as although he knew bits and pieces of it but he really did not have a clear picture about why they would do such a thing.

    Since it seemed that Ning Cheng himself was not clear on it, so Kong Peng Peng waited for Ning Cheng and did not reply straight away, but after seeing Ning Cheng¡¯s response, he finally spoke up, ¡°Not many cultivators know that the Yi Xing Mainland actually has ten continents.¡±

    Ning Cheng finally answered what he knew about, he had heard about this from Cang Shuo, that there was a 10th Continent in the Yi Xing Ocean. Moreover, this 10th continent was the true cultivation holy land, where there were even existences beyond even the Crucible Transformation Realm.

    [TL Note ¨C For those confused about cultivation realms ¨C Qi Gathering -> True Condensation -> Essence Building -> Profound Congealing -> Profound Core -> Soul Essence -> Soul Sculpting -> Sea Opening -> Crucible Transformation]

    For Ning Cheng to know that the Yi Xing Mainland actually comprised of 10 Continents, Kong Peng Peng was not surprised, as most of the Jia Continent¡¯s military cultivators knew about this fact. Moreover, many of them even knew that these Yi Xing Ocean¡¯s cultivators were the descendants that were left behind by the people trying to reach the Tenth Continent in the Yi Xing Ocean.

    ¡°The 10th Continent that is lying across the Yi Xing Ocean is called the Tian Continent, this continent is truly the gathering place of the supreme powers. In the 3 Advanced Level Continents of the Yi Xing Mainland, a Crucible Transformation Cultivator is already considered as a peak existence, but in the Tian Continent, a Crucible Transformation Cultivator is not the peak, as there is even a higher presence there than the Crucible Transformation Realm.¡±

    [TL Note ¨C This Tian Continent can also be interpreted as ¡®Heaven¡¯ Continent, as the character Ìì also represents Heaven. I chose to keep it as ¡®Tian¡¯ Continent just to keep it in sync with the names of the other continents.]

    At this point, Kong Peng Peng suddenly asked, ¡°Zhuo Yi, what do you think is the peak of cultivation in the Yi Xing Mainland, do you know what kind of realm it is?¡±

    When Ning Cheng heard this, his heart beat suddenly accelerated. He and Taishu Shi had also talked about this kind of thing. He had heard that the ancestor of Taishu Shi had arrived here at the Yi Xing Mainland after tearing open an entrance to this plane. Didn¡¯t Kong Peng Peng¡¯s words imply that once a person¡¯s cultivation reached the highest point, then they could rip open the plane¡¯s boundary, and as such he would have the opportunity to return to Earth?

    Although excited, Ning Cheng choked back the excitement, as he spoke in a respectful tone, ¡°General Kong. My real name is Ning Cheng. I don¡¯t know the ultimate heights of cultivation, but do I want to know about it.¡±

    Kong Peng Peng gave a smile as he spoke, ¡°I can see that you really want to know about it, as your heart rate has already shown what you are thinking. I heard that a long time ago, once someone cultivated to the extreme in the Yi Xing Mainland, they can then leave this plane, and continue on to a more Advanced Level Plane, to pursue their Dao. But after all, it is only thought of as a legend, because there was nobody ever that could leave this world to go to another world. But then there are also the cultivators in the Tian Continent in the Yi Xing Ocean, they proved that this thing was definitely not a legend, but rather the real thing.¡±

    ¡°Tearing through the world¡¯s boundary?¡± Ning Cheng asked with some tension in his voice, if it really was tearing through the world¡¯s boundary, then he would very much like to know how high he had to cultivate to achieve that. According to what he knew about cultivation, the Crucible Transformation Realm was the highest realm that he knew of, but at the moment he knew that there was no way to attain such a level.

    Kong Peng Peng shook his head and said, ¡°It should not be tearing through the world¡¯s boundary, but then again the Yi Xing Ocean¡¯s cultivators are also not clear about this, it¡¯s just that in the endless heavens, the Yi Xing Mainland is just a broken and incomplete corner in the remotest parts of it. In the endless heavens, there are many worlds and planets, moreover the level of comprehension of those worlds are much much better than that of the Yi Xing Mainland.¡±

    ¡°Then what you say is that the same cultivation of Essence Building Realm, is not only same for the cultivators of the Yi Xing Mainland, but also for the others throughout?¡± Ning Cheng asked with some doubts.

    ¡°Although different paths of cultivation lead to the same goal, but the real strength is what separates everyone, after the Yi Xing Mainland was broken, the ranks of the cultivation had also evolved in accordance to the broken laws of the Heaven and Earth here, as such cultivators of the same level being different in strength from each other was a normal and natural event. Even in the 9 continents of the Yi Xing Mainland, they all have dissimilarities, because of the broken laws of the Heaven and Earth here, the Spiritual Qi cultivation and cultivation methods of the Lower Levelled Continents are far below that of the Intermediate Level or Advanced Level Continents, let alone the other Continent?¡± Kong Peng Peng spoke with a sigh, as if he himself was not very clear about this.

    Ning Cheng had come from Earth, so even if he cultivated here for a few more years, where would he hear these kinds of things. Out of all the words spoken by Kong Peng Peng, the most that he was concerned about was the Tian Continent and finding someone from the Yi Xing Mainland to help him go to a higher plane. After listening to Kong Peng Peng, he once again quickly asked, ¡°Then does it stand to reason that someone from the Tian Continent had managed to leave the Yi Xing Mainland?¡±

    Kong Peng Peng¡¯s tone immediately became solemn as he spoke, ¡°The reason why I spoke to you about these things, is that although the Yi Xing Ocean¡¯s cultivators had sneak attacked the cultivator army of the 9 Continents on the Mainland, but it is because the war should soon calm down, at least it would calm down temporarily.¡±

    ¡°I ask General to dispel these doubts.¡± Ning Cheng quickly spoke up once again.

    Kong Peng Peng¡¯s tone became somewhat earnest, ¡°According to the latest news, the Tian Continent¡¯s Heaven¡¯s Way has once again opened¡­¡­¡±

    ¡°What is Heaven¡¯s Way?¡± Ning Cheng could not help but ask this question.

    ¡°After the Yi Xing Mainland was broken up, the laws of the Heaven and Earth here also ended up broken and hence were left incomplete, and we were unable to take advantage of the incomplete Heaven and Earth¡¯s Laws to get out of the Yi Xing Mainland. But in Tian Continent, there is a path called the Heaven¡¯s Way, when a cultivator¡¯s cultivation level reaches a certain threshold, they would be able to pass through this Heaven¡¯s Way to come out of the Yi Xing Mainland, and go to a place where the Spiritual Qi and other cultivation resources are much richer than here, moreover the main motivation for them is in order to search for a higher understanding of their Dao.¡± As Kong Peng Peng spoke, his tone became even more excited. It was apparent that he himself wanted to go onto the Heaven¡¯s Way.

    ¡°Heaven¡¯s Way¡­¡­¡± Ning Cheng kept repeating those words to himself, as he set Heaven¡¯s Way as his goal now.

    Kong Peng Peng gave a chuckle, ¡°Do not think that the Heaven¡¯s Way is something good, although theoretically after reaching a certain level in one¡¯s cultivation, anyone could go onto the Heaven¡¯s Way, but if one could truly pass through it or not, no one knows about it. Because since ancient times no one has ever been able to come back. It is because after entering the Heaven¡¯s Way, all the cultivators that entered had disappeared, and as such no one knows whether they managed to pass through the Heaven¡¯s Way or not. Because of which no one knows whether the Heaven¡¯s Way is real, or if it is just a legend.¡±

    ¡°Then how is one able to cross the Heaven¡¯s Way?¡±

    ¡°When your cultivation reaches a certain level, you will come to understand about this. But it is because the Tian Continent has such a thing called the Heaven¡¯s Way that it is called the Tian Continent. The Heaven¡¯s Way has been shut for countless years, and had only recently opened. As such all those cultivators who were trapped in their cultivation for many years, have flocked to the Heaven¡¯s Way, so as to find a way out. The Yi Xing Ocean¡¯s cultivator army conducting a large scale attack on the mainland of the 9 continents, is also because of the Heaven¡¯s Way.¡±

    Ning Cheng more and more could not understand and asked, ¡°General Kong, the Heaven¡¯s Way is in the Tian Continent, as such the Yi Xing Ocean¡¯s cultivators should be flocking towards the Tian Continent like fishes, why would they attack the 9 Continents?¡±

    ¡°Go to the Tian Continent?¡± Kong Peng Peng sneered, ¡°The distance between the Tian Continent and the islands of the Yi Xing Ocean¡¯s cultivators is extremely huge, even if they travel for many years they would not be able to reach there. The reason they want to come to the 9 Continent, is because our Le Continent also has a Heaven¡¯s Way¡­¡­¡±

    Seeing the surprised look on Ning Cheng, Kong Peng Peng explained, ¡°The Le Continent¡¯s Heaven¡¯s Way had always existed, but with respect to the Tian Continent¡¯s Heaven¡¯s Way, the Le Continent¡¯s Heaven¡¯s Way is called a Pseudo-Heaven¡¯s Way. Because after one goes inside the Le Continent¡¯s Heaven¡¯s Way, they can also come out, moreover only after a cultivator advances to the Essence Building Realm, till before they have not yet formed their Soul Essence, only they are allowed to enter. In other words, only Essence Building Realm, Profound Congealing Realm and Profound Core Realm cultivators can go in. This Heaven¡¯s Way in addition to the called as Pseudo-Heaven¡¯s Way, is also at times referred to as Law¡¯s Way.¡±

    When the Yi Xing Mainland broke apart, other than the Tian Continent having enough cultivation resources, even the Heaven and Earth Laws were more complete than the Laws in the remaining 9 Continents, as such if any cultivator wanted to cultivate above the Sea Opening Realm here, then they all have to go through this Law¡¯s Way. Only after a cultivator advances to the Essence Building Realm, can they start to comprehend and cultivate the incomplete laws inside of this Law¡¯s Way, in order to improve upon the Dao of their cultivation. Only by going through this Law¡¯s Way, and gaining a near perfect understanding, will it be possible to aim for an even higher realm.

    As more and more cultivators grew up on the islands, and although the ocean was rich in resources, but it is not as abundant as the inlands. With the resources consumed for cultivation, after the Yi Xing Ocean¡¯s cultivators advanced to the Soul Essence Realm, it would become more and more difficult for them to advance. The reason why they were cutting off all their means of retreat, is just because they also want to share the Law¡¯s Way, in other words they want to let the Yi Xing Ocean¡¯s cultivators to tread on the Law¡¯s Way.

    Ning Cheng then came to understand, ¡°Then those cultivators with high cultivation levels in the Tian Continent would be moving towards the real Heaven¡¯s Way, which is the reason the high levelled cultivators of the Yi Xing Ocean are afraid that after they leave the Yi Xing Ocean, there would be no successors of them left in the Yi Xing Ocean, as such they want to rush to cultivate their talented successors. Thus for these people to want to rush to cultivate their talented successors to a higher level, it is necessary for them to enter the Law¡¯s Way.¡±

    Kong Peng Peng nodded with appreciation to the points stated by Ning Cheng, ¡°You really are smart, it indeed is like you spoke, the reason why the Yi Xing Ocean¡¯s cultivators suddenly started their war at this time, is in order to reach an agreement with the cultivators of the 9 Continents. They want it such that every time the Law¡¯s Way is opened, a portion of their people could also enter it.¡±

    Ning Cheng suddenly thought of something, although he had attained some meritorious deeds in this war, but in the end he was only an ordinary Essence Building Cultivator. While Kong Peng Peng was a Soul Essence Cultivator, even if he appreciated him, there was no need for him to explain these things in detail, right?

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