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Chapter 622: The Dark Night¡¯s Deathgod
    The Dark Night¡¯s Deathgod

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Modlawls123

    This was because from today onwards, Yun Meng Xin was no longer that girl who had to bitterly fight against her fate; she had broken free of her chains and gained her freedom. She was the Lady of Ling Tian City, Yun Meng Xin. She no longer needed to hide her appearance.

    ¡°So beautiful¡­ she¡¯s like a goddess¡­¡± Countless people murmured in awe and wonder.

    ¡°A woman can actually be so beautiful¡­ she¡¯s so beautiful¡­ that I can¡¯t breathe¡­¡±

    ¡°Heavens¡­ this incredible beauty is the Lady of Ling Tian City¡­ oh heavens!¡±

    No matter if it were the players inside the Arena or the players watching the broadcast, they were completely shocked by Yun Meng Xin¡¯s appearance. They were shocked by her beauty, but even more so by the fact¡­ that she was the Lady of the City!

    The Lady of this ridiculously powerful, heaven-defying city was actually a woman so beautiful that even the heavens would be jealous of her¡ªthe combination of these 2 things made everyone feel as if there was a storm within their hearts.

    Although it was the first time that her true appearance had been seen by so many people, Yun Meng Xin did not seem nervous or shy at all. When her eyes met their gazes while looking around, they felt a sense of gentleness and kindness, causing their souls to tremble.

    Meng Yu You Xin was the name displayed above her head. In just a few seconds, this name was firmly embedded within the hearts of players all over the world.

    ¡°Good morning, everyone,¡± Yun Meng Xin started off with a simple greeting, ¡°my name is Meng Yu You Xin, and I am the current Lady of Ling Tian City. Thank you for coming to Ling Tian City¡¯s grand opening, and thank you to all the friends caring for our Ling Tian City. I¡¯m sure there are not many people who know about me, and I do not wish to waste everyone¡¯s time by introducing myself. I¡¯m sure that through my efforts and Ling Tian City¡¯s development, everyone will remember my name.¡±

    The people almost yelled out¡­ who cares about Ling Tian City¡¯s development? Just with your looks, even a blind person would not be able to forget about you.

    ¡°Xiao Xue has already told you much about Ling Tian City, and I need not add any more to that. The construction of Ling Tian City went fairly smoothly, but as most of you know, because of some vile people, Ling Tian City almost faced destruction. However, no evil will be tolerated by the heavens. Because of the fierce resistance put up by Ling Tian City, the vile people who wanted to destroy our city were forced to retreat in shame, allowing Ling Tian City to have its grand opening today.¡±

    Yun Meng Xin¡¯s tone was elegant, calm, and contained her true emotions from within. When she spoke the words ¡®vile people¡¯, everyone could hear the hatred in her voice.

    ¡°Although Ling Tian City is fairly new, it already possesses immense strength. The wisdom of our Dwarf friends will definitely allow Ling Tian City to become one of the 6 biggest cities in the Forgotten Continent, while our powerful Fairy friends will provide absolute protection. Moreover, we also have countless alliances and players who have joined our city. Now, I will announce the appointment of management roles!¡±

    Yun Meng Xin turned her body and looked at her friends on the side as a proud smile appeared on her face. She spoke with a loud and clear voice, ¡°Ling Tian!¡±

    As soon as the name ¡®Ling Tian¡¯ appeared, the entire scene burst out in cheers. Ling Tian was an absolute legend to players, and he had become a truly heaven-defying player. Under countless passionate gazes, Ling Chen calmly walked onto the stage, neither too fast nor too slow.

    ¡°Ling Tian is the Vice-Lord of Ling Tian City and also the Governor-General. He is not to be managed by anyone, and he can make any decisions regarding Ling Tian City,¡± Yun Meng Xin said with a smile on her face. He indeed shouldn¡¯t belong to Ling Tian City because a small place like Ling Tian City could never become his world. What he needed was unrestrained freedom.

    ¡°Flowing Clouds and Flying Snow, Li Xiao Xue. Ling Tian City¡¯s Vice-Lady, in charge of the Ling Tian City¡¯s statistics, audits, planning, markets, finances, and day-to-day management. She will also continue to lead the Snow Moon Loulan.¡±

    Li Xiao Xue stepped onto the stage as she raised her hand, vowing, ¡°I will never let down the city!¡±

    With the Li family¡¯s power and Li Xiao Xue¡¯s own capabilities, she would be able to greatly develop Ling Tian City. In return, the massive influence that Ling Tian City had displayed in just a day was sure to bring the Li family to new heights as well. Li Xiao Xue joining the new city and becoming a Vice-Lady undoubtedly meant that the Li family and Ling Tian City had entered an alliance!

    ¡°Skyfall, Judging Sky, and Against The Sky, Heads of Ling Tian City¡¯s law enforcement, and they will continue to lead the Skyfall Dynasty!¡±

    The 3 Heavenly Kings walked onto the stage, looking ahead of them as they simultaneously yelled, ¡°The Skyfall Dynasty has joined Ling Tian City and vows to advance and retreat with Ling Tian City and to live and die with Ling Tian City!¡±

    Although this was to be expected due to the Skyfall Dynasty helping the new city during that intense battle, everyone was still incredibly shocked when they heard that the Skyfall Dynasty had moved to Ling Tian City. Moreover, they had given an iron-clad promise that did not seem half-hearted or false at all.

    Now that the Skyfall Dynasty had joined the new city, it was impossible for Ling Tian City not to have a solid foundation.

    ¡°Xiao Qiu Feng, Yun Feng, Heads of Recruitment and Applications, and they will continue to lead the Battle Alliance and Disillusion Alliance.¡±

    ¡°Feng Xie Yu, Head of the Ling Tian City¡¯s Warriors and Shield Bearers Alliance.¡±

    Xuanyuan Dia Wu stepped onto the stage, but she was once again wearing the cloak that covered her entire body, looking like the Sword Emperor that everyone knew. This was because she was still unused to showing her face, and only Ling Chen and a few others had seen her true appearance.

    ¡°It¡¯s the Sword Emperor! He¡¯s also joined Ling Tian City!¡± Below, everyone was sent into a frenzy.

    ¡°Cute Qi Qi, Head of the Ling Tian City¡¯s Mage Alliance.¡±

    When the cute and sweet Xiao Qi, wearing her flame-red Vermillion Bird Battle Gown, appeared on the stage, everyone below burst into cheers.

    ¡°Wow! The Flame Empress!¡±

    ¡°She¡¯s the one who annihilated the Yan Huang Alliance¡¯s army with a single attack! I actually saw her in person!¡±

    ¡°Winter of That Year, Head of the Ling Tian City¡¯s Archer Alliance.¡± The crowd¡¯s reaction to this was not the same as that towards the Sword Emperor and Xiao Qi. After all, Xuanyuan Dia Wu and Xiao Qi had absolute strength, and no one could object to them being the heads of those alliances. However, Winter of That Year¡­ no one had even heard of him before, and seeing how flippant he looked¡­ it would be difficult for him to manage all of the Archers.

    Winter of That Year breezily walked onto the stage, but there were no cheers, though people silently discussed among themselves.

    ¡°Who is this guy?¡±

    ¡°I¡¯ve never seen him before.¡±

    ¡°Winter of That Year¡­ oh, I think I¡¯ve seen him on the Player Level Rankings a long time ago. He was the highest-levelled Archer, but he¡¯s fallen from the rankings for a long time. But he looks¡­ so perverted! No wonder why he¡¯s an Archer.¡±

    ¡°Gui Ya is head of the Ling Tian City¡¯s Assassin Alliance, and he will continue to lead the Dark Night.¡±

    When Yun Meng Xin said this sentence just as casually as before, everyone in the Arena felt as if they had been struck by lightning, and some almost fainted.

    What did they just hear?

    The Dark Night? Yun Meng Xin had just said¡­ the Dark Night?

    The entire Arena fell silent, and within this strange silence, a figure completely dressed in black slowly walked onto the stage.

    He was not very tall, nor was he powerfully built¡ªinstead, he looked skinny and weak. However, whenever anyone¡¯s gaze fell on that skinny body, their hearts involuntarily contracted as a chilling feeling spread throughout their entire body, filling them with fear and causing them to tremble. Slowly, what they saw was not a person dressed in black, but a ferocious wolf that had its mouth wide open, its fangs bared, preparing to rip through anyone¡¯s throat¡­ or that he was a deathgod holding a sickle, preparing to take people¡¯s lives.

    2 chilling words gradually appeared in everyone¡¯s minds: killing intent!

    This sort of person could have only come from hell!

    The name above his head told everyone the identity of this terrifying demon ¨C the Dark Night¡¯s leader, the ¡®Deathgod¡¯ Gui Ya!

    ¡°The Dark Night will join Ling Tian City, and I will live and die with Ling Tian City. All those who offend Ling Tian City will die!¡±

    Gui Ya¡¯s voice was piercing and cold, creating a suffocating atmosphere.

    ¡°The deathgod, the deathgod!!¡± A player¡¯s teeth were chattering as countless terrifying legends about the deathgod surfaced in his mind.

    ¡°That name¡­ as well as that feeling that makes my soul tremble. There¡¯s no doubt about it¡ªhe¡¯s that deathgod!¡±

    ¡°The Dark Night¡¯s deathgod¡­ it¡¯s the first time he has appeared in public¡­ he actually¡­ no! The entire Dark Night joined Ling Tian City! This is too scary! Too scary!!¡±

    ¡°Isn¡¯t the Dark Night just an alliance of Assassins? Why would they join Ling Tian City??¡±

    It wasn¡¯t just the crowd that was amazed¡ªeven Skyfall, Xiao Qiu Feng, Yun Feng, Xiao Qi, Winter of That Year, and the others were completely flabbergasted.

    ¡°D-D-D-Dark Night? I-Is this true?!¡± Yun Feng¡¯s eyes were completely wide, and he couldn¡¯t even speak properly.

    ¡°That person is indeed the deathgod Gui Ya¡­ unbelievable,¡± Xiao Qiu Feng said in shock.

    ¡°Not only are they moving, but they¡¯re completely joining¡­ t-t-t-this¡­ this is the Dark Night! My goodness, my little heart can¡¯t take it anymore,¡± Against The Sky said as he trembled and held his chest. Although he was one of the Skyfall Dynasty¡¯s 3 Heavenly Kings, he couldn¡¯t help but feel fear towards the name ¡®Dark Night¡¯. To date, if the Dark Night wanted anyone dead, no one had been able to escape from them!

    ¡°I suddenly pity the alliances that attacked Ling Tian City,¡± Skyfall said in a low voice. He secretly glanced at Gui Ya, and he happened to meet those dagger-like eyes, causing his body to tremble as he quickly turned his head away. The scene from the Heaven Ranking Battle from back then flashed in his mind: he had been slaughtered by Gui Ya in just 3 attacks, and that was while directly facing him. If the deathgod Gui Ya decided to ambush him, he would never be able to rest in peace.

    When the leaders of the guilds that had attacked the new city saw this, their souls almost scattered, and they almost fell down from their seats.

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