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Chapter 701: Mad Explosions
    Chapter 701: Mad Explosions

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    Nurturing a plant life form was a very extravagant thing to do, like nurturing the cloud contact vine to sector lord level 9. Even if one scrimped on it, it would still require 10,000-20,000 mixed elements, and for one as high a level as Luo Feng¡¯s the cost could reach up to 100,000 mixed elements!

    100,000 mixed elements, just how much was that?

    An undying general¡¯s average wealth was only about 10,000 mixed elements, a human sector lord warrior¡¯s average wealth was only at 10 mixed elements!

    It may seem like the Flame wind organization was huge, owning so many slave planets. However, one had to know that one galaxy was usually not even worth 1 mixed element. Even the entire Black Dragon Mountain star field was worth only about 300,000 to 1 million mixed elements Luo feng¡¯s expense on the cloud contact vine alone was worth the entire starfield!

    One could only imagine the costs!

    Without proper funding, it was best not to mess with the plant life forms. The more normal a plant life form was, like the metal vine with its limited capabilities as a universe level 9 metal vines was already rarely seen. For them to actually break through to domain lord or sector lord, the costs would be even more than that of the cloud contact vine evolving!

    Metal vine reaching sector lord level 9! The costs must have been extreme!

    Sha Luo flower reaching sector lord level 9! Obviously this was also a high leveled Sha Luo flower.

    Nurturing the two must have cost over 100,000 mixed elements!

    Even a normal undying wouldn¡¯t be able to have such wealth.

    "He is just the boss of the flame wind organization. For his wealth to reach tens of mixed elements alone should be considered not bad. How did he nurture two plant life forms?" Luo Feng was shocked. "And from the Virtual Universe Company¡¯s information back then, Pan Xi relied on the metal vine to take over the slave planet. However, back then, it was only at star traveller level 9, who¡¯d expect it to be sector lord level 9 now."


    "Sha Luo, capture him." Pan Xi communicated mentally while controlling the sector lord level 9 Sha Luo Flower.

    He had acquired the metal vine by chance when he was young, it was the crutch that changed his fate.

    The Sha Luo Flower was something he bought when he grew to power. He nurtured it from young and was his strongest trump card.

    As he had remained low profile all this while, even though he had used it several times before, he always killed off all his enemies. Hence, the fact that he had a metal vine and Sha Luo flower both at sector lord level 9 had been a secret, even the Virtual Universe Company¡¯s information system couldn¡¯t know.

    No matter what, the Virtual Universe Company couldn¡¯t reach the level of all knowing.

    Just like how when Luo Feng chased down the 102 hundred million targets back then, with a few managing to hide in some desolate planets. Luo Feng was unable to locate them in the end.

    The many bright colored flowers of the Sha Luo flower were as fast as lightning. In less than 0.001 seconds, they had passed over tens of km and were wrapping around Luo Feng.

    Luo Feng dodged as quickly as he could, staring at the devil like flowers, simultaneously shouting mentally to Babata, "Babata! Quickly!"



    The Yun Mo planet ship that had been floating beside Dylan fiercely accelerated, the blood colored triangular ship, its sides alone were sharp enough to easily slice through a planet. Even against asteroids, it¡¯s speed would hardly be affected.

    F9 grade metal engravings support by the Virtual Universe Company!

    How powerful was that?



    Almost like a blade cutting through grass, as the ship flew at the Sha Luo flowers, they instantly spread open. The fully bloomed flowers were incredibly huge, easily swallowing up the entire Yun Mo planet ship. It¡¯s dense sharp teeth bit down. However, after a while, it exploded open, as the ship had cut right through the flower while its speed was hardly even affected at all.

    At 290,000 km per second, its terrifying speed pierced right through!

    Slashing through the plants!

    As it brushed past, the Sha Luo flowers were instantly sliced apart, it let out all sorts of howls and the powerful ripples of noise resounded within space. One could visibly see these noise ripples warping the space about. The Sha Luo flower tried to dodge¡­however with its huge size, and the cloud contact vine wrapping about it, how could it?

    The metal vine wanted to dodge too, however it was deeply entangled by the cloud contact vine.

    Hua! Hua!

    The Yun mo planet ship arced and slashed through large amounts of vines, heading towards Pan Xi.

    "How can this¡­" Pan Xi stared wide eyed, almost in disbelief at the powerful ship.


    The metal vine wrapped about him tightly and tugged him strongly, allowing him to dodge the slice of the ship.

    "Babata, continue!" Luo Feng¡¯s eyes gleamed in space.

    "Haha, understood."

    Babata continued to control the entire ship to rush Pan Xi down, this triggered a feeling of nostalgia for him, almost like when he had followed Hu Yan Bo back then. However compared to then, the ship now was much more powerful. While it¡¯s slicing abilities were already astounding back then, slashing through asteroids like tofu, it was even stronger now after the Virtual Universe Company had upgraded it.

    Its defenses were so powerful even an emperor level undying would have to work really hard to break through.

    Normal undyings wouldn¡¯t even dare get close to it.


    Undyings had great dodging speeds. Actually, even sector lords could dodge very well, at least much faster than a ship¡¯s dodging ability.

    "Big trouble, his cloud contact vine is actually stronger than my metal vine, and the cloud contact vine is huge and extremely sturdy. Even if it cannot win against my Sha Luo flower, it can still hold it in place. The moment it¡¯s restrained¡­both the metal vine and Sha Luo flower became targets." Pan Xi¡¯s expression changed.



    The Yun Mo planet ship flashed past like lightning time and again. Its sides acted like a huge axe slashing through, as large amounts of vines were chopped off. Large amounts of flowers were chopped off, with the cloud contact vine restraining them, the two plants were completely demolished.



    Babata¡¯s piercing cackling laughter resounded throughout the control room of the Yun Mo planet ship.

    After being sliced through many times, the two plant life forms were heavily damaged and their strengths greatly diminished. Afterall, they were both not reputable for their cell regeneration.

    Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

    The automaton ship was summoned out by Luo Feng too.

    The two ships together fiercely attacked and fired off at the plants, finishing off the already weakened Sha Luo flower and metal vine. With Babata¡¯s precise calculations, the attacks mostly all landed on these two plants, hardly ever hitting the cloud contact vine.

    Even if it was hit, while the cloud contact vine¡¯s offense wasn¡¯t as strong as the Sha Luo flower, its regeneration was much stronger.


    After a flurry of attacks, especially with the automaton ship as the main force, with a force akin to a full undying¡¯s attack, the Sha Luo Flower and the metal vine were blasted into nothing, along with Pan Xi within!


    "It¡¯s ended." Luo Feng stood in space and smiled at the scene, simultaneously closing off the synchronized broadcast with the virtual universe network.

    Mission complete!

    "Waa¡­" Babata and his subsidiary AI controlled both ships and flew towards Luo Feng.

    "Luo Feng, that was too thrilling, I haven¡¯t felt like this in a very long time. This Yun Mo planet ship is seriously overpowered, its acceleration and instantaneous direction change is over 80% stronger than before. Along with the engravings on it, its slicing power is seriously absurd, slicing through the Sha Luo Flower and metal vine was too easy."

    Luo feng smiled, communicating mentally, "Upgrading the Yun Mo planet ship cost me 100s of thousands of mixed elements. And this is with my primal region member discount! Do you think their upgrade would be a joke?"


    Luo Feng flew forward while communicating mentally with Babata.

    After Pan Xi¡¯s death, his internal world crumbled and large amounts of items floated about. Scanning with his spirit energy, Luo Feng didn¡¯t discover any special items. However¡­he still kept everything within his world ring. Due to him having two sector lord level 9 plants, Luo Feng felt¡­that Pan Xi should have some secret.

    "Dylan, mission complete, let¡¯s go." Luo Feng said.

    "Using two ships and the cloud contact vine, your power was pretty strong." Dylan smiled, "When your cloud contact vine reaches sector lord level 9, with its regenerative abilities, and sturdiness¡­normal sector lords would find it hard to free themselves from it. First, you constrain them and then use the Yun Mo planet ship to slice through them, hehe¡­"

    Luo Feng laughed too.


    The Yun Mo planet ship floated in space and opened its cabin doors.

    "Luo Feng, please enter the ship." Babata¡¯s voice was passionate as it resounded within the entrance.


    Luo Feng and Dylan laughed and flew in.

    After entering the ship, Luo Feng finally checked his extravagant buy, the world ring with a diameter of over a hundred million km, the one he bought back then in Wu Long starfield.

    The reason why a sector lord¡¯s internal world was small was because their main core couldn¡¯t withstand it.

    And as one could use valuable materials to create the world rings, they weren¡¯t limited to the main core, hence they could create huge worlds.


    Within the world ring.

    A vast land over a hundred million km, with the continent as the main center piece, the endless continent had rocks, mud etc. Of which a piece of mud was the mosha clansman.


    The piece of mud became a black energy flow and with a warp, it became a black clothed Luo Feng.

    When Luo Feng was attacked back then in Wu Long starfield, he had pondered hard, as he needed to take the main core with him, hence¡­he finally thought of a plan. Buying an extra large world ring and letting the mosha clansman take the main core, changing to a piece of mud and hiding within the endless space.

    Whether it was the space ring or the world ring, both had to be scanned with spirit, undying or world energy.

    And the scanning radius depended on the person¡¯s abilities.

    For example!

    In a world, a weak warrior could scan with his spirit energy several hundreds of km, while the strong could scan 100s of thousands of km. It all depended on their strength.

    Only two places allowed for easy limitless scanning.

    One was an internal world.

    The second was the god country!

    Scanning one¡¯s own internal world, with a thought, one could easily scan the entire area.

    Scanning one¡¯s god country, it was similar to the internal world.

    And the world ring was an independent world. Even if Luo Feng entered this world, he¡¯d have to rely on his spirit energy to scan it well.

    A world with a diameter of one hundred million km.

    The bigger the world, the higher the gravity.

    The higher the gravity, the smaller the scanning radius!

    "If I encounter an enemy I cannot defeat, and the earth body is killed, I¡¯ll pretend like I was killed. Even if they acquire the world ring and scan it properly! With such terrifying gravity, and the same level of strength, they¡¯d probably only be able to search 1/10,000 the area compared to the area on earth." Luo Feng thought, "One hundred million km in diameter, only a knight would be able to search through it all."

    "And such a rough scan wouldn¡¯t be able to detect the mosha clansman¡¯s transformation. Only through deep scanning of every stone, every grain of sand¡­hehe, a world with a length and width of one hundred million km, to carefully scan through everything, it wouldn¡¯t be easy at all."

    "As long as they didn¡¯t know my secret beforehand, who¡¯d know I¡¯d be hidden within?"

    Changing into a piece of mud within such a large world.

    Who¡¯d expect it?

    Who would be able to find him?

    "Hm, let¡¯s see just what Pan Xi had. I feel that he should have some secret." Black clothed Luo Feng looked at the distant flat lands, large amount of items were placed messily over there, it was all the items he had just collected.


    Black clothed Luo Feng stood on the land surrounded by a mess of items, some were rather valuable. However, how high was Luo Feng¡¯s perspective?

    "All of these items added together wouldn¡¯t even be worth 20 mixed elements."


    Luo Feng shook his head and scanned 3 items.

    Two space rings and one world ring.

    "There might be something in the rings?" Black clothed Luo feng picked up a world ring and carefully scanned it, but was not able to discover anything.

    "Could it be in the space ring, or did he really not have any secrets?" Luo Feng pondered. He carefully scanned the two space rings. The two rings were small within, one of them with only a diameter of several hundred meters while the other was even smaller with a diameter of only 100m.

    After searching, he discovered nothing but small items within.


    "I¡¯ll put everything in my internal world and scan them." Luo Feng thought, immediately retrieving all the items in the two space rings and one world ring."

    After which he placed them in his internal world.

    In his internal world, he was the dictator!

    "There¡¯s really something special after all. I thought it was just large amounts of useless things, and this was just a very normal card. If it weren¡¯t in my internal world, it would be extremely hard to find anything special about it!"

    Black clothed Luo feng¡¯s eyes gleamed, immediately entering the internal world, allowing the main core to revolve about and float about in the world of the world ring.
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