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Chapter 537: Arrival
    Chapter 537: Arrival

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    The spaceship slowed down, entering the space channel that had been activated by Luo Yuan. Soon, it disappeared as Luo Yuan put away the space sphere and put it in his pocket.

    Due to the changes in his body size, the space sphere had been compressed again. Also, Luo Yuan had abandoned most of the matters. The space sphere was currently of the size of a fist and it was about 200 tons in weight.

    Since it was highly compressible, the stability within the miniaturized universe remained unaffected. Instead, it became even more stable than before.

    As Luo Yuan looked towards the front, his pupils that were originally dark in color were now as black as a dark cave. They were even deeper than the abyss itself and also extremely dark. Even a photon would be unable to escape his vision.

    The stars instantly became clearer. He could see the solar flares on the surface of the stars and the black moles that were hundreds of light-years away. He could also see changes in the terrestrial planets as well as the undulating mountains on its surface.

    Specks of fine dust from Barnard's Star that were close to him could be clearly seen as well.

    All this while, as detected by the spaceship, there were only four planets in the galaxy. However, Luo Yuan noticed that there were not only four of them. There were five planets instead.

    The reason why it was neglected by the spaceship detector was because the fifth planet was too far away. The distance between both of them was about one light-year. The Red Dwarf Star's relatively weak ray of light and its gravity force were negligible at such a distance.

    With its current speed, it would need more than 25,000 years for each round trip. Perhaps with some extra effort, the planet would leave Barnard's Star, becoming a rogue planet on its own.

    In the past, this planet was undoubtedly the best place for humans to hide. Humans would be excited about its discovery. However, humans would no longer need to hide.

    Not only was the current level of human technology comparable to Glassian technology, according to the estimations of some of the radical technologists, human technology would possibly exceed the level of Glassian technology. Given another few years to develop, they would be able to deal with and wipe out the Glassian expeditionary fleet.

    With Luo Yuan's current abilities, he was not afraid of the Glassians at all. He was immortal to some extent. As long as his body was not broken down into atoms and the atoms in his body, including the high dimensional atoms and all other matters existing in his body were not completely destroyed, he would be able to restructure his body with the remaining atoms and the energy released during the dimensional tear. Be it an expeditionary fleet or the lair of the Glassians, he was capable of destroying their civilization with sufficient time.

    However, showing mercy to them would be meaningless. Now, the civilization that had almost single-handedly caused the extinction of humanity had to be destroyed by humans in return. That was the only way humans could get over the humiliation, take revenge on them, and rise from the ashes.


    Luo Yuan stood still in the air and his body gave off a mysterious glow. Soon, he retracted his gaze and activated his space-time bubble, flying towards Barnard's Star.

    As soon as his body size was reduced, the space-time bubble accelerated.

    It was because the space-time bubble's speed was not only related to space resistance. Aside from space resistance, the size of the space-time bubble as well. As the space time-bubble was thousands of times smaller in size, his speed became a lot faster.

    After about 10 minutes, his speed had reached 50 times the speed of light. It had not reached its limit yet as it maintained its speed at about 100 the speed of light.


    In the dark sky, a beam of bright light was traveling at a speed of 3,200 kilometers per second.

    The highly-energized photon struck Luo Yuan's body in an intense manner, emitting a dazzling beam of light. The temperature of the surface had risen up to more than one million degrees Celsius. He would probably have been vaporized by the high temperature if his body was being compressed.

    Right this moment, a mild burning sensation could be felt on his skin. He could feel the pain as he was overly sensitive to that after the readjustment of his sensory nerves. Not only was he completely uninjured, even his hairs were not standing on end.

    As time passed while traveling for several hours, Luo Yuan finally stopped as he deactivated the space-time bubble.

    He still could not support the consumption of his Will from traveling like as he needed to take a short break after traveling for about eight hours.

    He took out transparent, spherical objects that had the size of longan fruits from the space sphere. He then put them into his mouth and swallowed them.

    The spherical objects were water balls that had been compressed to a compressibility ratio of 1,000. It was the only food that Luo Yuan needed.

    Ever since his body size had been reduced, the response speed and the strength of the nuclear fusion in his mitochondria had become more intense and there was a substantial increase in his need for water. Drinking a mouthful of water was sufficient for anywhere between ten days to half a month's supply and he had to drink tons of water every day now.

    However, he would be unable to absorb the water. His compressed cells were even smaller than an ordinary water molecule. Therefore, these water molecules would be unable to penetrate through the wall of his cells. It would be useless regardless of how much water he drank.

    Thus, water was being compressed to the same ratio so that it could be absorbed by his body.

    Under such compression, the physical properties of water had changed. It was countless times stronger than a diamond and it had high ductility. At the same time, it would have lost the sweetness of water. Munching on it would feel like as if one was munching on candles.

    Fortunately, he was no longer craving for food. Therefore, he was not suffering from this.

    Each ball of water weighed more than 10 kilograms. After eating more than 100 of them, he then stopped and continued his journey.


    Interplanetary flight was boring. Regardless of how beautiful a scene was, one would feel dull after seeing it repeatedly for a long period of time.

    Luo Yuan discovered nothing new throughout the journey. The only thing that was worth mentioning was him discovering a nebula that was billions of kilometers long. It was made up of specks of dust and a large number of gases. It was a miracle, having a nebula to appear in such a dark region which was lacking in matters.

    It was considered as a mini nebula compared to the infinitely large universe. The matter was not as dense as expected. The density of the gases was rather low, compared to that of Earth at its core.

    He did not stop there and had passed through the nebula after about 10 seconds.

    As time passed, he became quiet and cold. Even if he was given more time, he was as calm as a peaceful lake and nothing could stimulate him.

    While his Will was being constantly consumed and restored, it had increased along with the speed of traveling in the space-time bubble. It had increased from 100 times the speed of light to 200 times and followed by 300 times that of the speed of light.

    Based on the system's evaluation, his Will had increased by one point or more and he now had a Will of 28 points. However, upon achieving such a speed, the space resistance index would be increased as well. It was impossible for his speed to increase for 10 times or more when his Will increased by only one point.

    In fact, the high temperature generated by his speed was already the maximum temperature that his body could endure.

    Under the unimaginably high temperature, his body was releasing a dazzling beam of light. Fortunately, it was made up of matter that were completely different from that of an ordinary person. Since his body was densely packed with atoms in addition to the elements that were being compressed to the same ratio, the chemical bonds between the elements were 10,000 times stronger than that of regular elements. Otherwise, his body would have decomposed and died.

    However, Luo Yuan could not maintain such a speed for a long period of time.

    As he was approaching Barnard's Star, the intensity of light in the dark region increased.

    Despite it being only a Red Dwarf Star, compared to the intensity of light in the dark region, it was akin to the difference in brightness between day and night.

    When he was four light-years away, he could still barely maintain his speed at 300 times that of the speed of light.

    His speed was reduced to 200 times the speed of light when he was 300 light-years away.

    He only managed to maintain a speed of 100 times the speed of light when the distance between them was only one light-year. It was an old Red Dwarf Star. If it was the Sun, perhaps he could hardly maintain even a speed of 10 times the speed of light.

    Fortunately, despite him slowing down, he was also about to arrive at Barnard's Star.

    As time passed, Luo Yuan could see that the Red Dwarf Star was getting bigger and bigger.

    Its body emitted a dim red light. The light was soft yet warm. Unlike the wild Sun, solar prominences rarely occurred on its surface.

    It looked like a good-tempered old man who was walking slowly. However, it was not exactly accurate to describe it in such a way. In fact, Red Dwarf Star could possibly last longer than the Sun that looked strong.

    It was very small in size, only less than one-third the size of the Sun. It did not have a high internal pressure and the response speed of the nuclear fusion was relatively slow. Therefore, it could last longer.

    Luo Yuan continued flying for about 10 days. Eventually, he arrived at Barnard's Star.

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