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Chapter 745: Ling Bing¡¯er
    Chapter 745: Ling Bing¡¯er

    Just as Hui Yue had finished talking, everyone boarded the shuttle. Their eyes gleamed, and their cheeks were rosy. All of them had benefited greatly from this battle, where they needed to use all their strength to fight the stronger opponents.

    Although they had the upper hand due to their numbers, they still had to give it their all as their strength was far below the Blood Demon¡¯s in a one on one battle.

    Crossing blows with such opponents caused them to better understand certain things about the daos that they had comprehended. It allowed them to gain insights into the different ways of using the daos and also how to fight much more smoothly.

    Their teamwork had improved considerably, and although they had now been together for many, many years, they were still learning each other¡¯s fighting methods.

    Xiao Ning had been able to gain a full understanding of the dao of earth. He had comprehended two major daos, the dao of earth and the dao of light.

    The first dao he had comprehended was the dao of earth, and his understanding of it was much higher than his current achievements with the dao of light.

    He had been beaten black and blue by the demons during their battle as he had taken blow after blow with his massive shield blocking his body, and he had been forced to take some of the blows with the strength of his body.

    He had received severe injuries time and time again, but he consumed the pills that Hui Yue had made for him. Afterwards, he felt the dao surrounding him; every dao was everywhere in the vast galaxy.

    The others had also gained insights like this, but not as profound as the ones Xiao Ning had.

    As everyone got ready to enter their rooms to cultivate and ponder on the insight they had gotten, the elder appeared on the deck of their ship.

    ¡°Young man,¡± he said with a sigh as he looked at Hui Yue who instantly stood up and bowed to the powerful cultivator.

    ¡°I have been observing you since the beginning of the trials,¡± he said, causing Hui Yue¡¯s heart to beat rapidly. If he had seen everything, then he knew that Hui Yue was in possession of the Celestial Sword¡­ Was this man eager to get his hands on such a treasure?

    ¡°I must say you have far exceeded my expectations for you.¡± he sighed again. ¡°I created these trials because I wanted to trouble you,¡± he said honestly. ¡°But it seems as if I have not succeeded. Not only have you passed both the trails I set for you, but you have also done so with flair and with a strength that is always surprising me.¡±

    ¡°Yes, you killed my great-grandson, and I am rather bitter because of this, but I am not blind. I know that he was at fault.¡±

    ¡°At the same time, you have achieved tremendous things for our side in this war. If I kill you, I will kill a general that can cause tremendous damage to the Blood Demons. Killing you would be giving them a present, and that is something I won¡¯t do.¡±

    ¡°I heard you speak just before. I understand that you wish to leave the western region. It seems that you have quite a few things that you need to resolve before the war really starts, and although I do not understand it all, I can sense your conviction.¡±

    ¡°Because of this, I have decided to let you go and put the final trial on hold. I will give it to you when we meet in the final war. The difficulty of the test will depend on how much your strength has grown in the meantime. Do your best.¡±

    ¡°But let me give you a bit of information about the blood princes.¡±

    ¡°Blood prince is one of the highest ranks a demon can have. Above the blood princes are the Manor Lords and above the Manor Lords is the Overlord.¡±

    ¡°These blood princes are not weak in any way. You already sensed how difficult it was to deal with one of them, so you can imagine how hard it is to deal with the higher ranked Blood Demons princes.¡±

    ¡°I know that the top ten all have comprehended heavenly daos, the ones just beneath have comprehended seven major daos, and the further down in line you go, the less major daos they know.¡±

    ¡°Although you are a genius, you are far from the highest ranking princes¡¯ match. Many of them also know how to superimpose their daos, so although you could beat this young man, you cannot compete with the top fifty princes yet. You need to increase your strength; it is far from sufficient to deal with the Blood Demons.¡±

    Hui Yue listened to every word that the man said with a serious expression. Although they had met as enemies, Hui Yue could feel that every word said was honest and straightforward. This was what it meant to sacrifice for humanity. Although he had wished to rip Hui Yue to shreds, he had refrained from doing so for the greater good of the war that was looming on the horizon, and now he even felt a bit of favoritism towards Hui Yue.

    ¡°Thank you,¡± Hui Yue said from his heart as he nodded his head. He had been too sure of his own strength, only to realize that he was merely mediocre right now. Although he was stronger than the majority, there were still many experts stronger than him. If he wanted to continue living, then it was important that he got stronger.

    Previously, Hui Yue had been greatly motivated by the fact that he needed to restore Wang Ju Long to her body, but now he had allowed his strength to stagnate. He understood that he needed to work harder than before.

    He was still not able to protect everyone that he cared for, and as a result, he made a vow. ¡°I want to be so strong that I can keep all my friends safe!¡±

    The elder looked at Hui Yue with a quick glance and smiled as he saw the determination in the young man¡¯s face. It was clear that he had taken everything that had been said to heart, and he was eager to improve.

    ¡°Well that was it,¡± the elder said with a smile on his face, and before Hui Yue had the time to ask for his name, his background, or even thank him, the elder had vanished completely into the void, not even his shadow could be seen.

    All Hui Yue¡¯s friends had been obediently standing behind Hui Yue, and none of them had said anything or moved an inch while the elder was speaking with Hui Yue, but now that he was gone, they all looked at the pondering Hui Yue. They were wondering what he would decide to do now.

    ¡°We are returning to the Celestial Sword Sect,¡± Hui Yue sighed. ¡°Although we have a lot of unfinished business, we cannot do anything if we do not have the strength to do so.¡±

    It was clear that Hui Yue had understood that he was not as strong as he thought, and the only way to increase his strength was to return to the sect and use its areas made for dao comprehension.

    ¡°I will post some sect missions as well,¡± Hui Yue sighed as he saw the unhappy expression on Rong Xing¡¯s face. ¡°Anyone who can bring me information about An He, Rong Ming, Rong Liang, or the Black Turtle will be heavily rewarded; I will hold nothing back to find them.¡±

    After hesitating for a bit he shook his head, ¡°I also think this will be the best way to find them.¡± He admitted, ¡°Us flying around the galaxy is like trying to find a specific fish in the ocean, it is simply impossible. But by using the sect¡¯s influence, we should be able to get accurate information much better than if we just aimlessly fly around.¡±

    The ugly expression on Rong Xing¡¯s face turned much better after hearing Hui Yue speak, but for some reason, Zhong Fai wasn¡¯t looking too good when he heard that they would be returning.

    When he noticed that Hui Yue looked at him, he sent him a wry smile and shrugged his shoulders. ¡°Unlike the rest of you, I do not feel any belonging to the Celestial Sword Sect. I am not used to being in such a major sect and to have so many people looking at me is also something I am unfamiliar with,¡± he said, and Hui Yue understood him. Zhong Fai had always been alone, and he would only gather the Frozen Brigade around him back in the Divine Beast World.

    ¡°But don¡¯t worry,¡± he continued. ¡°It is the best for us to return to the sect, so let us do that. I am sure that all of us can become much stronger if we use the resources of the sect, and considering our current predicament that is the best option.¡±

    No one said anything else, and together the shuttle made its way to the Gate of Retribution¡¯s world.

    Although they were heading home, they would still say their goodbyes to the Ling family. They had worked together for years already and had grown close, not to mention that Hui Yue had promised to take Bing¡¯er with him to the Celestial Sword Sect. Although she would not be married into the sect, she should still be able to be able to cultivate in the sect under the safety of being Hui Yue¡¯s guest.

    When Hui Yue told them that they were going to say goodbye, and that he was going back to the sect, they were all stunned. Although the Ling family knew that this day would come, they had not expected it to be so soon.

    Their shock grew even more when they noticed that Hui Yue had every intention of bringing Ling Bing¡¯er with him to the sect, and they were all filled with pride and happiness.

    For them to have a member of their family become a part of the Celestial Sword Sect, they were filled with immense joy; they knew that no one would dare to look down on their family ever again. Who knew, maybe one day they could expand beyond the western region!

    Having picked up Ling Bing¡¯er, they stayed in the Ling family for a week where the Ling family spread the news far and wide about Hui Yue taking their talented young genius with him to the Celestial Sword Sect.

    Many influential figures came to give their best wishes to both Hui Yue and the young Ling Bing¡¯er, and with them, they brought many presents.

    In the end, the Ling family could not hold Hui Yue back for more than a week. No matter how many promises they made to make him stay longer, Hui Yue just smiled and apologized saying that they had to go.

    As they left, Ling Bing¡¯er felt worried and uncomfortable. She was worried that she would not be able to fit into the group on their long journey back to the sect, and she felt like an outsider, but everyone was incredibly friendly towards her. As they moved on, she soon opened up to them, and they all welcomed her as a member of their group.

    She asked many questions about the Celestial Sword Sect, and everyone answered as well as they could. Since she was Hui Yue¡¯s guest, she was someone they all viewed as very important.

    The shuttle shot through the void on a direct path towards the Celestial Sword Sect where they would undergo intensive training to improve their strength to even greater heights.
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