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Chapter 233: Reputation Spread Out Far
    Chapter 233: Reputation Spread Out Far

    ¡°Since you can do that, then bear in mind that if you come across patients with blood and qi deficiency and shortness of breath, check them in accordance with their pulse beating to determine whether the qi in their meridian channels are clogged up. This will result in convulsions in their appendixes, causing severe abdominal pain. Pay attention to my hands¡¯ movements and remember the locations and the frequency of my beatings.¡± Said Tang Xiu.

    Upon hearing it, Dai Xinyue instantly realized that Tang Xiu was directing her in the medical techniques. She was immediately overjoyed and repeatedly nodded while attentively watching Tang Xiu¡¯s beating technique.

    Two minutes later, the young man coughed a few more times before releasing a big, smelly fart, while the pained expression on his face disappeared.

    Tang Xiu loosened the young man and returned back to his examination table as he smiled, ¡°Being young is a good thing. But you should also pay attention to your body. After all, a healthy body is your capital to a good life. In this way, you will only empty your body prematurely, very likely suffering in your sex life.¡±

    The young man instantly understood Tang Xiu¡¯s meaning. An awkward expression was cast on his face as he said, ¡°Thank you, doctor. I¡¯ll remember it. You¡¯re really a divine doctor. My stomachache was really bad just now, but after your beating, it unexpectedly doesn¡¯t hurt anymore. I can even feel that my body became comfortable and warm.¡±

    Tang Xiu smiled, ¡°You¡¯re welcome. This is what I should do! You should go now, there are other patients behind you!¡±

    "Yes, yes..."

    The young man came covering his stomach but now he left with a straight waist and back.

    Several patients and their family members who were at the door looked at each other. They were just in front of the consultation room¡¯s door, a bit disappointed. But they didn¡¯t expect that Tang Xiu would be this skillful; he was even able to cure a patient with such a bad stomachache quickly and easily.

    ¡°Awesome! We really can¡¯t judge a person solely by looking at their appearance, just as you can¡¯t measure the sea with a pint pot! This young doctor unexpectedly has such amazing medical skill. He might become a world-renowned divine doctor in the future!¡±

    ¡°It¡¯s really amazing! I¡¯ve heard of quite a few skillful doctors, but none of them are so young. Coming for medical treatment in this Chinese Medical Hospital, it seems that this was the right choice.¡±

    ¡°It¡¯s my turn¡­¡±

    As a middle-aged woman walked into the consultation room, she handed over the registration form to Tang Xiu, saying, ¡°Hi, Doc. I¡¯ve been in a dizzy sate lately. Sometimes I feel nauseous and often suffer from insomnia at night. Could you examine me and tell me what kind of problem I have?¡±

    Tang Xiu sized her up, noting that she looked pale with lips that a bit purple. Moreover, her forehead was also sweating, so he immediately replied, ¡°I¡¯ll check your pulse first before talking about your condition.¡±

    The middle-aged woman quickly extended her wrist.

    After checking her pulse, Tang Xiu found that her problem was not small. Not only there were problems with her kidney¡¯s function, but also some symptoms of kidney failure. She also had severe anemia, and if it continued unattended, her body would collapse in two months at the most.

    After a moment of silence, Tang Xiu loosened the middle-aged woman¡¯s wrist and said, ¡°Take off your shoes and socks. Move the chair over and sit in front of me.¡±

    The middle-aged woman looked confused, but she still followed Tang Xiu¡¯s instructions. She sat in front of Tang Xiu and took off her shoes and socks.

    Tang Xiu took the middle-aged woman¡¯s bare feet and put them on his leg. Then, he rubbed and pinched several important acupuncture points on her feet as well as massaged them. The middle-aged woman exposed a pained expression as he then asked her lightly, ¡°Does it hurt?¡±

    With a pained expression, the middle-aged woman nodded heavily, ¡°It¡¯s very painful!¡±

    Tang Xiu sighed, ¡°You neglected your body too much. You have severe anemia and the beating of your pulse is very weak. In addition, your kidney¡¯s function is the most serious one, there are even some symptoms of its failure. If you don¡¯t treat it immediately, the consequences will be very serious. I¡¯ll give you some massage on your acupuncture points to relieve the uncomfortable feeling you have in your body. But if you want to be fully cured, you need to recover slowly. I¡¯ll give you some Chinese herbal prescriptions. After you buy them, boil the medicinal herbs and take it in the morning and evening every day for a month.¡±

    The middle-aged woman asked, ¡°Can I get well after taking the medicine for a month?¡±

    ¡°You will. And you should become stronger.¡± Said Tang Xiu.

    The middle-aged woman was overjoyed. But she then hesitated, ¡°But Doc, are the prescribed medicines¡­ expensive? I¡­ my family is quite poor, if it¡¯s too expensive, I can¡¯t afford to buy them.¡±

    ¡°It¡¯s not expensive, you¡¯ll only spend tens of yuan for the medicinal herbs.¡± Said Tang Xiu.

    Upon hearing it, the middle-aged woman was finally relieved and gratefully said, ¡°Thanks a lot, Doc.¡±

    Tang Xiu shook his head and gave her a massage for a few minutes. After that, he let her put on her socks and shoes. He then washed his hands and wrote a prescription to her. ¡°Do remember to be sure to take the medication every day. Otherwise, your body will collapse.¡±

    "I¡¯ll remember it!" The middle-aged woman seriously nodded.

    Standing at the side, Dai Xinyue¡¯s eyes flashed. She had never thought that Tang Xiu¡¯s medical treatment would be this amazing. Three patients came for treatment. Two were consecutively cured on the spot, while he gave massage to the third one. But, a trace of a rosy color appeared on her pale face, as even her expression as well as the tone of her speech were stronger than before.

    "Next patient!"

    As the middle-aged woman left, Tang Xiu called out.

    This morning, Tang Xiu examined a total of dozens of patients. A small part of them was cured on the spot, while the remaining patients were treated with simple prescriptions to ease their illness¡¯ condition.

    At this time, the entire Star City Medical Hospital¡¯s leadership, doctors, nurses, including a lot of patients who came to the hospital heard that a divine doctor had appeared.

    Inside the hospital¡¯s conference room.

    Li Hongji and dozens of specialists and doctors of the hospital were all sitting on the conference table. They looked at a big LCD screen on the back of the room. On the screen, there was a video showing Tang Xiu¡¯s consultation room. For three and a half hours, no one left the table for even half a step nor there were too many words spoken. All of their attention was focused on the screen wearing shocked expression on their faces time and time again.


    After seeing Tang Xiu¡¯s successful treatment of a patient through the screen, Li Hongji finally took a deep sigh. He turned to the dozens of doctors and specialists in the conference room and asked, ¡°What do you think? He¡¯s the doctor that I personally hired. His level is surely able to enter your eyes, right?¡±

    Dozens of doctors and specialists looked at each other with bitter expressions on their faces.

    An old Chinese medical doctor forced out a smile and said, ¡°President, you¡¯re joking with us. How can this young doctor be unable to enter our eyes? His medical skill is simply magical. I have been in the medical field for 40-50 years now and there are so many patients and so many illnesses I have treated and seen... I have also met a lot of skillful Chinese medical practitioners, but I've never seen such skillful Chinese medical doctor such as him.¡±

    ¡°He¡¯s simply a divine doctor. His attainments in medical skills are beyond doubt. Even now, I¡¯m suspecting that there are no illnesses he can¡¯t cure in this world.¡± Another old Chinese medical doctor sighed deeply.

    The corner of Li Hongji¡¯s mouth outlined a smile on his face. Looking content, his eyes swept everyone who was nodding and said with a smile, ¡°As the saying goes, there will come out talented people on behalf of the country with each more excellent in leading for several decades. All of us are old timers, and the world will belong to the young in the future. It¡¯s just a pity that Tang Xiu doesn¡¯t have any ambition in the medical field. Otherwise, I genuinely wanted to make the masses feel happy with this.¡±

    The old Chinese medical doctor who was the first to speak a moment ago replied, ¡°President, we must keep such a powerful young Chinese medical doctor like him! Let him say his conditions freely. As long as he can stay in our hospital, I believe that our hospital will be very famous.¡±

    Li Hongji replied helplessly, ¡°Do you think that I don¡¯t want him to stay in our hospital? I tried with the best of my abilities. When his mother was hospitalized here, I sent people to take good care of her with the best possible treatment in exchange for his consent to give medical services in our hospital. But he only agreed to do it in this summer vacation. After this summer vacation is over, he¡¯ll go to university. It would be difficult to make him come and give medical service in our hospital later!¡±

    The dozens of doctors and specialists went silent.

    Li Hongji sighed, "Just forget it for now. If something is not meant to be, it¡¯s no use trying to force it to happen. I¡¯ll do everything I can to make him come to our hospital and give medical service here later. Furthermore, once the time is determined that he would give medical service here, we¡¯ll announce the news to the public at once. Tang Xiu¡¯s medical expertise is brilliant, so in the afternoon, you go to the Inpatient Department to select a few patients who are seriously ill or nearly incurable and have their relatives send them to Tang Xiu¡¯s consultation room. If he can solve it, we will immediately announce that we have a divine doctor on duty in our hospital.¡±

    "Understood!" Everyone nodded.

    Shortly before noon.

    Tang Xiu was at the hospital at lunch hour. Li Hongji personally invited him with Tang Xiu¡¯s assistant, Dai Xinyue, following them to lunch. However, for Dai Xinyue, being able to have a meal with the President gave her quite an awe feeling and trepidation.

    After lunch, Tang Xiu returned to the consultation room. He knew that there was a surveillance camera inside, but he didn¡¯t care about it. Even when the patients consulted with him as well as when he was treating them, he deliberately let the camera focus on them.

    In the afternoon, Tang Xiu diagnosed a lot of patients with serious illnesses. Although he couldn¡¯t cure them immediately, but he gave them treatment to alleviate their condition. As long as they followed his follow-up instructions, he believed that these patients would be completely healed quickly.

    Tang Xiu had decided to give medical service at this hospital until tomorrow. After all, he had promised Li Hongji, but it was delayed for many days. And now, after giving medical services for a few days, he would also be quite busy later and perhaps would have no time to come here anymore.

    In the afternoon of the next day.

    Tang Xiu was in his consultation room giving medical service and teaching Dai Xinyue a lot of medical knowledge. He himself had a deep knowledge of various symptoms of illnesses of the human body. After he returned back to Earth, he had read a large amount of Chinese medical books, so the knowledge of a large number of illnesses and medical conditions gave him a base to his practical level and medical expertise.

    "Knock, knock..."

    The door was knocked as a young man along with a middle-aged woman came into the consultation room.

    When Tang Xiu saw the young man¡¯s face, his brows slightly wrinkled, because he had seen him before outside the Chinese Medical Hospital two days ago. The young man was ridiculing him back then.

    "Why are you here?"

    As the young man saw Tang Xiu, he blankly stared for a moment before saying with astonishment.

    Tang Xiu replied indifferently, ¡°Why can¡¯t I? Rich people also get sick and also need a doctor! What? Do you think I have no money and there¡¯s no way for me to work as a doctor?¡±

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