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Chapter 276: A Twist of Fate (1)
    Chapter 276: A Twist of Fate (1)

    Translator: Leo  Editor: Frappe

    Angele had been tricked by illusions several times but the Stigma in front of him looked exactly like the real one.

    The voice coming from the communication rune was still hoarse, but it was possible that someone interrupted the message using strong energy waves. He was still having a hard time trying to figure out who he should trust.

    Blue light dots flashed in front of Angele¡¯s eyes. He asked Zero to scan Stigma.

    The chip confirmed that the Stigma in front of him was real based on the mentality wave the man was releasing but Angele still had his doubts.

    "Anything else? I want better evidence," He questioned in a deep tone.

    Morrisa heard the noise and stepped out of the shelter. She saw Stigma talking to Angele and walked to the two wizards quickly.

    "Stigma?! What happened? Come here. I can help you!" White glows surrounded her hands and she was about to cast some healing spells, but Angele stopped her.

    "Seriously?" Stigma had a bitter smile on his face. He glanced around and lowered his voice. "You know what? I¡¯ll meet you at the Mandu Airport. Keep going south after traveling through the Abyss Canyon. We need to move now no matter what."

    Stigma calmed down a bit and continued, "It seems like the town is the ghost¡¯s territory. I felt much better after leaving the town."

    "Well, I told you it was hard to eliminate. Where¡¯s Reyline and Hikari?" Angele wondered. "You entered the town together, right?"

    "I don¡¯t know. I saw Reyline drinking wine in the living room after taking a shower and something went wrong. I don¡¯t even know if that was the real Reyline." Stigma shook his head.

    Angele narrowed his eyes. He was still trying to figure out a way to verify Stigma¡¯s identity. The whole matter was just too weird.

    He stared at Stigma and he was getting nervous.

    The temperature at night was low and the chilling wind was scratching his face.


    Lightning struck the land and it was followed by the sound of thunder.

    "Let¡¯s meet up at the airport then." Angele opened his mouth. "We¡­nevermind." He had one final glance at the town. The place was still blurred by the white mist.

    The only things he could see were the edges of the houses. It was deadly silent.

    "Sure." Stigma nodded. It was the best choice.

    "Wait, take this!"


    Angele threw a glass tube that was filled with pink dust to Stigma.

    "What¡¯s this? Ah, the healing dust? I haven¡¯t finished the last one yet." Stigma took out a similar glass tube after finishing his words.

    "Good, I can confirm that you¡¯re the Stigma I know now." Angele nodded slightly. "No one else can concoct my healing dust. It¡¯s rare and complicated. No matter how strong the ghost is, it can¡¯t copy the memory of a Liquid stage wizard so easily."

    "What should we do now?" Stigma looked relieved.

    "We still need to leave the area as soon as possible." Angle pursed his lips. "But let¡¯s try contact Reyline using the communication rune at the same time. Don¡¯t say anything about the information you get after you finish the conversation with him."

    "Good idea." Morrisa nodded. "We can check our identities again." She was listening to Angele and Stigma¡¯s conversation quietly. Morrisa was still hiding behind Angele, staring at Stigma nervously. She was confused about the situation.

    Stigma sighed with mixed emotions, but he agreed to the plan.


    Blue light flashed on the back of the three wizards¡¯ right hands. Reyline¡¯s communication rune looked like an electric pulse.

    Angele took one step back, glaring at Morrisa and Stigma.

    He started sending the messages.

    "Are you there? Reyline?"

    No one replied.

    "The communication rune is activated. Please respond immediately if you received my message. Is Stigma still with you? He didn¡¯t tell me what happened inside the town," Angele continued.

    Still no answer.

    "Reyline?" Angele suddenly stopped. He heard someone breathing from the other side. It was weak, and the noise sounded a bit strange.

    "Reyline¡­" Angele¡¯s expression turned serious. "Are you still alive?"

    Angele wondered if the person on the other side was the Reyline he knew.

    "Make some noise if you¡¯re still alive. Any noise! Come on!" He was getting nervous.


    He heard something move on the other side and it sounded like an object dropped to the ground.

    Angele narrowed his eyes. He raised his head and looked at the other two wizards.

    Stigma and Morrisa looked confused. It seemed like they were still trying to contact Reyline.

    "Nothing here."


    The two looked at Angele and shook their heads.

    "F*ck it! I want to save them. Let¡¯s head back to the town," Angele spoke in a deep tone. He held the cursed scimitar tight in his hand and walked into White Mist Town.

    "Damn, for real? I don¡¯t want to go back." Stigma shook his head.

    "I want to leave this place too, but I think they¡¯re still alive." Angele slashed the scimitar forward several times. Although none of them listened to his advice, they still survived five challenges together. And in the worst case, he was certain that he could survive the attack from the ghost.

    He had never won a fight against a ghost, as he only attempted to escape most of the time. However, he decided to go back and fight this time. Angele wanted to overcome his fear of the curse. This was his chance.

    Morrisa hesitated. "I¡¯ll stay in the shelter and wait for you¡­Sorry."

    Stigma applied some healing dust to his wounds and followed after Angele.

    Angele did not wait for Morrisa. He increased his speed and arrived at the arched stone gate of White Mist Town within minutes.

    He stood by the gate and waited patiently. Stigma took a deep breath and held his black dagger tight in hand.

    The lightning looked like fire in the sky. They brightened up the whole town for several times.

    Angele nodded slightly and started walking around the town.

    He observed the rusty iron fences carefully. Stigma was checking the surroundings constantly.

    They reached the other side of the town after several minutes.

    Angele found a well-organized graveyard with white tombstones lined up in front of them.

    It was a relatively large graveyard. Angele counted more than 300 hundred tombstones. They just sat there quietly.

    He could smell death in the air.

    Angele activated the communication rune again. The blue glow around the rune illuminated on his face.

    He entered the graveyard and started checking the tombstones. It seemed like he was searching for something.

    Suddenly, he stopped by a tall white tombstone.


    Another lightning struck the land. The light illuminated on the epitaph and picture of the tombstone.

    ¡®Arisma Justin ¨C The legendary female wizard of destiny.¡¯

    The words were written in a clean and elegant style. They were painted in silver.

    Arisma must be the female wizard lying in this grave.

    Angele looked down. He used the light from the communication rune to brighten up the picture.

    It was a portrait painted by a skilled artist.

    It was a pretty lady wearing a white wizard hat. Her eyes were green, and her skin was fair white. The lady had a gentle smile on her face and it looked like she was staring at the ones who came to pay respects to her.

    Angele narrowed his eyes. The woman in the picture was making him uncomfortable, and he had a feeling that she was still alive. He observed the picture from different angles, but her sight just would not move away from him.

    "Stigma!" he shouted.


    Angele heard something hit the ground from behind.

    He moved to the left, then he turned around and saw Stigma fainted on the ground.

    Angele walked to Stigma and took out the black box from his pouch. He asked Zero to scan the area and he made up his mind after reading the report.

    "I apologize for disturbing your sweet dream, master wizard," Angele muttered as he stared at the tombstone of Arisma.

    He walked to the tombstone with the scimitar in hand.


    He started digging without any hesitation.

    About five minutes later, Angele dug a large hole in the ground.

    There was no coffin, no cinerary casket. What lay there were two human beings.

    It was a female wizard and male wizard in white robes. Angele recognized them right away.

    "Hikari and Reyline!" Angele¡¯s expression changed. He followed the direction given by Zero after scanning for mentality waves, but he did not expect to find them here.

    He raised his left hand.

    Two silver strings emerged out of the tip of his index finger and tied the two wizards up. Angele lifted them up and created another silver string to support the fainted Stigma.

    Angele wasted no time and started carrying them back. He asked the chip to scan his surroundings constantly as the situation was bad.

    Strangely, nothing happened on his way back. Thus, he felt relieved.

    Angele returned to the wooden shelter and saw Morrisa hiding behind an energy shield in the corner.
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