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Chapter 350: Conflict (1)
    Chapter 350: Conflict (1)

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    "It seems like you don¡¯t know anything¡­" Rumple took off his white leather armor. The other swordsmen quickly backed off and Oscar was standing behind Rumple, sneering.

    "What are you talking about?" Reyline scrunched his eyebrows.

    "You came here but you don¡¯t know anything about the situation? Whatever, I still remember what happened ten years ago and I won¡¯t let you escape this time." Rumple licked his lips and waved his right hand.

    The swordsmen spread out and some of them rushed toward Reyline.

    Rumple took out a small silver hammer and spun it several times.

    "Goodbye, Reyline." The man sneered and threw the small hammer forward.


    The hammer turned into a blurry silver shadow.

    Reyline¡¯s expression changed and quickly raised his right hand.


    A distorted silver barrier appeared in front of him and he blocked the hammer with the right hand. The hammer quickly disappeared into the air like it was never there.

    Reyline narrowed his eyes and green veins appeared on his neck.

    "Hikari, let me take care of this guy. Go help Stigma and his sister."

    "Sure." Hikari turned around and headed towards Stigma.

    Reyline turned around and started running. Rumple was chasing after him and his silver hammer would become invisible every time it hit the silver energy barrier. The two wizards quickly left other people behind.

    Oscar and the rest of the swordsmen started running toward Stigma. The green robe assassins on the other side also started moving.

    "You sneaked into the ruins and stole most of the treasures from us, didn¡¯t you?" Oscar looked at Stigma. "There were so many representatives of the major organizations in the ruins and you still did it. Don¡¯t you know we have a prophet in our organization? You can¡¯t escape his tracking spells."

    Stigma shook his head and was about to respond.

    However, Oscar and his men were getting closer and closer. Oscar waved his right hand and the swordsmen all took out an item that looked like a white lantern.

    The lantern was lighted up. Green flames jumped out of the lamp, rushing toward Stigma and his sister.

    "The Lantern of the Fog?!" Stigma¡¯s expression changed. "That¡¯s why you decided to attack a wizard that¡¯s one rank higher than you!"

    "We¡¯re just here to waste your time. More and more wizards from other organizations are heading toward us. You have nowhere to run."

    Green flames from the mysterious lantern surrounded Stigma. He casted multiple spells but none of them could drive those flames away.

    The green flames were like a curse that would never go away.

    Freezing energy waves penetrated Stigma and Della¡¯s bodies. Hikari was also trapped by those strange green flames.

    ¡®We need to leave now!¡¯ Stigma knew that they could not win the fight against a large group of wizards even with the help of his friends.

    ¡®Master, I think I have to use it.¡¯

    ¡®Do whatever you want, just finish the fight quickly.¡¯ A deep female voice echoed in his ears.



    Angele and Lyn were running to the Abyss Canyon. They lowered their bodies and they were traveling at full speed.

    They could see that Stigma stood by the edge of the canyon and raised his hand, releasing green mist into the air. A blurry shadow that looked like a female in a long white robe appeared behind his body.

    The female had a pair of green eyes, her pupils were replaced by the green glow.

    ¡®Damn! It¡¯s Arisma, that old bastard. How did she recover so fast?¡¯ Henn sounded angry and surprised.

    ¡®Well, Stigma already reached rank 3 and he can help Arisma recover faster. It¡¯s understandable.¡¯ Angele remained calm. ¡®The problem is, those people are just waiting for the reinforcements. This is not an easy task like Stigma said. We should finish the battle as fast as possible.¡¯

    ¡®What do you have in mind?¡¯

    ¡®Let me give this a try.¡¯ Black light flashed in Angele¡¯s eyes.

    Lyn did not notice that Angele was communicating with Henn.

    Stigma was fighting with the swordsmen in white armors when Angele and Lyn finally arrived at the scene. About ten seconds later, the swordsmen all fell to the ground. Their movements were so slow that they could not defend against Stigma¡¯s attack at all. It felt like watching a slow-motion scene in a movie.

    "That¡¯s poison. Be careful, Master!" Lyn suddenly sent the words to Angele through energy particles.

    "Poison, huh?" Angele stopped immediately as Lyn dragged his sleeve. "It¡¯s fine. Stigma is one of us. Just go help Hikari."

    "But, Master¡­"

    "Go. I¡¯ll be fine." Angele looked at Lyn.


    Lyn was a bit speechless but she decided to follow the order. She turned to the right side and headed to Hikari¡¯s location.

    Angele walked to Stigma slowly as the battle was almost finished.

    Reyline and Rumple were rank 2 wizards but they had a lot of magic devices and enchanted items. Most of those items had long cooldowns and could be activated with just a small amount of mentality. It almost looked like there were two rank 3 wizards casting a lot of strong spells.

    Angele glared at them and shook his head. He had many magic devices as well¡ªmost of them came from Vivian, she asked Angele to carry the magic devices with him all the time. Angele tried not to rely on those devices too much as he could deal the same amount of damage with his own spells. He already developed a unique battle style in the Nightmare Realm and it did not involve the use of magic devices.

    Broken body parts of the swordsmen covered the ground and their blood was running into the endless canyon.

    The chilling wind quickly blew the smell of the blood away.

    Stigma stepped on Oscar¡¯s chest with his left foot and he was saying something.

    However, there was no fear on Oscar¡¯s face and he was not responding to Stigma¡¯s words. Della leaned against Stigma¡¯s body, it looked like she was unconscious.


    Something exploded between Reyline and Rumple. Rumple¡¯s energy shield broke. He quickly turned around and ran away with no hesitation.

    Hikari finally escaped the green flames with the help of Lyn.

    "You¡¯re late." Reyline glanced at Angele and sent these words through energy particles.

    "Let¡¯s regroup and leave the area as soon as possible," Angele responded in a deep tone. "They have reinforcements and we need to find a safe place."

    "Alright, come with me." Stigma carried Della in his arms and started running forward.

    The others followed behind him.

    They were moving on the edge of the canyon at full speed. Hikari set up several traps on the way, which turned invisible after several seconds.

    "Thank you, everyone. I wouldn¡¯t be able to escape just by myself." Stigma started a conversation using energy particles as he ran.

    "Well, I thought you said it was an easy task that was related to your family. Where did all those random enemies come from?" Angele¡¯s brow furrowed.

    "They believed the rumors and thought my sister acquired the treasure from the ruins near the air transportation city. Those people want to kill my sister and take the treasure," Stigma quickly explained.

    "Actually, I think the people behind them are related to the wizards who ambushed Henn and Arisma." This sentence was only delivered to Angele.

    "So, what exactly is going on?" Angele kept asking. He did not respond to Stigma¡¯s words.

    "My family and several other organizations around the city want to kill my sister. They want a share of the treasure. It was not part of my plan, but I think we can win the battle." Stigma sounded confident. "I only need you to kill four people for me."

    "Just four? That¡¯s it?" Reyline joined the conversation.

    "Yeah. The four elders of my family, they made most of the major decisions in the last ten years. We should separate into four teams and kill those old bastards after we get rid of the ones following us. The other organizations will stop if all the elders are dead. The only problem is the wizard¡¯s guild. Reyline, can you¡­"

    "No problem," Reyline nodded, "I didn¡¯t expect Rumple to be here. He holds a grudge against me since our last encounter. I can pressure the guild and make him stay away from this mess."

    "Good. I¡¯ll tell you the locations, let¡¯s separate now. Also, get rid of the remaining assassins." Stigma threw several leather scrolls into the others¡¯ hands.

    "Stigma, this is the last time I¡¯ll help you for free. I¡¯m just here to pay you back." Reyline checked the scroll and turned in a different direction. Stigma heard the words and nodded slightly.

    Hikari glared at Stigma. "I can get rid of the assassins with the help of my friends from the potion master¡¯s guild."

    Stigma took out a wooden statue from his pouch and threw it to Hikari. "Thanks. This is a small gift for you, I¡¯m sure you¡¯ll need it."

    Hikari grabbed the wooden statue and checked it. Her expression changed slightly and she turned in a different direction as well.

    Only Stigma, Angele, and Lyn were left.

    "I owe you one and I don¡¯t need any gift." Angele stopped Stigma before he tried to say anything.

    Stigma¡¯s sight fell upon Lyn.

    Angele looked at Lyn and talked to her using energy particles.

    Lyn hesitated for a second but she quickly turned around and walked away.

    Angele asked Lyn to wait for him in the air transportation city. Lyn never questioned Angele¡¯s decision and she knew that Angele could handle the situation by himself.

    Angele increased his speed and caught up with Stigma after Lyn disappeared into the horizon.

    "So, back to the topic. You were telling the truth, right?" Angele scrunched his brow.

    "Yeah. I¡¯m on their list already. They will find out that you entered the White Mist Town to save us sooner or later," Stigma responded.

    "I understand, but the thing about your sister... You¡¯re hiding something from us."

    Stigma looked a bit surprised and a bitter smile appeared on his face. "Yeah, it was my fault. I didn¡¯t want to bring Della into this, but I didn¡¯t know that they had a prophet that could cast high-level tracking spells."

    "I want to know the truth. There are too many holes in the explanation you just told us." Angele shook his head.


    Angele finally had a general idea about the situation after Stigma told him everything.

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