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Chapter 354: Misunderstanding! It¡¯s a Misunderstanding!
    Chapter 354: Misunderstanding! It¡¯s a Misunderstanding!

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    Who am I?

    It finally dawned on Yun Yang finally that he was the person who bore the saber.

    To bear the saber is to bear authority.

    As such, the authority to kill is in my hands!

    Since the saber is in my hands, I am tasked to deliver peace to the world.

    All the injustice, the wronged, the partiality, and the evil¡­ all these shall shatter under the blows of my saber! Then, this man would not bear this saber in vain.

    To bear the saber is to shape destiny ¨C the Saber of destiny!

    "Evil in the world as my enemy, the river of blood flows when they are all killed; reincarnation lies within my saber, it shall collect all grudges! So this is it! This is the destined appointment of the saber bearer!"

    Yun Yang grew more buoyant, feeling his mental state flourishing into another level, just from this battle alone.

    On the other hand, Venerable Lord Ice felt like he could not persevere any longer. This little monster had taken him as practice for his saber truth, again and again, yet each practice had resulted in a more powerful form!

    There were already more than a hundred wounds that crisscrossed his tired frame. Even if these wounds did not touch his meridians and bones, even if they were not life-threatening, the bleeding was already taking a toll on him.

    This was a f*cking chopping torture in disguise!

    At the beginning of the fight, his clothes were initially pristine white, like a white line and white smoke. It was now bloodstained, red all over ¨C a line of blood trailing in the sky!

    Yet Yun Yang was still deep in his entranced state.

    Fate, of fate, you shouldn¡¯t be so obvious in your impartiality, no matter how fond you are of this child! This is a grand scheme to kill me!

    Venerable Lord Ice had not stopped at all for a breather during the chase, based on his ninth heaven pinnacle cultivation base, but the person behind him could do the same too ¨C how was this possible?

    Are you ascending to godhood?

    Venerable Lord Ice wanted to cry out in despair.

    Who am I, so ill-fated as to encounter this?

    A long, drawn-out cry could suddenly be heard. A white silhouette came from afar; before it arrived, it was already crying out loud, "Halt, fourth brother! Don¡¯t kill Yun Yang! Have mercy!"

    The person was Venerable Lord Snow.

    Venerable Lord Ice almost wept when heard that familiar voice.

    Kill Yun Yang? I f*cking wish to! However, in this case, I am the prey!

    Have mercy? Are you f*cking blind?

    If I had any more mercy I¡¯d be gone in a second! What is going on today? The fates are toying with me, the youth behind me is manipulating my every move, even my own brothers want to take me for a ride. Is your father ever going to be alright?

    Venerable Lord Snow was anxious, afraid that Venerable Lord Ice had already caught up and killed Yun Yang. Then, there would be no cure for Venerable Lord Sword! He was worried about losing him in the pursuit earlier but he was now fretful about him getting killed. The psychological change was swift. Still, nothing could be as impactful as what greeted his eyes next.

    Venerable Lord Snow had imagined a lot of scenarios; Yun Yang could have been killed, gravely injured, seized alive or even the most impossible scenario - Yun Yang was still running. Of course, he would be happiest to see the last scenario, even more so than him being seized alive. That was the initiative being in the weaker, but still formidable side¡¯s hand. so the weaker one would relent and give room for both parties to correct the situation!

    Venerable Lord Ice let out a surprised croak once he saw what was happening upon rushing al the way here. His malicious expression looked ready to kill, but he was immediately dumbfounded at the unfolding scene.

    "What¡­ what¡¯s going on?" Venerable Lord Snow cried out in shock.

    What greeted him was beyond his wildest imagination.

    His fourth brother was not hunting someone else, but someone else was chasing his fourth brother with a saber! His fourth brother who should have had the absolute advantage was currently bathed in blood.

    "What's going on?" Venerable Lord Ice shouted in despair. "F*cking hell, move faster and save me! Are you actually here just to laugh at me? F*ck, here you go again!"

    It was Yun Yang, who was chanting out loud, "Reincarnation under Saber!"

    Venerable Lord Ice executed his most impressive defensive techniques, crying impatiently, "Quickly!"

    "Stop this!" Venerable Lord Snow hollered, his voice resonating in the air. With a wave of his hands, Snowflake Edge billowed in an enveloping manner, joining the battle viciously. Venerable Lord Ice, emboldened by the support, countered Yun Yang's attacks with all his might.

    The battle had escalated; it was now the Four Seasons Tower¡¯s two Venerable Lords against Yun Yang!

    Yun Yang, who was in a mythical realm, could, of course, maintain his edge, or even gain victory despite facing Venerable Lord Ice alone. However, there was the sudden interception of a strong force now. He was blasted by two waves of energy at the same time; the sudden change of events caused his pinnacle surging aura to glide downwards in a straight line.

    Yun Yang¡¯s consciousness was pulled back into himself from the wonderful state of epiphany. Upon regaining his clarity, he opened his eyes to countless swirls of the Snowflake Edge and ice daggers.

    The previously accumulated exhaustion washed over him like a tidal wave. His bones felt like they were disassembling themselves; just lifting his arm felt arduous.

    "Destiny-like Saber!"

    Yun Yang roared, focusing his remaining energy to execute Destiny Blade¡¯s three forms and six styles simultaneously in an attempt to salvage the situation.

    The saber energy billowed and engulfed the sky, majestically commandeering the air and vitality all around it.

    It was a pity that Yun Yang was already detached from his state of epiphany and could no longer find the flaw in his opponents¡¯ techniques accurately. Thus, all three beams of energy smashed into him without reservation. It was obvious that the stronger one would win, so how could Yun Yang get away by luck alone?

    With a cry, blood spurted from both his body and mouth as he fell far away.

    Venerable Lord Snow was appalled to see his opponent fall and retracted his Snowflake Edge immediately, afraid that the remaining momentum would kill Yun Yang.

    He was growing more bewildered now. Yun Yang was apparently the one preying upon Venerable Lord Ice, the one with the upper hand in the battle. Even as he hesitated, he had only exerted an eighth of his attack abilities when he joined the battle just now; it was enough to dissipate the remaining momentum. However, it was illogical that Yun Yang, who triumphed over Venerable Lord Ice, was so fragile.

    Just when Venerable Lord Snow was filled with such doubts, several growls erupted in the air, "You dare hurt my young master?"

    Fang Mofei, Bai Yixue, and Lao Mei charged out with all the energy they could master.

    Far away, there were silhouettes that blinked and grew increasingly clear.


    Dong Tianleng was the first to arrive before another twenty other people were charging behind him to help his efforts.

    "It matters not if we die together today!"

    Dong Tianleng was rid of his usual sarcastic and playful exterior; at this moment; he guffawed with a carefree demeanor, "Come, let us fight to our heart¡¯s content!"

    With a slap on his waist, the treasured sword, Spiritual Kau, appeared within his grip. It dashed in urgency towards Venerable Lord Snow like a soaring flood dragon. Those who had come with him were burning with a fighting spirit as they attacked with all their might!


    Instantly, the magnificent aura was unstoppable.

    Venerable Lord Snow was truly exasperated. If his current intention was to attack Yun Yang and wipe out all his acquaintances, he was entirely confident that he could annihilate more than a ninth of these people before him with just one attack!

    Unfortunately, he could not do so, as he was not here to kill.

    He was even praying that his earlier attack earlier had not really injured Yun Yang¡¯s core or else it would be inevitable that he would die! Yun Yang and gang could be killed sometime later but Venerable Lord Sword¡¯s life was at stake and he needed immediate relief!

    Venerable Lord Snow thought that it was reasonable to not kill Yun Yang. Their target had been Lei Dongtian all the while anyway; as long as Yun Yang was willing to share the antidote, anything was up for discussion.


    Venerable Lord Snow growled. "All of you, stop! Stop if you don¡¯t wish to die!"

    From far away, Yun Yang stood up on shaky legs and hollered from afar as well, "Stop!"

    His heart was torn with dread. He clearly knew what sort of enemy he was facing and the extent of power they had!

    Dong Tianleng and the rest of them facing Venerable Lord Snow were like a bunch of children meeting a giant. There was barely a chance to win even if they were to expend their all; there was only death without any luck to boot!

    As long as Venerable Lord Snow struck, there was no turning back of the situation. His side would only consist of death and injury!

    Yun Yang paled with terror. At the same time, a sliver of hope spun in his heart and rose.

    Yun Yang¡¯s deific consciousness had drifted from his self to the nine heavens earlier and could overlook the entire battle clearly. It was due to Venerable Lord Snow¡¯s addition to the battle that resulted in a third divine sense and caused Yun Yang to lose control from the collision, losing his epiphany state and worsening the fight.

    In spite of this, Venerable Lord Snow¡¯s arrival was not entirely a bad thing. He had interfered but he did not go all in during the battle; he had even halted the attack when he got the upper hand and erased the remaining force. In addition to the, "have mercy" statement when he just came, everything was hinting at a change of circumstances.

    At least, he did not want to kill Yun Yang. Whether his goal was Lei Dongtian¡¯s whereabouts or any other reason, the situation was not at its worst! There was still the chance of a turning point!

    Yun Yang was sensitively aware of this.

    Hearing Venerable Lord Snow and Yun Yang shouting stop at the same time, Lao Mei¡¯s trio or Dong Tianleng¡¯s group were all baffled. In spite of this, their cultivation base did not reach the stage where they could unleash and restrain their attacks as they wished. With the all-out exertion just now, it was already too late, even if they had wanted to stop. The attacks were still concentrated on Venerable Lord Snow.

    Venerable Lord Snow growled and stepped back immediately, pulling Venerable Lord Ice who was waiting to retaliate hastily. He drew a circle in the air, hundreds of feet of snow from the perimeter flew up at once and formed a thick wall of snow before them.

    Plop, plop, plop.

    Countless attacks landed on the wall of snow, crushing it in an instance, but that was the end of everyone¡¯s attack.

    Venerable Lord Snow hollered again, "Stop, stop! Misunderstanding! This is a misunderstanding!"

    Hearing him, not only were Dong Tianleng and the others stunned, even Yun Yang himself almost fell into the snow!

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