Synopsis By The Gate Of Good Fortune

The Gate Of Good Fortune

Author: Goose Is Old Five

    Ning Cheng is from modern day Earth, is very hard working and also has a special ability which he hides and also a love intrest, but then he gets dumped under some false pretense, unknowingly goes up a bridge to think and gets hit by a meteor. Ends up reincarnated in an ancient world, where people cultivated Qi, into the body of a former playboy/scumbag young master with the same name as him. Being a pure and honest person that he was, he just tries to survive in this ancient world by practicing cultivation to try and find a way to go back to Earth to his girlfriend and his little sister Ning Ruolan.

Categories: Fantasy / Status: Ongoing

Update time: 2018-12-01 15:13:00

Latest Chapter: Chapter 0487: Friends

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