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Chapter 311: Marshwalker
    Chapter 311: Marshwalker

    ¡°I will combine all the cooking knowledge that I have accumulated!¡± Ye Cang began to use the flour he bought from Black Rock Village. He used slime gel to substitute for eggs. Meanwhile, there were three iron pots. One was skeletal demon, zombie fluid, specter residue, two types of slime gel and eyes, stink shroom, leisurely ratten. This was the soup for the noodles. Another pot was boiling water. Beside it was some unknown animal and vegetables turned into dried goods. The final pot was for deep frying. Ye Cang fried wolf meat and maggot meat together, covered in his secret powder. He even made a mystery dessert. The skeletal demon bones were crushed into mystery flakes. He was joyfully busy, but to the others, this was far from being a heartwarming scene.

    The surrounding people¡¯s expression became increasingly grave. Various stinks floated around around their heads, intruding into their stomachs and minds. Every part of their body, even their blood, was screaming at them, warning of danger. They were trembling from head to toe.

    Finally, everyone saw Ye Cang wipe his hands, pinch his nose, and remove the lids. There was a big pot of ramen, a big pot of tea, a big plate of deep fried meat, and a big plate of so called ¡®Secret Skeletal Demon Flakes¡¯ thing. It seems like he had made a set meal. He even excitedly said, ¡°Although it didn¡¯t come out exactly as I expected, but let¡¯s all try it. It¡¯ll definitely taste very good. Also, I have serious news!! I¡¯ve leveled it up! Cooking has reached advanced level!! Eat up.¡±

    Everyone couldn¡¯t even pretend to be happy. Along with his skill level, the disgust level was also steadily increasing. This was a set meal that could make the bravest of people shudder. Fang Ci wiped his sweat, and looked around. Everyone was pinching their noses tightly. Hey, we aren¡¯t really supposed to it this right?

    SpyingBlade sighed. The foods effects were clearly improved.

    Leisurely Slime Vs Demon-Blood Tea: Eat to recover 3 health and 0.5 mana every second. Also receive +6 all attributes, +10 all resistances, and +5% will for 5 hours.

    Skeletal Demon and Eyeball Ramen: Eat to recover 5 health every second. Also receive +10 strength, +10 dexterity, +7 constitution, +5% fortitude, +10 all resistances, as well as Moderate (Chance to recover a set amount of mana/energy/rage/qi when using a skill.)

    Secret Crispy Batter with Wolf and Maggot: Eat to recover 3 health every second. Also receive +7 all attributes, +15 all resistances, +5 defence, +5 damage, as well as Burst (Attacks have a chance to trigger, dealing a set amount of bonus damage.)

    Secret Skeletal Demon Flaky Pastry: Eat to recover 2 health and 0.8 mana every second. Also receive +12 constitution, +11 wisdom, +11 defence, as well as Toughness (A chance to reduce damage received by 10%.)

    PS: Set meal effect, those who eat at least 3 different ones will receive an unimaginable effect.

    SpyingBlade recalled back when Ye Cang had first leveled up his cooking, they had learned that they could stack 2 different food buffs. Now they could have 3. As the system pointed out, they needed to eat 3 of the 4 presented to them. The ones most fitting for himself was the ramen, tea, and fried meat. The desert gave stats that a spellcaster or paladin would want. The experienced SpyingBlade showed of his wit. To avoid passing out before eating all 3, so that he would only have to suffer once, he used his quick hands to put the fried meat on top of the noodles. He endured his disgust and drank a mouthful of tea, and quickly stuffed some noodles and fried meat into his mouth and swallowed! Then his eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground.

    Little Ye Tian nodded. That was splendidly done. To merge the three sufferings into one. The so called ¡®better to get it over with than to prolong the agony¡¯. She was truly impressed. She decided to improve on it, and do it even faster! She poured the tea into the bowl of ramen, then put the dessert on top. She pulled the struggling Little Ration over and fed it first, then gave some to Weak Sauce, then dumped some down Little Ren¡¯s throat. Seeing that their three pets were ¡®dead¡¯, she felt a bit better. She plugged her nose and ate the three in a single bite. She tasted the flavor of the tea and soup mixing together. After personally tasting it, her expression became sinister. She began clawing at her neck, and looked at the sky, muttering, ¡°I was wrong, this tea shouldn¡¯t go with the ramen¡­ gaaah¡­¡±

    Everyone etched her final words into their hearts, and chose to follow SpyingBlade¡¯s method. Lin Le, Zhang ZhengXiong, and Ye Cang exchanged a glance, then all turned to FrozenCloud. ¡°You first¡­¡±

    FrozenCloud backed up, slightly cowering. Looking at bowl-cut Wang and rock-n-roll Nana who had already taken the lead to pass out, she gulped. She took a deep breath, and ate her three. Before her mind could even register the taste, she lost conciousness. Ye Cang¡¯s group of three once again exchanged a glance. The three of them, with bitter faces, passed out.

    The only one left was the dumbstruck Fang Ci. They really ate it!? He looked at the ¡®party wipe¡¯, then at the nearby set meal. His scalp tingled. The foods¡¯ attributes are too amazing. Let¡¯s eat. How can I not endure this. Even girls like sister Nana and sister Lil¡¯Dino dare to eat. Sadly, due to his lack of ¡®anti-bodies¡¯, he collapsed the moment he at the first item.

    Everyone slowly woke up. When they learned that Fang Ci still had to eat two more times, they began to feel much better. Unfortunately, it wasn¡¯t so good for Fang Ci. He couldn¡¯t even throw up! Thinking that he didn¡¯t want to be looked down upon, he finally ate the ramen and dessert together, passing out once again.

    SpyingBlade covered his mouth. Every time Ye Cang learned something new, hell would follow. He looked at the Pale Ye Cang. This guy is too ruthless. He¡¯s not even messing with us, otherwise he wouldn¡¯t have eaten it himself. He actually thinks his ¡®Art of Cooking¡¯ is the right way¡­ That is what makes him the most terrifying. The irrational belief that he has some sort of special talent.

    Ye Cang looked at Fang Ci wake up with a bad complexion. ¡°Good, no one died this time. I must have gotten better¡­¡±

    Fang Ci heard this the moment he woke up, and his back was instantly drenched in cold sweat. It meant that people had really died from this¡­

    Everyone confirmed that they could now have 3 food buffs, and one set buff.

    Food Set Effect: +5% All Attributes, +7% Speed, +6% all resistances.

    Ye Cang stroked his chin. He had also just learned that besides the 3 food buffs, they could also have a set effect. This meals set effect was actually percentage based, and even gave speed. In the future, when their stats were higher, it would be much more useful. Even now, it was not bad. It was equivalent to increasing his stats by 5 or 6 points, with a lot of intelligence.

    SpyingBlade had a strange expression when he thought about Ye Cang¡¯s professions. Barber + Cook, what was next? Archeologist?

    They were now all buffed up. SpyingBlade reminded them not to drag until nightfall. Ye Cang turned and brought everyone down the hill. Once they walked out of the forest, due to there being too much rubble, they couldn¡¯t see very far. He used Shadow Step to appear on top of a tall ruined pillar leaning on a building. Little Ye Tian also rode on Little Ration and flew 10 meters into the air. Now that they could see, they saw that the ruins weren¡¯t small. It spanned at least a couple kilometers. They could see a public square, but it was also reduced to rubble. There were puddles everywhere, and moss grew all over the place. Everywhere they looked were ruined buildings. Further in, they saw a ruined building that was different from the others. It was clearly much bigger, and resembled a small palace. That was something they definitely had to investigate.

    Little Ye Tian recorded everything she saw on her map; from the ruined buildings, to the general layout of the city.

    Ye Cang saw that in a nearby swamp, behind a moss covered wall, there was something green wriggling about. It was pretty big. He waved towards it to see if it was sentient. Warning everyone not to act hastily, he motioned for SpyingBlade to come up.

    SpyingBlade was confused. He kicked off the various rubbles and pillars to make his way up. After a few leaps, Ye Cang grabbed his hand and pulled him up. He pointed at the green lump that he wasn¡¯t able to identify. ¡°What the heck is that?¡±

    ¡°It should be some kind of creature?¡± SpyingBlade replied.

    ¡°No sh*t! I know it¡¯s some kind of creature!¡± Ye Cang rolled his eyes.

    SpyingBlade¡¯s heart tightened, and he felt the urge to stab this scummy party leader. If not for their temporary pact, he would have long done it. He was a natural at pissing people off. He turned and continued to examine the creature, ¡°It¡¯s not just a creature. You see those worms on it¡¯s body? It¡¯s should be some sort of marsh creature, maybe something like a treant. Besides, it has eyes. Wait, it¡¯s spotted us¡­¡±

    Ye Cang also noticed that what he suspected to be the head was looking up at himself and SpyingBlade. When it finally stood up, he tried identifying it again.

    Marshwalker - Zele Saos: Classified as a magical creature, it¡¯s body is half animal and half plant. It possesses extremely strong attack power and physical resistance. It¡¯s classified as a dangerous creature, but is pretty valuable as food. Most poisonous mushrooms, when cooked with its plant body, can be eaten safely.

    ¡°It¡¯s coming!¡± Little Ye Tian looked at the giant rapidly approaching them from the square. The reason she called it a giant was because it had 4 lumpy limbs.

    ¡°Prepare for battle!¡± Ye Cang shouted. Everyone heard the order. SpyingBlade jumped down onto a nearby roof. He looked inside the ruined house from a crack, and saw that several green liquid creatures had been alerted, and began to squeeze out. They didn¡¯t appear to be slimes, because slimes were round and cute. These things made one¡¯s hair stand on end, because there was still some human and beast bones floating in the liquid. ¡°Everyone careful! There are corrosive liquid creatures in the buildings!¡±
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