Synopsis By Evil Emperor is Wild Consort

Evil Emperor is Wild Consort

Author: Xiao Qi Ye

    She was once a famous good-for-nothing in Azure Dragon Country.Orphaned at an early age and born weak, Gu Ruoyun was the shame of the general¡¯s household and was eventually beaten to death by her own grandfather after getting wrongly accused by others. When she opens her eyes again, leaving behind that weak body, she¡¯s no longer the good-for-nothing miss of yesterday!Holding an ancient treasure within her body, contracting the four divine beasts, even the top experts of Azure Dragon Country are fighting to become her attendant¡­Pills? That¡¯s nothing, she can refine a handful anytime. Are low level spiritual weapons that strong? Even her subordinates use high level spiritual weapons. You have a high level spiritual beast? Sorry, she already has an army of sacred beasts behind her dominating all!However, could anyone tell her what¡¯s up with this powerful devilishly handsome man?! Why does he keep pestering her shamelessly and why does he refuse to go away?!

Categories: Historical / Status: Ongoing

Update time: 2018-12-15 09:55:11

Latest Chapter: 1494 The Empire¡°s Elite¡°s Cover-Up 5

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