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Chapter 230: The final fight
    Chapter 230: The final fight

    The Central State waves began to stir once again.  Chu Tian¡¯s fight with Chu Xinghe, when this big news came out, it instantly spread across Central State City like a storm.

    Chu Tian went into closed door training.

    If he fought with strength at the peak 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, then this fight would mean death without a chance of winning.

    The Chu Family understood this, so they shamelessly issued this challenge.  However, Chu Tian was more clear on this and could not die for no reason, so he had to reach the Illustrious Soul Realm at least!

    The three families thought they could stop Chu Tian¡¯s breakthrough by blockading resources, but this was too naive.  They never would have thought that Chu Tian would meet a fortuitous encounter in Thunder State.

    When Chu Tian released the strong spiritual energy.

    There was no suspense at all.  When the energy from the Hell Fire Demon¡¯s fire seed was released, Chu Tian easily broke through to the 4th Awakened Soul Layer!

    Chu Tian felt his spirit energy increase by several times and various aspects of his cultivation increase.

    Going from the initial Awakened Soul Realm to the intermediate Awakened Soul Realm, Chu Tian had become an Illustrious Soul Realm Expert!

    Chu Tian was not satisfied because of this because the Chu Family was placing their hopes on this one fight, so they would go all out with it.  Chu Xinghe¡¯s injuries had healed much faster than Chu Tian had expected, so it was clear that the Chu Family used an incredible medicine on him.

    Chu Xinghe might have already reached the 5th Awakened Soul Layer already.

    Normal cultivators at the 5th Awakened Soul Layer could not even enter Chu Tian¡¯s eyes.  Even if it was a powerful person like the Shangguan Feichen, a Marquis¡¯ successor, Chu Tian was confident in easily taking care of him.  However, he couldn¡¯t look down on this Chu Xinghe!

    Chu Xinghe was the head of the Central State Four Young Masters, far surpassing the other three young masters.  His innate talent and potential was all strong, and his man and sword as one killing move left a deep impression on Chu Tian.  Perhaps even an expert of the 6th Awakened Soul Layer could not block this attack.

    If Chu Xinghe was at the 5th Awakened Soul Layer, then with a cultivation at the 4th Awakened Soul Layer, Chu Tian did not have a 30% confidence in winning.  He could not take a risk and if he were to fight, he would need at least 50% confidence in winning.

    Then how should he increase his chances of winning?

    Chu Tian was not a reckless person and since he accepted this challenge, then he had confidence in winning.  This courage came from the two cards he had hidden.

    The first was his main source spirit.

    Chu Tian was very discreet about how he used his main source spirit.  This power was still limited in some aspects and was hard to control, but the main reason was because it would cause a stir if he used this source spirit.  It would be bad if some old monsters of the continent were to find him.

    So, unless he was pushed down a road of no return, or if he could not find a single path forward, then Chu Tian would not take this risk.

    The second was his methods.

    Chu Xinghe perhaps really is an amazing talent.

    But he could never catch up to Chu Tian¡¯s superiority.

    Chu Tian had been reborn and had previously been a peak expert.  Chu Tian¡¯s experiences, knowledge, and methods were not things that people of this era could compare to.

    A bunch of crystal clear fragment came from the storage space inside the gourd.

    Each fragment contained an incomparable strong abyss demon power.  This was the demon heart left behind by the Hell Fire Demon.  Chu Tian looked at these fragments and slowly closed his eyes.  A deep and powerful cultivation technique slowly appeared in his mind ¨C the ?Demon God Transformation?!

    This was the cultivation technique Chu Tian had mainly practiced in his previous life, but because the conditions were not right, he had not practiced this cultivation technique yet.  The demon¡¯s heart was a main resource for this cultivation technique and was one of the main reasons why Chu Tian had go to Thunder State.


    While Chu Tian was in closed cultivation, Meng Qingwu received some unsettling news.  There were more and more signs that the three families were going to take action against Miracle Commerce.

    This fight was the final chance for the Chu, Luo, and Ye Families.

    To them, killing Chu Tian was the best scenario because in a country that respected martial arts like the Southern Summer Country, battles were fights of life and death.  Even being killed could be considered voluntary death.  Not even the Divine Wind Marquis or the Calm Martial Ruler could punish the Chu Family for this reason.

    But from Meng Qingwu¡¯s understanding of the three families, they wouldn¡¯t bet everything in a single place.

    Outside of the arena, there would be other plans.

    Meng Qingwu made her decision, ¡°Yun Yao, go back to the Yun Family and stay with Old Yun.  Have him gather all the family elites and move all your valuables.  Then prepare yourself for a battle.¡±

    ¡°But tomorrow is Chu Tian¡¯s fight¡­¡­¡±

    ¡°You don¡¯t need to come watch tomorrow.¡±

    Yun Yao knit her brows, ¡°Is this alright?¡±

    ¡°If the three families take action, the Yun Family will take the brunt of the blow.¡±  Meng Qingwu was very decisive, ¡°Remember, you must prepare for a storm of blood and properly protect yourselves.¡±

    Yun Yao was filled with respect for Meng Qingwu.

    This girl could only rely on Chu Tian to gain her current position, but the fact that Miracle Commerce could run in such an efficient manner was enough to demonstrate Meng Qingwu¡¯s skills.

    Meng Qingwu also gave some other orders, ¡°Write two letters.  One will be sent to Caidie, telling her to stay in No Worries Valley and she shouldn¡¯t come to Central State City tomorrow.  Send the other one to general Xiong Wuji telling him to personally take command of the military base, so he can deal with any emergency.  Have Lin Mu, Fang Han, and the elites of the Underworld Mercenaries come back to headquarters.  Manager Chen Bingyu, you¡¯ll be in charge of the defense.¡±

    Elder sister has never been this serious before.

    Meng Yingying realized how serious this was, ¡°What can I help you with?¡±

    ¡°Yingying, you¡¯ll go to the underground hideout tonight and you can¡¯t leave without my permission.  Do you understand?¡±


    ¡°This is no room for discussion here!¡±  Meng Qingwu eagerly looked over to Nangong Yun, ¡°Nangong, I know you¡¯re pretty strong, so I¡¯ll leave Yingying to you to guard.¡±

    With Nangong Yun¡¯s temper, if she was asked to seek shelter, wouldn¡¯t she jump out?

    Meng Qingwu used the task of protecting Meng Yingying to make sure that she stayed still.

    Nangong Yun looked distressed, but she would not openly disobey Meng Qingwu¡¯s orders and could only helplessly agree.  Meng Qingwu made a series of preparations, reminding the various families, telling them to be careful and not to come to the fight.

    Even if the worst case scenario came, then they would have some kind of preparations.


    The next day.

    The citizens did not know about the storm that was about to come, they only knew that Central State would have an unprecedented war!

    These two were both super geniuses only seen once in a hundred years in Central State, but the crown could only fall on a single person¡¯s head.  Who would it end up with in the end?

    How could they not watch this kind of fight?

    The Central State arena was once again filled!

    This fight¡¯s scale far surpassed the fight against Luo Xianglong and Ye Tianlang.

    The citizens were all curious, where was Miracle Commerce¡¯s broadcast?  This was a very interesting and exciting program, so why did they not broadcast it this time?

    Meng Qingwu stood under the stage.  When her eyes swept over the crowd, her brows slightly knit together.

    She had clearly warned some of the families, but they did not take her serious and had come to watch the fight!

    ¡°Vice chairman can be assured, we brothers will ensure chairman¡¯s safety.¡±

    From Meng Qingwu¡¯s surroundings, a hoarse voice entered her ears.

    Boss Yu was completely covered.  He was wearing an ancient worn out mask and had a long bone cane in his hands.  He had long white flowing hair that fell down in front of his chest.  That skinny and stooped over body made him very inconspicuous in the crowd.

    ¡°Can your four brothers protect Chu Tian?¡±  Meng Qingwu was worried about the five brothers¡¯ strength, but there was no doubt that Boss Yu was the strongest, ¡°I have the eighteen divine blood Yin Corpses and my personal defense is not bad, so it¡¯s hard for anyone to hurt me.  There is no need to worry about me, you should just protect Chu Tian.¡±

    Boss Yu¡¯s hoarse voice said, ¡°I can¡¯t.  The chairman gave me orders to ensure your personal safety.¡±

    Meng Qingwu gave a slight sigh and only nodded her head.

    Meng Qingwu did not show anything off with her expression, just revealing a calm look.  Her eyes were tightly staring at the stage because the fight was about to begin.

    Dong, dong, dong, dong, dong!

    The copper bells on the stage were rung.

    Everyone broke out in cheers.

    This was the final showdown between kings.  The life and death fight of two old enemies was about to begin!

    A golden sword suddenly fell down from the sky like a meteor, stabbing itself into the arena.  Then a figure slowly floated down from the heavens and landed onto the hilt of the sword.  He had his hands crossed across his chest and he was coldly staring at the other side.

    This youth was twenty four-five years old, with a white jade crown on his head.  He had a jade blue robe and a resolute face that had cold eyes.  His cloak fluttered in the wind and he looked dignified with the dust flying around him, like a sword immortal.

    ¡°Chu Xinghe!¡±

    ¡°Chu Xinghe!¡±

    ¡°Chu Xinghe!¡±

    Cheers came from all around him.  Although Chu Xinghe had suffered a setback in the trial tower, the popularity that Chu Xinghe had in Central State, only Chu Tian with his spotlight could only barely keep up with him.

    Chu Xinghe had been famous for many years.

    Chu Tian¡¯s rise had happened only one-two months ago.

    Although Chu Tian had won the support and admiration of the citizens, there was still a gap between the foundation and fame that Chu Xinghe had.  Chu Xinghe had never suffered a direct defeat and had beaten people of higher cultivation levels, this was true god given talent.

    Chu Tian was challenging Chu Xinghe with a lower cultivation base, could he create another miracle?

    A youth slowly walked onto the stage.  He was wearing a different robe from his lowkey blue robe, but rather was wearing a beautiful white robe.  From head to toe, there was not a single speck of dust.  His handsome eyes were bright and piercing, giving him a refined feel.  His aura did not lose to Chu Xinghe¡¯s at all.

    If Chu Xinghe was a sharp golden sword, then Chu Tian was an aloof floating cloud.

    Chu Tian had a large gourd and sword on his back.  There was also a little snow white fox napping on his shoulder, not caring about the fight at all, as if it wasn¡¯t interested at all.

    ¡°Chu Tian!¡±

    ¡°Chu Tian!¡±

    ¡°Chu Tian!¡±

    Frantic cheers came from all around them.

    Chu Tian¡¯s supporters were generally youths.  Chu Tian¡¯s legendary rise had already made him idols in the hearts of many youths.


    A loud and clear bell sound rang out.

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