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Chapter 690: Frost Island
    Chapter 690: Frost Island

    Frost Island was a famous place in the Ruined Lands.

    The rumors said that a long time ago, there had been a martial practitioner that cultivated frost spirit arts that used Frost Island as a home, and gathered a considerable faction on Frost Island.

    Yet for some unknown reason, suddenly, all of the martial practitioners that cultivated the frost spirit arts on Frost Island completely disappeared.

    In the end, only their spirit beast steeds were left on the island to reproduce. A long time later, Frost Island became the paradise of frost-type spirit beasts.

    After the Ruined Lands became the gathering place of the other races and evil spirits, many of the beings that lived in the Ruined Lands frequently went to Frost Island to hunt spirit beasts. There was a portion of those that cut out ice caverns on Frost Island and cultivated the cold energy there.

    However, Frost Island was never rebuilt.

    Most of the rank five or six spirit beasts La Pu had killed recently were frost-type. The dragon python that Qin Lie had just consumed was similar to the Ice Soul Python. Its entire body gave off cold energy.

    He believed what that old sea race person at Dark Prison said.

    Driving the crystalline chariot, he carefully avoided the dangerous areas. After flying for an hour, he slowly reached where Frost Island was.

    The white frosty mist entered his field of view like steam off boiling water. While it was still thousands of meters away, Qin Lie felt a terrifying cold.

    The degree of cold was slightly similar to the cold he felt at the Land of Frost, in the Forbidden Land of Ice, and in the Graveyard of Gods.

    ¡°Another icy place, I really have karma with these¡­¡± Qin Lie thought.

    Back under the Arctic Mountain Range, the Land of Ice had been bone-chilling. Later, when he entered the Graveyard of Gods, the Land of Buried Gods also was in the Forbidden Land of Ice under the protection of the ice spirit.

    For some reason, he always seemed to have a connection to cold places.

    After learning that La Pu was trapped in Frost Island, he had slightly more confidence because he cultivated the Frost Ice Arts which was also very profound.


    His crystalline chariot turned into a thread of crystal light that flew towards Frost Island.

    He came closer and closer to Frost Island.

    When he got closer, he could see through the white cold mist and make out the scene on Frost tIsland.

    There were many transparent glacier around the island that seemed to be swords of ice pointing at the heavens, cold and bone-chilling.

    The ground of the island was covered in a thick layer of snow like a world frozen by ice. It also flashed with cold light and was shrouded in intimidating cold energy.

    ¡°Hm?¡± He couldn¡¯t help but exclaim.

    As he got closer to Frost Island and saw the scenery more clearly, he suddenly had a wondrous feeling¡ªhe seemed to have been here before!

    He seemed to feel that many of the features on the island were familiar¡­

    ¡°This is¡­¡± after frowning and thinking hard, his eyes suddenly lit up and he shouted, ¡°Frost Concept Diagram!¡±

    He immediately stopped the movement of the crystalline chariot. He was still hundreds of meters away from Frost Island as he channeled the Frost Arts.

    A wave of cold energy came out of his spirit sea, spreading over his entire body rapidly and forming a thin layer of ice on his body.

    He felt deep with his mind into the space inside the Soul Suppressing Orb to the second level.

    There were the four basic spirit diagrams on that level. Other than that, there was also the Frost Concept Diagram!

    The Frost Concept Diagram had manifested miraculously in the Soul Supressing Orb through the Ice Emperor¡¯s frost concept back in the Land of Ice. What the Frost Concept Diagram depicted was a world made out of ice. After looking closely, he found that it was extremely similar to Frost Island!

    Every time he comprehended the frost concept, he would feel as though his soul was floating out and deep within the Frost Concept Diagram.

    This was also why when he reached Frost Island, he felt a feeling of familiarity immediately.

    ¡°It really is very similar!¡±

    After closely examining it, Qin Lie¡¯s mind shook slightly. He felt that the world of ice depicted in the Frost Concept Diagram was copied from Frost Island.

    As he channeled the Frost Arts, he noticed that while he had not stepped onto Frost Island, the cold energy that shrouded Frost Island seemed to be attracted by him and were gathering towards him.

    Qin Lie¡¯s eyes suddenly lit up.


    Just as he was pleasantly surprised, the Demon Sealing Tombstone hidden in his spatial ring moved without being summoned.

    Seven god lights suddenly came out of the surface of the tombstone and shot like a rainbow with astounding power towards Frost Island.

    Qin Lie shook again and shouted mentally, ¡°The ice Spirit!¡±

    The Demon Sealing Tombstone had a wondrous ability to sense the seven spirit bodies. He had experienced this back at the Graveyard of Gods. It was because of the Demon Sealing Tombstone that he was able to enter the Forbidden Land of Frost and then to find the Land of Buried Gods with the ancient beings that was hidden there!

    After the Graveyard of Gods shattered, the ice spirit and the first voodoo insect had fled. There had been no news of them after.

    The reason that Gao Yu left was to search for the ice spirit and Jia Yue who was being possessed by the ice spirit.

    When they came to this land, the Demon Sealing Tombstone was reacting so violently. This meant that the ice spirit who had disappeared was hiding in Frost Island!

    Frost Island was extremely cold. The intensity of cold inside was higher than the Forbidden Land of Ice in the Graveyard of Gods.

    For the ice spirit that liked cold, there was nothing that was more attractive or suited to it than Frost Island.

    ¡°Such a coincidence!¡± Qin Lie¡¯s eyes were bright.

    Just as he prepared to follow the Demon Sealing Tombstone and enter Frost Island to explore, he suddenly felt the ice energy of Frost Island seemed to slightly retreat.

    That Demon Sealing Tombstone that was giving off rainbow light seemed to have lost the aura of the ice spirit. The seven blinding rays of light moved around and then receded back into the tombstone.

    The Demon Sealing Tombstone once again floated in front of Qin Lie.

    ¡°Do not worry, it is still on Frost Island, it will definitely show up.¡± Reaching out a hand to put away the Demon Sealing Tombstone, he did not hesitate this time. His body shrouded in cold energy, he flew towards Frost Island.

    ¡°Whoosh whoosh whoosh!¡±

    ¡°Zing zing!¡±

    Just as he was flying, three soul fluctuations that were not weak were quickly coming towards him at the perimeter of Frost Island.

    After pausing, he slowed down and looked towards the people that were coming towards him.

    ¡°What just happened? There were seven bright lights that penetrated into Frost Island and rapidly scanned it! Did you see it?¡± an enormous lizard man shouted loudly.

    This person was completely red, and his body was in the shape of a lizard. However, he was upright. When he talked, his long tail whipped constantly.

    ¡°I saw it! Seven lights that contained an unknown power fluctuation. It is mysterious. I didn¡¯t even feel it,¡± a person with a dragon head but a human body called out.

    ¡°The seven mysterious lights came from this side!¡± A cool and pleasing voice came from the mouth of a white barbarian female. The female wore a silk dress, and had a veil over her face. She gave off cold energy.

    The gazes of the three met in the air and then gathered together on Qin Lie.

    ¡°Don¡¯t look at me, I don¡¯t know what happened. I hurried over from far away to see after finding the seven rainbow lights.¡± Qin Lie said with an expression of innocence.

    ¡°It doesn¡¯t seem like it was you.¡± The lizard man licked his lips and laughed strangely. Then he rumbled, ¡°Young Fulfillment Realm human, this is not a place that you should come. Leave quickly, otherwise you do not know how you will die!¡±

    ¡°Leave, I do not want to eat human meat today!¡± The dragon-headed human also urged with impatience on his face.

    ¡°It will be best if you leave now.¡± The white barbarian female that came from the three large tribes of the eastern barbarians said coldly.

    When they thought that Qin Lie had nothing to do with the seven lights, they did not want to pay attention to him and wanted him to go away, as though they were afraid that Qin Lie would delay their matters.

    ¡°My senior is trapped in Frost Island, I want to go in to find him,¡± Qin Lie asid.

    ¡°Are you stupid?¡± The white barbarian female looked over cold and lectured ruthlessly, ¡°Your senior is trapped in Frost Island, what can you do there? Get buried with him?¡±

    Qin Lie smiled and wasn¡¯t angry. He said, ¡°That¡¯s my business, no need for you to worry.¡±

    As he spoke, the crystalline chariot that had stopped once again gave a deep rumble. Under the shocked eyes of the three, Qin Lie passed between them.

    ¡°Damn it! Don¡¯t let this boy ruin it!¡¯ The lizard person suddenly reacted and shouted.

    The eyes of the other two turned cold. With cold snorts, they immediately chased after Qin Lie.

    ¡°Hm?¡± Qin Lie turned around.

    Behind him, the two other races and the white barbarian female were giving off ear-piercing howls.

    Just as he was about to charge into Frost Island, he felt a wave of terrifying shaking power flood out of the island and create enormous waves.

    Qin Lie¡¯s expression changed slightly.
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